King Anning The Uncuckable


Senator Fraser Anning has from day one taken an unequivocal stand for real Australians against the Uniparty’s policy of mass immigration and forced multiculturalism, and for this reason he has been under intense pressure from Australia’s Political-Media Complex to cuck.

Since attending an organised political meeting at St Kilda Beach on Saturday January 5 designed to protest the Victorian government’s inaction regarding escalating violence from #AfricanGangs, and more broadly to oppose mass immigration and forced multiculturalism, the political and media establishment have turned the volume up to 11.

But Fraser Anning will not cuck.

Matt Doran, who interviewed Senator Anning on Channel 7’s Sunrise yesterday morning, even had the audacity to describe him as “unrepentant”.

He did not cuck.

Doran repeatedly demanded that Senator Anning prostrate himself before his politically correct betters and confess his sins, with the assurance that if he did so he would be given a mercifully swift death, rather than face an hour-long disembowelling first.


“They were decent, hard-working Australians who are sick and tired of the Australian government allowing these people to come into our country and then attack us while living on our welfare.”





Doran ordered the Senator to give him “one example of African Gang crime in Queensland recently.”

Anning: “I can give you about six of them Matt.”

He proceeded to list this example and this example from Queensland, and this example from Perth.

As Anning pointed out, they are getting away with it in Melbourne, so #AfricanGangs violence is spreading throughout the country.

Regarding that “nazi salute” that was replayed over and over again during the Sunise interview and which has been splashed across the front pages of newspapers across the country, there is serious doubt as to whether it was even a genuine “nazi salute”.

This is a genuine “nazi salute”:

From EWN.

The St Kilda salute:

Looks like a Basil Fawlty impersonation:

The journalists of Australia should be careful. The smear of association with the fourth or fifth most murderous regime of the 20th century is pretty much the worst thing you can be accused of in today’s system. Falsely accusing somebody of being a “nazi” is slander. Given the serious financial, social, and safety implications for somebody who is incorrectly associated with national socialism, journalists should consider that they could be taken for everything they have if they intend to keep labelling anybody who publicly opposes mass immigration and multiculturalism as a “nazi”.

Regardless, the nazi meme is failing. Just look at the comments:

These comments are representative of real Australian sentiment and have been replicated across social media. Aussies are indeed sick and tired of mass immigration and forced multiculturalism and we are sick and tired of being slandered whenever we voice our opposition.

Joe Hildebrande is convinced that Anning is finished:

Even Senator Anning reckoned, in an interview aired on Radio National on Monday, that he didn’t have much chance of being reelected.

Don’t be so sure.

Like I said, you should see the comments.

Regardless, Fraser Anning is exactly what Australia needs. He is not a politician. He is an ordinary bloke who is prepared to stand up for real Australians regardless of the repercussions for his long-term political career. As hinted at in Matty’s Modern Life’s interview at the St Kilda Rally, Anning is the first of many. Soon there will be half a dozen Fraser Annings in Australia’s parliament, then a score, then an entire political party.

They won’t all be as kind as him either.

The day will come when the political and media elite long for the days of Fraser Anning.

  • John Sheppard

    Pity I am not able to cast a vote for Mr Anning (based in regional Vic), because he would be getting the no 1. spot on my senate ballot paper! Hopefully enough Queenslanders wake from this moment and put him no 1. at the next election.

    All the MSM bashing will only make him stronger. I am glad the MSM haven’t learnt their lesson about the Streisand-effect!!

  • MichaelJohnson

    The MSM have only lies and intimidation left now but normies won’t change their vote until their lifestyles are really impacted, maybe not even then.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    I will be voting Anning.

    • Jamie Blank

      I’ve been travelling around qld this week and everytime the topic comes up, Anning is the number one choice. I only need to show one video interview and it’s love at first sight.

      Ignoring his words; the body language of Anning is that of someone who doesn’t spin shit, is straight down the line and gets shit done.

      I can see him getting 20% of the primary votes. If he stickers the back of regional/rural/remote Queensland road signs he may even go higher and pull two quotas for senate seats.

      • Bucky Redux

        Travelling salesman ? Drover ? Truckie ? Drug dealer ?

        • Jamie Blank

          Failed librarian

      • Calvinius

        He got 19 votes last time and only became a senator because Malcolm Roberts was disqualified. He’s a consummate bulls**ter who you love because he says the BS you want to believe.

        • Jamie Blank

          A lot of other people seem to like his BS.

          Perhaps you knuckle dragging post modernists should change your line of thinking. When you start to think that the rules have changed, even though they haven’t, your entire world view descends into absurd constructs. These absurd constructs hinder your ability to view the world for what it really is. The conservative view of rational reality which comes from Senator Annings mouth resonates with real people on the ground. Your disconnect from reality only leads to the worship of false idols, such as climate change and diversity & inclusion to name but two. Worse, from your disconnection, come the hateful and inherently racist theories such as intersectionality.

          Sorry pal. Your philosophical take on life is a dead branch.

          You’re not a lefty troll, you’re just a brainwashed lefty.

          • Calvinius

            A lot of stupid people seem to like his BS. You’re one of them. And there’s no such thing as a “the conservative view of rational reality” because conservative views are inherently irrational.

          • Jamie Blank

            Conservatives know that 2+2=4

            That’s an inherently rational view of reality.

            Lefties believe that 2+2=5

            Thats inherent brainwashed irrationality.

            Let’s face it, lefties have difficulty doing their shoelaces.

          • Calvinius

            As usual, a conservative gets everything backwards.

    • Bumpstock

      I will be working for Anning, leafleting, whatever.

  • LadyMoonlight

    What worries me is that “they” will find some pretext (invented) to prevent him from being a politician. Just watch and wait. I am in New South Wales, so I can’t vote for him, but I would if I could. I have to find the most conservative politician running for the Senate that I can find to vote for. Any suggestions?

    • Jamie Blank

      That will be very difficult because “they” have already gone over his paperwork and background with a fine toothpick immediately prior to his appointment. He got in because one nations Malcolm Roberts was booted at the height of the dual citizenship saga… when everyone was checking everything about everyone else. Other than illegally fabricating imaginary crimes, they will have difficulty removing him.

      If he keeps going, Anning is going to romp in with 20% of the primary vote at the next election.

    • Bucky Redux

      “They” attacked Pauline Hanson in the same manner.
      Trumped up charges and anything they can dig up to slander their opposition.

    • Jamie Blank

      For conservative intelligence, support Cory.

    • Bumpstock

      Lady moonlight, just vote as far right as you can as the ballot presents. Look up your candidates beforehand. Even as as far right as you can is just voting One Nation, do it. There is also Australia First which is the closest thing to a real White Nationalist party in Australia right now, despite its small size.

  • Jamie Blank

    Have you read Breiviks compendium?

  • entropy

    There won’t be many Annings if the Mexican-left media is allowed to bury him, as is their intention.

    One of the comments was spot on. The only way to fight back against the MSM, if you don’t want to burn their offices down, is to go after advertisers.

    Contact Sunrise and Studio 10 and their advertisers to explain you will be boycotting their products because of this propaganda and fake news.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      That’s a really good point actually, we should contact them all and make examples. The Left do it and so should we.

      • David

        Also, someone should expose the fact that the leftists always flies things like hammer and sickle flags which are offensive to minorities. Do the same schtick the msm do to the right regarding the so called Nazi salutes

        • Bumpstock

          The MSM is full of leftists, they actually sympathise with the hammer and sickle carrying sickos, even though they may not themselves be hard left.

          • David

            Yeah I noticed they haven’t called out either Antifa or the Socialist Alternative despite their repeated acts of violence. Dare to resist a robbery (as was shown in Melbourne) and you’re suddenly painted as a criminal

          • John Sheppard

            It’s a good point. When the interviewer started bringing up Nazi’s, Anning should have brought up the communists on the other side and highlight the brutal history of communism. Need to start making communism as dirty a word and nazism.

    • kouldb

      Great idea. Why didn’t I think of it?

      • entropy

        You need to think like a bully who has to intimidate others to get their way because they can win a debate on merit.

    • Bumpstock

      They tried this in 1996 with Hanson and it just made her into a martyr and from that One Nation was born and is still around today for what it is. Fraser Anning needs to seize this opportunity and start a true Australian Nationalist Party. How about, cobber?

  • Heather Crawford

    Can you give me 1 incident of African Gang crime in QLD recently. Is he kidding?. Here dear Matt is one example. My mate, a security guard was pistol whipped & 2 other guards bashed during armed robberies of Brisbane taverns only a few weeks back.

  • thegentlemantroll

    It would be good for XYZ to do some thorough talent-scouting and reviews of viable candidates in the upcoming Senate elections, focusing on people who are running for the first time. As stated, we aren’t all able to vote for Anning and we need to seek out the best alternatives in each state. No one wants to see another Palmer, Hinch or Xenophon get in because they blabber some vaguely “populist” sentiments that later turn out to be complete bull$#*¥. We need real intelligence and substance.

    • Bumpstock

      Anning is in the position Hanson was in 1996 and failed – to start a true Australian Nationalist Party. He is reaching 1996 Hanson levels of publicity through attempted character assassination via the media. He needs to have talks with some people, get a The Australian Nationalist Party happening. Now is the time.

      Hope you are reading this Fraser.

  • Kim Glensor

    Senator Fraser Anning is the only brave politician who stood up for Australians against corrupted globalists who want to make Australia 3d World S##t hole! Government, we want safe streets! Bring more educated, hard working Europeans instead of these gangs who only leach on our system and abuse kindness of our people. They are fake refugees, the same as your fake news MSM.

  • Heather Crawford

    what about these pollies & their so called travel expenses. they arent reported are they? SHY spent $4000 on a whale watching trip for her daughter,I have no problem with Anning going to Victoria.. MP David Littleproud billed the taxpayers $22,000 to go from Warwick to Toowoomba (84kms). Or what about Sarah Hanson not explaining her $100,000 expenses for travelling.Why isn’t that headlines?

  • thegentlemantroll

    On a related note, David Leyonhjelm has announced he is quitting federal politics to contest the nsw state election.

    • Bucky Redux

      Yep, he wants to clean up the Nanny State.
      Gladys Bjelke Jicklian will be toast, come the NSW state election. She is a useless fronthole.

  • Noachideous

    In Remembrance of his wilful silence on pertinent points ….Yossi HildeBeast Pipes a Lament of schlomonic satisfaction on ANZAC day …. for all those AngloCelticSaxon ANZACs and Tommy Atkins types during WW1 and WW2 whose GrandChildren are now smeared as “Naahtzees”.

    And only for the fact of having an entirely natural tendency towards non-compliance as compliance relates to the 1948 Goblin King’s ……….. White Genocide Project.

    48 seconds ? …. Symbolic ….Poiufectshun…….

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Indeed, the Left will be longing for the days of Pauline Hanson and Fraser Anning once we are done.

    The moment we win government and/or governor generalship the treason trials will begin and the current ruling class will wish they’d backed down when they had the chance.

    • Bucky Redux

      “the guilty shall be taken forthwith to a place of execution and be hanged,until they are dead,dead,dead.”

    • Jamie Blank
      • Bumpstock

        A flag we need to claim back from Marxist scum. Strange how they have appropriated what is essentially a Christian symbol. After all, Crux Australis is the shape of a Christian cross

    • Bumpstock

      Seriously? When Australians can pry their eyes away from their retarded AFL/ARL, their TVs, their magazines, their fags and beer.

  • Razorback

    Joe Hildebrande is convinced that Anning is finished…another JEW…Every Single Time

    • Jamie Blank

      You lefty trolls are quite stinky.

      • Bucky Redux

        Joe is an (((anti white))) , foot in mouth faggot lefty cuck.
        Razorback made the correct call.

        • Jamie Blank

          You have a mild stench of something different. I’m watching you closely. You are most interesting.

          • Bucky Redux

            You sound like an Entomologist, JB.
            I can’t really fathom what you stand for, do your principles and beliefs swing and change in the breeze, are you cucked/uncucked, left/right ?

            If you detect a mild stench from me, it’s probably because of my English ancestry: only bathe once a year and that is probably excessive.
            Good day to you.

          • Jamie Blank

            Entomology is close. After failing at being a librarian, I moved into a higher level of abstraction from entomology. I see systems of interconnect between not only insects, but the monkeys, trees and rocks in the zoo.

            Its very interesting that I’ve found a link there between *entomology* & *etymology*. By utilising advanced regression techniques from math, it’s possible to start linking the two. Proof and papers? Oh dear, I’m not going near those Marxist universities.

            What’s amazing is that these links between *etymology* & *entomology* roll into the next level of evolutionary theory. What’s most frustrating about this is that it facilitates the effective outing of “they”. As a result “they” rapidly hate on people like me, it’s a similar hate that you see coming from the gaybc towards Facebook (which is why I still have a level of trust in the zuck). If you look at the history of Brett Weinstein, how much of a lefty he is and how “they” hate on him, you might connect a few dots.

          • Bumpstock

            I’m trying to make out who his avatar is?

          • Jamie Blank
    • Bucky Redux
  • Doc79

    Seig heil- bad. Raised fist- good. Nazi flag- bad. Sickle and hammer- awesome.

  • Taipan

    Fraser Anning is leading the National Populist revolt in Australia against the Globalist Political-Media Complex.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Zionist corporatist leeches use forced diversity to divide and weaken.
    The most powerful social node is ethnic, for example Jews. They do not want competition, then multiculturalism.
    Power, money and control, Goy.
    Nazi ?, is an invention of Hollywood controlled by the elite (Jews) ..

  • Maryanne

    Who was that twerp interviewing Anning? He is a moron hyperventilating about Nazis. Absolute moron.

    • John Sheppard

      I could only smile when he said he was hoping Anning would apologise for going, and when Anning said he wouldn’t say that, he got all sad panda. Poor snowflake.

  • Bumpstock

    “Looks like a Basil Fawlty impersonation”

    Exactly what it was, taking the piss out of the left. But the (((MSM))) have twisted this out of all proportion.

    Anning needs to start an Australian Nationalist Party, or maybe just hook up with Australia First, making him their first elected representative.

    Regardless, Anning is going to get a FUCK MORE than just 19 primary votes this election.

    • Jamie Blank

      If you turned up at a rally and darted, the MSM would report it as you engaging in illegal chemical warfare.

      They’re like sarcastic pre-teens.

  • Larry Lelemur

    Typical asshole journalist should be told to shut the f… up, have some respect, and listen. Not interested in his opinion. Vote Anning.

  • Donna Maria Morello

    Why does the left brand anyone that does not agree with them Nazi .Why not commo ,communist I mean communist kills 150 million people

    • Bumpstock

      It’s just common practice, lie and slander. And it is because they ARE actual communists.

  • kouldb

    Well said!