Lets do something radical – participatory democracy


This article was originally published on 11/10/2015.

Have you ever stopped and considered the democracy we live in? It is based on the Westminster parliamentary system, and has served us well.

However, what say do you have in the polcies of the country? Gay Marriage. Daylight saving. School system changes. Migration policies. Higher Education funding. Healthcare. Superannuation. Euthanasia. NBN.

I suggest – stuff all. It comes down to polling pressure on the government and an election cycle set of debates. Here is the catch. We have to vote. So, that’s rather “participatory”. But also rather meaningless in my opinion.

What I want is this:

– A schedule of referendums at Federal and State Level every 3 months.

– The government can instigate a referendum.

– The people can instigate a referendum by default when a certain volume of signatures are received.

– The government then implements the outcome.

I would make it my business to vote every time. I would make it my concern to be informed and to discuss with people key referendum proposals.

The Government will inform the people what they wish to do and why. Each political party will be able to do this, as will special interest groups. But ultimately, the people will decide. It’s participatory democracy. And it happens in one of the most successful countries in the world. So it is not even such a radical idea.

Imagine reducing politicians to glorified administrators. Image having a say on policy. Right now we only have a say in who we vote for, which via machivelian preferential deals, can go to bizarre people we do not even know a thing about. Two party preferred politics is toxic. It’s archaic. It’s outdated.

More on that in a follow up article, but for now, do some research and see which country uses this “participatory democracy”. See for yourself what outcomes it leads to.

Our political leaders and nanny state and PC movement would hate it. It is everything they despise. It is real democracy.

  • Would still be mob rule and suffer from the problems all democracy faces.

    We need to remove the right to vote for everyone who is funded by the taxpayer with a few notable exceptions.

    • John Brown

      I disagree, based on the Swiss experience which may not be perfect but works.

    • Kael Climate

      Spot on. I bet if only net taxpayers had the right to vote the outcomes of all elections would be radically different.

    • Earl Conner

      In addition, could the voting be performed within geographic areas of similar population numbers (like electorates) and a majority decision determined from that?

  • Sam Vimes

    Still think the only option is something like the old Athenian style – maybe a voter needs to have a certain knowledge, own a home, pay tax, have a certain place in the community. I don’t apologise for saying that my vote should count a lot more than some drug-addled 18 yo layabout drawing welfare and playing Xbox.

    • Maryanne

      Agree. I think it’s obvious that people on welfare should not have the franchise.

  • Noachideous

    The de- Whiteyfication of ANZAC ceremonies. YT people world wide just don’t seem to get it ……. that their entire culture is in the process of being Shat on then flushed.

    Wouldn’t you like to participate or observe the March to precisely the same martial Tunes provided by the Pipes and Drums as your Ancestors ?

    The underlying reason, and those making these decision are skilled deceivers, is that it is just more of the same get YT and replac’em project.


    Your democratic, YT opinion does not matter and is of no concern to the perpetraitors and collaborators.

    • W. Hunter

      Your video link to the ABC article….Looks like the RSL is being infiltrated by SJW’s too.

      Soon, the Anzac marches will be banned, because they are not inclusive and might offend soy-boys and transgender she males.

  • W. Hunter

    Make voting non compulsory. (will decrease the donkey votes)
    Raise voting age to 21.
    Only full citizens can vote, who reside here permanently.

    Thorough background and criminal checks for all politicians/aspiring politicians.
    Sensible pay for politicians, within community expectations.

    No golden handshakes or golden pensions for retiring politicians.
    Ban all ex politicians from working for any big corporations for 10 years after leaving public service.
    End crony capitalism !

    *Look at Bull Shitten: he just did a stinking backroom deal with the Catholic Church: to buy votes in the recent Batman by-election.
    Catholic Church got a promise of extra $$$ millions for Catholic private schools if Labor wins next Federal election.

    Coalition is just as bad…..

    *Your Democracy (and tax dollars) at work.

  • Maryanne

    Switzerland is the only true democracy in the world today. The reason is their tradition of decentralization and LOCAL decision making.

    But such a democracy would never work in Australia with our federal government over-riding the states and territories.

    Cantons in Switzerland can even decide whether they want migrants or not. Can
    any Australian imagine local or even state governments having such power? But why shouldn’t they?

    The powers of veto and of citizen initiated referenda have also made Switzerland very conservative – much to the leftists’ chagrin. Women didn’t get the vote until the 1960s – and the men are already probably regretting it.

    Genuine democracy requires participation and our two-party farce doesn’t deliver that. At elections people just turn up because they have to or risk a fine, and vote for pre-selected party hacks they’ve never heard of.

    We’ll only get democracy when we massively decentralize – and that isn’t going to happen because the powers that be are globalizing.

    • W. Hunter

      Great points. I was thinking of Switzerland too……they really have their act together.

  • Daniel Watts

    Small steps- first get rid of preferential voting.The horse trading of votes is the main problem.

  • Democracy is the gun at our backs and the noose at our necks.