KFC accidentally red pills cricket fans on White Genocide


I swore I wasn’t going to watch the cricket this summer after Smith, Warner and Patsy cheated, and Australia’s cricket establishment, thoroughly corrupted by politically correct newspeak, ensured the aftermath would be as humiliating as possible.

Then I caught a snippet of the new B-team Aussie batsmen digging in and showing some grit, cobbling together some mid 200 scores, just enough for Australia’s top notch bowling attack to defend, and what can I say, I am hooked as ever.

For the tests.

Thus I have endured the antics of Virat Kohli, who safe in the knowledge that Australian NP establishment behind him, has pushed the boundaries like a little school kid who has just avoided blame for a fight he started and wants to see if the bigger kid will snap again. Because non-white privilege.

It would be glorious to watch an Aussie team not tied up in green tape get stuck into Kohli. That man plays far too much with his perfectly manicured beard for it to be normal.

Channel 7 regularly crosses to the patball women’s cricket, insisting that a match attended by no-one is headed for a thriller, and we should tune in to 7 Two if we want to catch it. A commentator admitted to “having a giant man-crush on Pat Cummins.”

So-called “Indian-Australians” have turned out to be Indian Indians all along whenever an Aussie batsman falls or Kohli smashes another boundary, while the cameramen dutifully focus in on the diversity in the stands. Gone are the days of finding the hottest girl in a bikini.

And the Commonwealth Bank pumps out the replacement propaganda during the ad breaks:

While the ADF makes it clear that they are no longer an army for white men:

But KFC, of all corporations, have saved the day. Following on from Matty’s Modern Life’s excellent video on how the ABC with unintentional hilarity redpilled Aussies on how much the globalists have destroyed Australian culture since the 1960’s, KFC had a crack at depicting life in the 1960’s and showed us just how good we had it:

The opening scene gets a lot of things right. Hairstyle of the boy. Beautiful decor. Good table manners. Good square meal of met and two veg. The food was better in those days before hipsters started adding chilli to everything.

Not sure about the boy eating his meal alone with a severe looking maid or single mother. From everything I have been told, meal time, despite the good table manners, was a frantic business, involving the whole family, as each child competed to to finish his dinner before one of his six siblings started on his.

Then a modern Aussie surfer looking dude drops in, plonks some KFC on the table, the kid says “bucket” and the music starts. He takes the KFC outside to share with the rest of the street.

And what a sight.

Era appropriate houses. Magnificent classic cars. Mothers talking to their neighbours. And kids everywhere. It is how I remember it even from when I was a kid in the 80’s. Back when we had a community.

Oh, and they are all white.  No ahistorical revisionism going on just yet.  It looks beautiful and I want to go back.

When you watch this video of a condescending ABC reporter asking real Australians from the 1960’s why on earth they would stand against the tides of change, it becomes even more clear that the demographic displacement of real Australians currently underway never would have happened if Australians of the 1960’s had actually been asked officially if they wanted more so-called diversity.

The unstoppable progress of globalism was anything but.  It was planned and carried out from above, and it was done, and is still being done, without the consent of the people.

P.S.  Nobody takes female cricket commentators seriously.

  • thegentlemantroll

    Nice to see an article on this site that talks about the people really threatening our culture rather than the Jewish red herring that’s been so dominant on the front page lately.

  • John Sheppard

    I think to my street and I never see anyone outside, let alone a bunch of kids playing like in that video. Back in the 80’s it was still like that video too, and now you probably get arrested for letting your kid run around outside without adult supervision.

    When I travel to Vietnam, I see kids out playing in the streets like in the video, and in the ex-pat area I spend my time in, many kids from different cultures out playing soccer, swimming, etc. Maybe the developing world is more developed than the first world after all…

    • thegentlemantroll

      Westerners have allowed themselves to become enslaved to gadgetry. But we also design our suburbs in a way that the car dominates. If you are under 18 and can’t legally drive you have three options to socialise: hang out at home, catch a bus/lift from your parents to the shopping centre, join a gang

      • Jai_Normosone

        Bus? Public transport?
        Does such a thing exist?

  • entropy

    Indians never miss a chance to demonstrate their racism. They’re also the first to complain that they’re not treated like Australians, yet don’t want to act like Australians. Now our second largest migrant group. We should reconsider.

    The feminist media wants us to pay attention to the tiny group of bull dykes who play an amateur version of men’s sports, yet we never seem to hear about the Australian Men’s Netball Team.

    Good test match. Although we need better performance from the top order. We’re lucky Gary is on fire.

    • thegentlemantroll

      They really are rubbish and undesirable as a migrant group. The entitlement mentality is massive among Indians and the personal greed and contempt for cultures other than their own is immense and probably worse than the Chinese. Seeing the photo of the two captains shaking hands was a striking image of the clash of culture and values.

      • Bucky Redux

        At least the Indians that are coming here are the “poo in the loo” type, not the lower caste Street shitters.

        • thegentlemantroll

          Give it time Bucky. Every year they push the envelop a little further. It’s all bound to come gushing out eventually.

      • Greed. Pushiness. Dishonesty. Entitlement.

        In the Howard years I met some lovely ones, but that was 30,000 scam phone calls ago and 1,000 near accidents with Uber Drivers doing whatever the fuck they want ago. Presumably they actually needed skills back then, not just to attend a ‘culinary college’.

        Now that they are politically active and unified in how they want whitey to treat them (like gods), I am completely over them.

        They didn’t build anything. They came here to parasite off us, and by God that is what they have done.

        • thegentlemantroll

          I think you’ve said it all there. It doesn’t matter that Australia can’t historically be held to account for whatever colonial grievances, whitey is to blame no matter what.

    • Jai_Normosone

      There’s some things that people don’t realise about Indians until they have to work with them…

      – There is the “How Dare You!” Principle that you get pummelled with if you dare suggest that the lazy fuckers are lazy and ride on the backs of others.

      – They are just as stupid as any Arab.

      – Indians are fucking fantastic at telling you how good they are at doing things.

      – Only about 5% of those who work are any good at what they do – the rest of them are brilliant at lying about it.

      (But, by the same token, I also have respect for Sikhs as nearly every one of them I have met has a genuine work ethic).

      • thegentlemantroll

        Everyone always speaks highly of the Sikhs. I wonder what they make of their Indian flatmates?

        • Jai_Normosone

          Everyone tends to handle stress better when they have a pet 🙂

    • James

      A good example would be this Indian ‘comedian’, Neel Kolhatkar:
      His routines seem to consist largely of anecdotes about how white girls love giving him blowjobs. His anecdotes are also ONLY about white girls – it seems he respects Indian girls too much to make fun of them. But it’s open season on white girls.

  • fimbulwinter

    Isn’t it ironic that the most red pilled TV commercial is from a corporation whose business model is selling obesity to black people living off food stamps

  • Bucky Redux
    • fimbulwinter

      Makes you really wish you had a delorean

      • Repeal fake marriage

        I have been trying to get back to 1977 for a long time.

        • thegentlemantroll

          We’ll get you back to your home era somehow RFM

        • fimbulwinter

          It’s around the time my parents were kids. From what I hear things were way better back then

        • Bucky Redux

          You can always dress like it was 1977. Fashion goes full circle, so maybe the seventies are hip again.

          • Jai_Normosone

            I lived through it the first time. I don’t want to go back.

          • Repeal fake marriage

            Bellbottoms for men have never, ever returned since they went out of fashion in 78.

      • Bucky Redux

        …with a flux capacitor…

    • Repeal fake marriage

      Humma humma… Fwooarrrr. Me rikee… Bucky, drool, you be in my good boobs… I mean books, heh he…

      • Bucky Redux

        All you need is a Sandman with those surfie babes.
        If the van’s rockin’,don’t come knockin’

    • thegentlemantroll

      To be fair, those ladies might still be alive.

      • fimbulwinter

        If they are they would have hit the wall by now.

      • Jai_Normosone

        If they were on the south side of Brisbane, they would have been called “Granny” only a couple of years after that picture was taken…. :p

  • LadyMoonlight

    Biggest mistake Australia ever made was ending the White Australia Policy.

  • Maryanne

    What struck me was the freedom of speech Australians used to enjoy. All gone.

    Interestingly even back then that ABC reporter’s own viewpoint was pretty clear, but he couldn’t dominate and dissuade his interviewees from having their say.

    Also interesting is that back then the majority of people had never darkened any universities’ doors. They had the self confidence of mature adults.

  • A deplorable NNYer

    Shouldn’t it be called dykes cricket? I school boy team would beat them.

    KFC , here in USA we call it Negro Chicken!

  • Jai_Normosone

    Girl’s Cricket.
    Girl’s Cricket is FAR more enjoyable than the “men’s” cricket on the basis that the stands aren’t full of curry-munchers allowing their subterfuge of national pride to disappear. I also support any team that whips the arse of the Australian “men’s” side on the basis that the media portrays it as them being the worlds best and that anyone who beats them must have cheated. These clowns are NOT athletes and it is nothing more than tag-team exercise with the person nearest the ball getting a workout while everyone else stand around scratching their arse. Then they go and feel up their mates arse when he catches a ball or does something to relieve the utter-fucking-boredom of the game. Cricket is like golf… it’s a skill – NOT a sport.

    Army Advert.
    “Discover your army! (and learn that you can give a yellow card to the nasty Corporal who yells at you for being a fucking dumbarse).”

    Utter horse-shit advert. A kid sitting at a table with a meal half-eaten and then drops the cutlery they way he does when Ronald McSkegg wanders in, would get a flogging for a) wasting the food, b) the disrespect shown to others at the table by dropping the cutlery that way, and c) leaving the table without permission. At least there are no fucking Sudanese imports there but they were still eating each other in 1968.

    Kid picture.
    “You: An abortion & a dog.”
    If you look at the combined old-Ron Howard and young-wimpy Ron Howard (Happy Days era), the woman is looking at him saying, “He really cares about the dog — and I am SO FUCKING GLAD that I didn’t have to breed with the weakest male I could find.”

    White Australia Policy.
    People are forgetting that in watching this that Australia took a long time to get over the sting of WW2 and the fighting to the north. Some of those blokes would have certainly served in Korea. Applying “racist” standards of today against that is utter stupidity – but the Left will still do it. Shame though that no mention was made of the thoroughly-useless-peoples known as Indonesians and them being the primary reason for the Policy. It’s a good policy, not in the sense of keeping out Darky, but in keeping out the garbage — and that seems to be all that we bring in now. If you want to come here legally, the hoops you have to jump through are horrendous and you cannot be a drain on any tax-payer-funded service for at least two years while ensuring that you have enough cash to support yourself in the interim. That makes it harder for those with skills and could benefit the country. If you’re inbred; have the IQ of a shoe; the work ethic of your average Indonesian; and the attitude to crime of your average Somalian, “Welcome! Come on in! We know you’ll be honest and become one of us .. and obey our laws … and not regard our people as trash … and I just bought this nice island to the south of Melbourne that this nice fellow was full of trees and was going for a great price.”

  • John Sheppard

    Saw the ad last night during the Big Bash match. And they only show the first part of the ad before the outside scene. Looks like they figured out the red pilling of the second part and cut it!

  • to say Indian Australian, or Chinese Australian, or ANYTHING African/Asian Australian is to invalidate the established Australian identity. This is an attack against our people.
    Multiculturalism was ALWAYS planned by the Jews to divide and conquer the goys.
    Multiculturalism is nothing new, these fucking parasites have done it before to ancient civilisations… such as uhh…. Babylon? Ancient Egypt. Greece. Rome. Russia. Germany. USA… EU…. Canada… Aus…. NZ… Jews have ALWAYS been the fucking scum cunts to promote open borders and “diversity” aka white genocide. Whites used to make up more than 1/3 of the world’s population… now we are under 10%…. and the Jewish controlled media has the audacity to call non-whites “minorities”.