Learn to speak Australian, mate!


Check out this amusing video where Labor senator Penny Wong chastises Liberal senator Ian Macdonald for telling senator Doug Cameron to “learn to speak Australian”.

Senator Wong remarked that it was an inappropriate phase, given Australia’s modern multicultural society. Evidently, in Senator Wong’s universe, it is wrong to expect that Australians would be, ummm… be Australian, but I digress.

Now while it may be unfair to attack Senator Cameron for his thick Scottish accent, however it would be reasonable to call him on the fact that whenever he does speak, he invariably comes across like a whinging wining Pom whose spat out his pacifier.

  • Anna

    What is “Australian”, in your book Jeremy? I’ve made an effort to learn Australian – I was tutored in Yolngu Mata, the Australian language of the Yolngu people of North East Arnhem Land. That’s more Australian than English.
    We’re a multicultural society, surely we’re beyond the casual racism of picking on people because of their accent?

  • Jennefer

    I must be under a misapprehension.I could have sworn we in Australia speak English.Ian Mcdonald needs to check his facts before opening his mouth.

  • BunyipBill

    @Anna – Yolngu Mata is only one of over 200 distinct aboriginal languages. As a member o the Wurrundjeri tribe in Southern Victoria, I wouldn’t have a clue as to what you were speaking/talking about.

    @Jennier, – just another ‘hissy fit’ by Wong in order to disguise her ignorance, she “…respectfully disagrees…” hahaha, we all know that it a polite way of saying “Shove your ruling up your clacker, I’ll be deleting my question from Hansard so that it can’t be used against me later.

    • Anna

      Fully aware of how many indigenous languages there are in Australia, I should have clarified that with “learning AN Australian language” as well as making the place. My point is that “speak Australian” is a ridiculous term to use, and if like Jeremy to clarify what he thinks a real Australian is.

  • “Speak Australian”
    I just found it funny that an issue was made of it in parliament.

    The same thing seems to have continued here, which I also find amusing.