The left care more about ideology than dead Aussie kids


There is something very sick about the Australian postmodern left.

When a normal man hears that yet another foreigner from a hostile faith which we’ve been at war with for 16 years has mowed down men, women and children in one of our cities, he gets angry. He hits the dashboard, shakes his fist and wonders aloud what the hell our so-called leaders are doing.

He wonders why Aussie boys have died in foreign lands when our leaders bring those same foreigners here, along with their troubles, dysfunction and resentment. What sane society does that?

A normal man wants to protect his people, because that could have been his wife and kids out Christmas shopping who were crushed into the pavement. It could have been his neighbours. It could have been him.

The leftist elite who control our media, entertainment industry and politics are not normal men, or normal women. There is something broken where natural instincts should be. Once the news of the Flinders Street attack broke, their sole concern was proclaiming that the attack had ‘nothing to do with terrorism’, i.e. Islam, and to frame it instead as a drug or ‘mental health’ issue.

I’m guessing those little kids are mighty relieved it wasn’t terrorism, you ghoulish, ideological fanatics.

The primary concern across blue-tick Twitter was to attack anyone who started to talk plainly about what is happening. All this passive-aggressive weasel talk about ‘coming together’ and ‘not giving in to hate’ is slimy and manipulative.

I’m sure that’s how paedophiles talk when grooming their victims.

My Bible tells me there is a time for love and there is a time for hate. When a foreigner mows down families out Christmas shopping, despite the brightly decorated diversity bollards, it’s a time for hate.

And nobody hates like the left. Nobody is more bigoted, more prejudiced and more nasty than the cultural Marxists. Their utter disregard for what was done to little Aussie kids on Thursday shows that clearly.

It might not be popular right now to write this, but my hatred is not directed toward the barbarians who blow themselves up or mow down our kids at Christmas markets. That’s what those people are going to do once they’re here. That’s what they do over there. It’s who they are.

My hate instead burns hot against the men who brought them in; fork-tongued traitors who prevent our countrymen from even saying what’s happening. The men who lack the instinct to protect their own children.

The great irony is that this leftist establishment which tyrannises us is defended by good, decent men with guns who maintain public order. The man who overcame the attacker at Flinders Street is an off-duty copper. These are the type of men who protect the fanatical Marxist elite.

The vicious are guarded by the virtuous, whom they despise.

My prayer is that, one day, those police and military men will look at who they guard and realise that they are the ones fomenting and encouraging the violence against us on our streets.

The pattern of history is clear. That’s when the revolution starts.