Ladies, your college degree and job won’t get you laid


A recent discussion I had with a 40-year-old Australian woman was interesting for me. The topic was what attracts men to women. My argument was the standard manosphere line: men are attracted to youth, beauty, and femininity; women compete with other women for men; if you’re a woman competing for a man your main rivals are those women who hold those attributes.

Which means for a 40-year-old divorced gal with two kids, she’s not really in the frame for the quality men out there who possess the attributes that women place at the top of their list: wealth, status, power, and great hair.

This, of course, did not go down well at all.

What really struck me was her complete denial of the facts and logic that I spelled out for her. She accused me of making things up. She demanded that I show her evidence and studies, as if I walk around with my hip pocket stuffed full of documented notations for whatever arguments I might run into that day.

I told her that the evidence was in plain sight and that all she had to do was open her eyes and see it. How about the unending multitude of articles to be found on a daily basis somewhere in the world on the general theme of ‘where have all the good men gone?’ and ‘why don’t men want to marry anymore?’, all of them written by 30- or 40-something women. If men want what you’re selling, why aren’t they lining up? Not only are they not lining up, they’re nowhere in sight.

Or the fact that women who possess the traits that women themselves find attractive have a very hard time landing a man. I dare one of you supremely educated and wildly successful in your chosen career girls in your 30s or 40s to walk into a sports bar and wave around your college degree and your last pay slip and see if one of those quality men comes a-runnin’.

And even if one did (which wouldn’t happen), all we’d have to do next is to send in some perky 20-year-old lass dressed in something that would get her hired at Hooters and your recent conquest would be gone faster than an alt-right speaker flying into Gatwick airport.

When the facts and logic started wearing her down she reverted to condescension. Started acting amused, as if she was some school marm observing one of her young charges attempting to mix it with the adults. Just about the only behavioral aspect that she didn’t display was patting me on the head.

I told her to quit with the martyred mother act as I wasn’t in the market for her approval. Which went as well as you’d expect.

The conversation was interesting for me solely because I have been insulated from women like her for some time, and thus I had underestimated or perhaps forgotten how strong their capacity for self-delusion really is. It’s hard enough to admit that you’ve been playing a losing hand for a long time. But to admit that you’ve played that losing hand and also acknowledge that you have no hope to turn things around? Well, that’s just about impossible. All you’ll get out of that is a gigantic case of the bitterness brigade.

For women who swallowed the lie that they could have it all and that men would be attracted to money and careers, the acceptance of the truth that men are attracted to big tits and tight bottoms is devastating. But I have no sympathy for them, as these same women most likely attempted to use their fading female charms to help them rise up their chosen career path. If you’re that obtuse then there’s just no hope for you.

Ladies, I can’t spell out for you clearly enough – us men don’t care at all for your power careers (read jobs), your bank balance, the car you drive, or what you shot at golf this week. That’s what we do. You’re the female equivalent of soy boys – men trying to be girls, except you’re women trying to be men. We already have our buddies and they serve a need that you can’t fill. Just like you serve a need that we sincerely hope our buddies never want to fill, if you know what I mean and I think that you do.

And if you blew your window of female opportunity on solipsistic desires of wanting to have it all? I hear that Christianity is making a comeback. Maybe the convents are open again. All you girls in there together, serving God. You gotta love the patriarchy.

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  • W. Hunter
  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Feminism 101: women are both men and women. Men are redundant.

  • Grant Summers

    And they all know it deep down. Why else would they ban hot chicks at the F1? Pure jealousy of course.

    • Revenge is the second greatest female behavioural driver. The first is the need to be socially accepted.

      This is why women only destroy when given power outside of the home.

  • Maryanne

    There’s a stream of articles assuring women that 50 is the new 30. It’s crap of course. No matter how much they go to the gym or get botoxed women still look their age. Nobody can fake youth.

  • Earl Conner

    A college degree these days is essentially a certificate of feminist indoctrination. Men, if she has one – gamble responsibly.

  • entropy

    Feminists have no self awareness and externalise their failures by viewing the world through a female victimhood filter.

    They lament the ‘man drought’ because our society has fractionally more women than men, but men outnumber women in most age brackets. Women only outnumber men in the oldest brackets because men have the temerity to die younger.

    If women died years earlier than men, we’d be hearing about the oppression of the patriarchy. But when men live shorter lives, women are the victims.

  • Wide Awake

    I believe I had a similar discussion with a female colleague who was seperate and had kids already. Essentially it boiled down to “most blokes don’t want another blokes left overs” I wasn’t trying to be mean. Needless to say she never spoke to me again.

    • W. Hunter

      No self respecting bloke wants the left over slops.

  • James

    Maybe if the car was a solid 4wd. And perhaps a good looking hunting dog. Oh and a boat too.
    Yep they should bring pictures of those things..

  • T Rex

    The feminist’s never thought through the possibility that their war on men would have consequences. Well ladies there are always consequences for wrong doing and the results are really showing now.
    Look at google trends for MGTOW. MGTOW is growing exponentially. It has more searches now than anything to do with feminism and all over the western world men are just walking away. Men have had enough. So when women lament that there are no longer good men, the good men are all still there, they always were, they’re just no longer interested and its all the result of the lies told to women by feminism. Truly sad.

  • Robert Black

    Women are never at fault for anything. No matter how much feminism ruins things for women, like the pit girls in F1 losing their jobs, women will keep finding excuses for their failures. Because that’s the kind of society we live in. And if a man blames a woman for something, he’s a sexist, misogynist pig. Case and point, Hillary Clinton.

  • Frank Greco

    I was simply going to say “I thought ‘A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.’ Who knew that a fish really does need a bicycle?”

    I thought that quote was from Gloria Steinem, but Google taught me that it originated with Irina Dunn, described as “a distinguished Australian educator, journalist and politician, [who] coined
    the phrase back in 1970 when she was a student at the University of Sydney.”

    To her credit, Irina admits that she merely paraphrased a quote from one of her philosophy texts: “A man needs God like a fish needs a bicycle.” The textbook remains unidentified.

    Internet scholarship traces it back further, to Charles S. Harris, who claims “I do know where the fish without a bicycle came from: an intro
    philosophy class at Swarthmore College in 1955. In reaction to our
    assigned reading of St Augustine, I wrote: ‘A man without faith is like a
    fish without a bicycle.’ Later, it was printed along with other quips,
    in my weekly humor column in the Swarthmore College Phoenix (8 April 1958).”

    The cooperation between the atheist and feminist impulses is not surprising. Unfortunately, neither is the resultant human suffering.

  • Bill Bloggs

    Hi Adam. Whilst I mostly agree with you, I really think that you’ve missed the mark about what men like too. This may be because women who make really good food are so rare these days, that the skill is like a superpower. To get home from work and have a really delicious home cooked meal and a conversation about how retarded lefties are is far more attractive to me, long term, than a pretty piece of fluff who is going to bore me in five minutes.
    Look at old photos, men weren’t with skinny bimbos. They were with women who could raise children and make a home.
    Men are as disillusioned as women these days. The meme about what they want is so strong, most men believe it.
    If a woman has these skills, which can be learned, instinctively a good man will be attracted to her.
    This is why the West is failing. The woman have lost a core skill.

    • ElvenPegasister

      Bill, I think that’s the difference between physical attraction and the more cerebral desire for someone long-term. (My boyfriend explained it to me as, “Boys are looking for someone to sleep with; men are looking for someone to wake up beside.”)

      My boyfriend and I enjoy cooking together, but similar to that, apparently the first attraction was that I could sew (we were already friends and we made costumes for a geek convention). Basic sewing should be part of everyone’s education. Making clothes would be a good thing for girls to learn again. You don’t have to be a fashionista to design or make functional items of clothing.

  • Evelyn Treptow

    So wealthy, good looking and powerful men only go for young bimbos? Maybe that is true in some cases, but there are plenty of other men available to a divorcee in her 40ties than self centred workaholics.