Labour Theory of Value DEBUNKED by the Subjective Theory of Value


The Labour Theory of Value serves as the base for all far-Left, Marxist, economic belief; however it is completely debunked by the Subjective Theory of Value and its own logical flaws.

In this video I explain both ideas in full, why LTV is completely wrong and why the subjective theory of value is a much better explanation on how things get their value.

Economics is an important field of study and everyone should have at least a basic understanding of it in order to understand interactions in the real world.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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  • clemilf

    Very enjoyable video Matty. No thanks for the higher IQ people supporting the lower IQ’s when their beneficence is seen as “Exploitation”. I thought hookers were $250?

    • Bucky Redux

      Even hookers have overheads.
      Competition is fierce.

      Matty goes for the expensive high class “Courtesan” experience I think.

      • clemilf

        He certainly hid his MGTOW credentials by not comparing the JF / Rock to the Pro. Monk points….

      • Mattys Modern Life

        Only the best!

  • Bucky Redux

    Good video, Matty.
    There were articles in the media today about Australia being termed “Treasure Island”.
    Because we have very little competition among business in Australia, we are ripe for being gouged and ripped off.
    Apple/Google, the list is long and the perps are predictable.

    Collusion amongst oil/petrol companies is obvious, but charges are never laid. The law has many loopholes and business is using big data andthe best lawyers to circumvent those laws.

    People running a small business: I don’t know how they do it, many lose the shirts off their back.

    What about Banks ? Fractional reserve banking: they loan you non existent “money” and charge interest for doing so.

    It’s all a giant Circus and we are the monkeys/a bunch of mugs.

    • thegentlemantroll

      “People running a small business: I don’t know how they do it, many lose the shirts off their back.“

      There’s a pesky little thing called cash. Thankfully your friendly neighbourhood large bank has gotten the normies so addicted to tap-and-go payments that the government will be able to quietly phase out cash. When that happens It will be the end of small business as we know it.

  • James

    I enjoy your talks on economics Matty.
    It’s good to know at least some out there get it.

    Perceptions are funny things. Amongst other things we raise sheep so quite often people remark (complain) about the price of lamb. I’ll mention declining flock numbers thanks largely to disincentive from growing regulatory burden and land use controls but usually they can’t join those dots. Have had some snap back about the importance of protecting the environment and animal welfare ‘n stuff coz apparently people who profit from improving the productive capacity of their land and healthy content animals will destroy everything and starve and abuse their livestock otherwise.
    By then I just say lamb’s pretty cheap really.

  • Jai_Normosone

    Great video but I think the first few seconds might change depending on whether the ALP & Greens get their “Fat Tax” and the #2 item gets fat before the tax hits, develops a Wellie Top and becomes worth just $10 instead of $300 (or if someone else if tired of putting up with her shit 🙂 )