K.Rudd “Not Suited for Job”


Earlier today, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that the Australian Government will not be nominating anyone, namely former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, for the top job at the United Nations.9150780507_aac1151471_kevin-rudd

In a press conference, the PM asked:

“When the Australian Government nominates a person for a job, particularly an international job like this, the threshold question is, “Do we believe the person, the nominee, the would-be nominee is well suited for that position?'”

Answering his own question, Mr Turnbull then stated:

“My judgement is that Mr Rudd is not, and I’ve explained to him the reasons why.”

In other words, sorry Kevin, we just don’t see you that way. Especially after your megalomaniacal, power-lusting, drama-queen persona was unleashed on Australia and the world in ‘Kevin07’.

Despite the PM’s snub, one thing is for sure – we haven’t heard the last of KevUN16. The drama has only just begun.

XYZ Quote of the Day, 29 July 2016.


Photo by DonkeyHotey

  • Wilbur Wilburwood

    Good call.

    Only wish Turdball had asked himself the same question about his stewardship!

    The “Loyal Deputy” will be royally snippety!

    Let the games begin.

    • Colours

      And so they have, with Kevni’s leaking of Chairman Maol’s supportive emails.
      It make’s the Chairman seem a right royal b’stard. Pretty good judge of character.

  • Jack Tilley

    It’s like Pope Innocent X said about the treaties of Westphalia…Kevin is “null, void, invalid, iniquitous, unjust, damnable, reprobate, inane, empty of meaning and effect for all time.”

    Of course, in Malcolm Turnbull’s case, it takes one to know one.

  • AP

    Not sure why Kevin couldn’t fund his own nomination, rather than asking the long suffering Australian taxpayer to pay. After all he has a $600,000 per annum taxpayer funded pension, and between him and his wife about $210m of taxpayer-derived wealth.

  • Yuri.A

    Pope Innocent III :
    “Gluttony demands a heavy tribute but gives the basest returns: the more delicate the food, the more reeking the dung.”

    I imagine there would be much gluttony in the highest positions of the UN.
    Kevvie would demand the highest tributes as the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.
    Turnbull risks the Death Stare from the Loyal Deputy !!!

  • Yosemite Sam

    Never thought i’d ever, not even in a parallel universe, say this!

    But serial, bad boy, wrecker Mark Latham has been talking a lot of sense lately. Since he left politics he has been mightily sticking it to the leftards. And in a language we westy dolts can understand and not that offended, outraged psychobabble fulminating on the ABC.

    He’d get my vote for U.N. General Secretary. And I am an avowed Howard/Abbott devotee!