Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux speak at rally for white South Africans in Sydney

Hundreds of normal people rallying for white South Africans in Sydney, July 28, 2018. Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.

Last Saturday, July 28, a rally was held in Sydney for persecuted white South Africans. The third rally to date, following those in Perth and Brisbane, over 300 people (AAP falsely claimed only 50) marched from Hyde Park down to Government Place.

Stefan Molynux speaking up for white South Africans, Sydney, July 28, 2018. Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.
Lauren Southern speaking up for white South Africans, Sydney, July 28, 2018. Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.

Speakers included the visiting Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern and Queensland Katter Party MP Fraser Anning:

The purpose of the rally was to “advocate for the prioritisation of persecuted white South Africans as refugees.” In Senator Anning’s words:

“State sanctioned appropriation of land without compensation and the slaughter of innocent white men, women and children is not something we can ignore.”

Senator Anning expresses the view that the Australian government is not moving swiftly enough to help white South Africans:

“It seems that our calls continue to fall on deaf ears. I have been advocating both in and out of Parliament for the acceptance of our European Christian brothers and sisters.”

“I will continue to do so until our government accepts there is a serious issue that is being sanctioned by the South African Government.”

Lonely socialists advocating white genocide, Sydney, July 28, 2018. Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.

The patriots were opposed by a tiny band of far-left radicals, who did not appear to realise just how silly they looked, as they were holding signs saying “refugees welcome”, even though the rally was advocating for refugees:

“I would call them a bunch of hypocritical Commies shrieking at anyone who would listen. The irony was they had signs and were chanting refugees welcome. What did they think we were advocating for? We were advocating for the right type of refugees to be accepted.”  

“It would seem that the only thing wrong with these refugees was the colour of their skin. Apparently if you are white you can’t be persecuted or become a refugee.”

What sounds like two people can be heard chanting the mindless “refugees are welcome, racists are not” during the speeches in this video:

They at least had the respect (or maybe they got tired) to pause while a prayer was made for persecuted white South Africans, but astoundingly they started up towards the end of the video, when a mother recounted a story of how her daughter was nearly kidnapped by a black African.

However, the police provided excellent protection, which allowed the rally to proceed otherwise uninhibited by left-wing extremists.

The push to bring white South African farmers to Australia continues to build momentum, with strong support expressed online and in rallies which will continue to be held across Australia. A senior figure in the Liberal Party has assured The XYZ that a policy is being developed to bring white South African farmers to Australia, while it appears others have encouraged white South Africans to apply for skilled migration visas, something which Russia has already put into place.

Finally, if the tragedy occurring in South Africa can be said to be achieving one good thing, it is that it appears to be galvanising the awareness of our common European heritage and the seeding of a nationalist movement here in Australia, as evidenced by the chant “Save our farmers, save our people, save South Africa!”

  • Repeal fake marriage

    This whole mess can be laid at Bob Hawke’s feet. He was the one who pushed for that terrorist Mandela to be released.

    • The same Bob who sits on the ADL board, who recklessly invited all Chinese students to stay here against the advice of the immigration department, who lobbied the USSR to let jews emigrate to Israel and who is now a multimillionaire “businessman” despite only being a union official and parliamentarian before?

      I left out wife beater. Did you notice? He was known for it. Just like Gough was known for buggery.

  • LadyMoonlight

    This is going to surprise the hell out of everyone…on Friday in my Year 10 History class (we are studying Rights and Freedoms Unit at the moment, and it is the only mandatory unit…the Human Rights Declaration, American Civil Rights and Australian Aboriginal campaigns for rights and all the history that goes with it) one of the students (a male) asked me if Mandela was a terrorist. My reply was “Yes, he was a terrorist”. No one said anything and the lesson moved along. By the way, this class is not a top class, it is class 4 out of 5, so they are not the sharpest pencils in the box. I found it interesting, even more interesting that nobody challenged my statement.

    • He used violence and terror to achieve political aims, so yes that is what he was.

      Growing up in the 80s, I missed the bit in Lethal Weapon when they explained that. Or was that in the Murdoch press. Or both.

      Rather embarrassing to realise my parents’ views on everything were far clearer than mine, though I prided myself on consuming the papers as a teenager.

      My favourite teacher was my history teacher who decided to do the soviet union instead of rehashing nazi Germany.

      Added to the list of lifelong misconceptions recently discovered (like Mandela actually being a terrorist)

  • James

    Good stuff.
    Thanks for the coverage David.
    We must keep raising the issue. If we don’t we’ll have to live with knowing we didn’t when we could’ve.

  • Marius Oosthuizen

    Please make the immigration for white south africans to australia easier.most of us dont have enough money because the rand is so much weaker than the aus$.most of us want to leave south africa and are not scared of working hard

  • Jonathan

    I would NEVER wave that “new” South African flag if I was Afrikaner.

  • Jonathan

    Only other country helping is Russia. This is why Z.O.G wants war on Russia, they are the last true hope for Christendom and civilization. They have subverted the West, only Russia stands in the way of their Anti-Christ agenda.