Let’s (finally) have an honest conversation about the Holocaust


The lying media is still pushing the ‘St Kilda Nazis’ meme hard.

Like, really hard.

Even in the toy department at Kmart.

The horror.

It’s not just Nazis that are popping up everywhere and scaring neurotic Melbourne mothers, either. It’s the KKK too!

Think of the children.

Somebody should do something.

We definitely need to talk about this.

So let’s talk about it.

Get cozy.

Now, let’s get something out of the way right off the bat: I’m not going to deny that six million Jews were systematically rounded up and murdered by the SS during World War II.

That’s crazy talk.

Only crazy people do that. The kinds of people who end up shooting up synagogues and black churches.

You can meet lots of these crazy people online, if you look. They’ll present you with all sorts of contradictions, counterfactuals and pieces of evidence that are just crazy.

They’ll tell you things like there is no chemical residue left from the massive use of Zyklon B which would have been required to carry out the Holocaust, that the gas chambers themselves were poorly designed for the purpose and that each gas chamber would have had to have been aired out for 24 hours after each extermination, that the size of the crematoria was massively insufficient to incinerate millions of corpses, that official numbers at individual camps have been revised down without a corresponding reduction away from the number of six million, and that before-and-after census data of numbers of Jews in Europe don’t add up, among other things.

But I’m not going to touch on any of that. After all, I’m not crazy.

Instead, let’s talk about why we’re still talking about ‘Nazis’ 70 years after our soldiers helped to destroy Germany and provide international communism, an even more deadly ideology, with the means to extend across Eurasia and threaten the entire globe. Let’s talk about why we’re still obsessed with one particular massacre that occurred within an ocean of human suffering and savagery, while ignoring even larger massacres like the Holodomor. If we can, let’s also talk about why the group targeted is making sure that white people collectively are made responsible for the evil of the Holocaust, in order to advance the interests of their group and bring the rest of us into subjugation.

Let’s talk about that, for once.

Human history has always been savage. The cultural Marxists will contend that white people have been uniquely evil in our treatment of other races; they will drone on (that’s not unfair – for some reason these people always sound like drones) about our mistreatment of natives, attacks on the peaceful Muslims during the Crusades, conduct of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and nuking of Japan. When it comes to any historical question, us doubleplusbad, them doubleplusgood.

Never mind, of course, that the Aborigines were by-and-large awful savages who practiced infanticide and cannibalism. Never mind that the Crusades were a defensive action against centuries-long Islamic expansion and aggression, that the Jews played a leading role in the black slave trade which was first begun by the Arabs anyway and we abolished it, or that the nukings of Hiroshima and Nagashika saved potentially millions of lives.

Nope, none of those facts matter. We’re evil. That’s all there is to know.

So how did we arrive at this insane way of thinking? How did we come to accept neo-Marxist academics and radical intellectuals indoctrinating our kids for decades that white people are always a uniquely evil category of humanity?

The short answer: the Holocaust.

The longer answer is that Jewish intellectuals of the inter-war Frankfurt School took refuge at Columbia University in New York and UC Berkeley before and after World War II and applied the theories they had developed in Germany to the USA. These intellectuals were part of a radical milieu which, agitated by the (New York Jewish banker-funded) fall of Russia to Bolshevism in 1917, had expected the entire world to quickly succumb to the delights of communism. When it didn’t happen, they reached a consensus that the barriers to their global utopia were the Western family, Christian morality and the strength of white men. They set about to destroy each of these barriers, in order to bring about the ultimate world revolution and the final utopia Marx had prophesied.

While they were successful in destroying the West, however, it hasn’t led to utopia. Instead, we got Desmond is Amazing.


These Western Marxist intellectuals convinced generations of university students that the patriarchal Western family leads to fascism, that sexual repression and the subjugation of women causes tyranny, that traditional Western political and cultural forms were too ‘closed’ and led to totalitarianism, and that monogamy and chaste marriage cause neurosis and injustice.

This, along with the bilge of the French deconstructionists, was the poisoned well from which the hippies drank deep, and which then fueled the ’68 student rebellions on campus and the takeover of our education systems by the postmodern neo-Marxists. They’ve been marching through our institutions ever since. Those radical Frankfurt School intellectuals, with some help from the French communist literary theorists, are where it all began.

The French Question is something which often gets overlooked, and unfairly. Rousseau, Lacan, Derrida, Sartre, Foucault, de Beauvoir. The French have a lot to answer for, too. But today we’re talking about Nazis, so let’s stay on topic.

These Western Marxists were able to leverage the population’s horror over stories of Jewish suffering during the Holocaust to ensure that any questioning of their ideology was dismissed as a manifestation of subconscious fascism and crypto-Nazism. Anyone who questioned Jewish motivations in spreading cultural Marxism was suspect, and organisations like the ADL and SPLC in America and ADC and ECAJ here in Australia made sure that anyone who fought against neo-Marxist ideological hegemony was financially and personally destroyed. Much of the original funding of these groups came from Jewish organised crime figures like Meyer Lansky, Moe Dalitz and Bugsy Siegal.


It’s an ethnic mafia racket, designed to weaponise historical narratives of suffering to spread an ideology which favours their group over the Christian majority. The leaders of that group can then use their financial, media and cultural power to control politicians and generate support for their Middle Eastern ethnostate, leading to ceaseless wars in the process. This has been going on for a very long time.

The Jewish lobby’s control over the United States’ political establishment is now so great, the first bill of the sitting year introduced was an anti-BDS piece of legislation designed to prevent anyone in America exercising their First Amendment right to boycott Israel. In an unprecedented move, the bill was re-introduced less than 24 hours after it was voted down.

Now that’s power.

This use of ideological hegemony over the left and the right combined with financial power and media control has worked better than anyone could have ever anticipated. The reaction from the Jewish left to the St Kilda rally shows just how effectively acceptable thought and speech has been policed by this group since World War II.

These facts aren’t some crazy ‘anti-Semitic’ conspiracy theory. This isn’t about hating DA JOOS. Many of the people exposing this intolerable subversion of our democratic system by an elite group of Jewish supremacists are themselves Jewish.

This Jew gets it.

And, like many other Jews sounding the alarm, he’s trying to warn us. This situation is extremely dangerous to every nation in the West. Australia’s foreign policy is a subsidiary of American foreign policy, and that foreign policy is being controlled by a foreign power with interests and objectives that do not at all align with ours.

And, yet again, the war drums are getting louder.

Madness. America is drunk with power, and the Jewish lobby are the ones spiking the punch. They care nothing for America. They want their Greater Israel. They’ll happily sacrifice more than six million of us for it, too.

If I was one of the leaders in Iran, I would be advocating for a surprise attack at the heart of the US; something like a co-ordinated suitcase nuke attack on multiple cities at once. If you’re going to be destroyed anyway, why not make it hurt? Would Russia and China then take advantage of America’s momentary weakness to take down the global bully?

Would that be enough to rouse us against the true existential threat we face?

Or would we still pretend it’s not there, afraid of being called ‘Nazis’?

Originally published at www.endtimesherald.com.

  • Ryan

    I take YUGE pride in being the XYZ’s resident crazy satirist. Ripper write-up David!

  • Panadechi Santiago

    The two best weapons of globalist Zionism are the Holocaust and the mass non-white immigration of preference Blacks, the first use it to blame, sensitize and frighten the whites, and the second use them as biological weapons with the terms of control Pavlovian, racism and Nazi. The Zionist globalists know that the holocaust is a deception and that the blacks are primitive, and use them as Sico-Biological weapons, they (the globalist Zionist Left) do not want their best weapons used to dominate and destroy the whites and the West, they escape from their hands ..
    The most powerful “Social Node” is the ethnic one, the Zionist elite does not want white competition, must be crushed, Goy. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ca5fefb4c66c8673ba1ae5dc5770d64a90a1b2b8a40240485c42355c156958b4.gif

    • chucky

      Explain why it is that the almost universally anti-Isreal left can somehow also be the alleged “Zionist left”?

      • Jamie Blank

        It’s a Muslim trap. Don’t get trolled by the lefties.

      • Panadechi Santiago
      • entropy

        Traditionally, the left supported Palestine and the right supported Israel. Those are simplistic stances and neutrals can see that both sides have serious issues.

        • chucky

          Correct, traditionally the left supported Palestine and the right supported Israel, and regardless how simplistic you believe those stances to be, almost universally that is still the case. So again, how can the anti-Israel left can somehow also be the alleged “Zionist left”?

          • entropy

            I didn’t say it was. But your theory of universality doesn’t even apply to this site. You might want to revisit that.

          • chucky

            Are you stating that some people who consider themselves to be ‘right-wing’ support the islamic terrorist state of Palestine?

          • entropy

            Jesus, another Cathy Newman. Load that question up some more, champ, people might mistake it for the honest pursuit of knowledge.

            When Carlton plays Essendon, I don’t support either team because AFL is gay.

          • chucky

            Ah, I see.

            So even though islam is the cancer of the western world, you refuse to condemn Palestine, the epitome of islamic aggression, because they’re anti-Israel.

            You do you, Champ.

          • entropy

            Cool story, Cathy.

          • chucky

            What’s next? Are you going to accuse me of being a Russian bot?

          • entropy

            What’s next is exactly the same as my last two comments. So you’re saying you’re too stupid to understand them?

            I’m accusing you of being an intellectual coward who can’t argue the points I actually make so you flagrantly misrepresent them by fabricating straw men that you can actually defeat.

          • chucky

            Pot. Kettle. Black. Bitch.

          • entropy

            So you’re saying you get triggered when other people do this to you?

          • athousandmonkeys

            Clearly, Bitch, I’m saying you’re a hypocrite.

          • chucky

            Clearly, I’m saying you’re a hypocritical little bitch. But I’m not at all surprised you failed to comprehend even that.

          • entropy

            LOL. So you’re saying you don’t even realise how hard you’re getting trolled right now?

            The best part was when you were so butthurt you pissed your pants and accidentally replied using your sockpuppet account, athousandmonkeys. Whoops! Didn’t quite delete that fast enough, did you.

            Keep sperging, champ.

          • chucky

            Oooooooooooooooo!!!! I’ve got two accounts!!!! Call the internet police!!!!!!

            Pathetic faggot.

          • chucky

            I initially asked one question:

            “Explain why it is that the almost universally anti-Israel left can somehow also be the alleged ‘Zionist left’?”

            You, the ACTUAL “intellectual coward”, responded with fabricating straw men that were irrelevant to my question, cowardly avoiding the follow-up questions I posed, which were entirely relevant to my initial question.

            Pot. Kettle. Black. Bitch.

    • Bucky Redux
      • Jamie Blank

        That’d be Muslims. Can’t even draw a picture of Mohammed without millions of them rioting.

        • Razorback

          fuck off dip shit

          • chucky

            Are you denying, Razorback, that muslims all throughout the west are attempting to make it illegal to criticise them?

        • Jai_Normosone

          Muslims first.
          Then politicians & journalists.
          The list just grows from there.

          Of course, I don’t hate Muslims because they’re Muslims. I detest Muslims because of what they believe is the way the world should be and where I stand within their idyllic view.

          Islam is a planet-wide abortion in the third trimester that needs to be dissected and scraped out.

  • Taipan

    The true existential threat is just as bad from the Right as it is from the Left. In fact, they are two sides of the same globalist coin.

  • Jamie Blank

    The west has forgotten its direction. The west has forgotten The Nicene Creed.

    When a man is shown that his god is a false god, he no longer believes in that god. Even in a nihilistic society, men still search for God. They may still follow false gods for a while, yet still, they will stop believing in those false gods when they are shown to be false.

    The modern day hunt for nazis is a false god. While once it was noble and virtuous, the reality is that the nazis ceased to exist in 1945 and the hunt was for the criminals, justice and a moral revenge. Let’s be realistic, if they’re not all dead now, they’re hooked up to a machine living in fear that the Israelis will find them. Do we need to fear nazis or their analogues again, yes, of course. Nationalist Socialists ideas should be avoided and critequed heavily. Do nationalist socialists exist today, only in the minds of nihilistic virtue signalling lefties who have no true god. The have forgotten The Nicene Creed. Their virtuous god of ‘hunting nazis’ is dead just like the real original nazis, yet, they cling to the hope that they may once again be virtuous by finding a real nazi, even if it is just “Some Bloke being Basil Fawlty”. To facilitate and use/abuse these nihilistic lefties, some unscrupulous actors will use smoke and mirrors to create modern day nazis, this was very obvious at a recent St Kilda rally.

    The 1960s civil rights movement is another false god for the nihilists. MLK was a great and virtuous man, a good Christian man. After he achieved equal rights for all, the godless nihilists drifted, MLK was assassinated and the former black slaves of the USA were hijacked by the democrats. The BLM people are not much more than godless nihilistic drifters seeking the one true God.



    It is time for Christiansto rise and absorb these people. Personally I’d pray for the Catholics to pick them up, yet, the Catholic Church lacks in its ability to evangelise and proselytise. So protestantism needs take up the slack, and, as I have mentioned previously, these protestants must strongly reference Augustine of Hippo as second only to the gospels.

    Great write up David. Im not 100% in agreeance, although for the most part it pulls many things together.

    Having difficulty posting this. Edited, changed and moved it. Perhaps it’s stuck in a spam filter?

    • Jai_Normosone

      The PragerU videos are gold!

  • Taipan
  • Taipan
    • Bumpstock

      Yet Anning passed motions to support the move of the Australian embassy to Jerusalem/recognise it as Zionisms capital. He needs to wake up to this otherwise he’s just another Cory Bernardi.

      • Jamie Blank

        Nothing wrong with Cory. He’s a lot better than the cucked leftists in the LNP.

        • Bumpstock

          True, but still a Christian Zionist.

          • Jai_Normosone

            Unfortunately – or fortunately – we need to look at the options of who is there and who has been able to make some sort of inroads into the holding of office when so many either refuse to take the journey (for good reason) or are unable to last.
            What are the options…

            Shorten? The white Bill Cosby of the ALP that’s too cheap to even buy the drugs unless the taxpayer pays for them.

            Plibersek? A white Michelle Obama. ’nuff said.

            Wong? Better known as ‘Plenty Wrong’ for bloody good reason.

            SHY? FFS???!!!!

            Di Natale? An intelligent man in his own right but slimier and more cunning than a shithouse rat. NOT to be trusted.

            ScoMo? The only option after Bernadi since he has nailed every portfolio that he has touched and managed to stop the boats. Everyone he associates with is a fucking retard though.

            Bishop? Fucking stick insect that should be in the ALP considering the way she throws our money at the UN.

            Katter? Once a good bet but has now become a limp-dick type that is going along with the PC crowd. He is retiring soon – you can see it.

            Hanson? One Nation will implode again. Just give it time.

            Hinch? A journalist with the intellect and integrity of a journalist – including the frontal lobotamy.

            Lleyonhjelm? I would actually pick him over Bernadi to lead but he is a lone voice in the darkness and finding a cabinet to think the same way would be next to impossible.

            Who else is there? Throw them in here.,…

  • Bucky Redux
    • Bumpstock

      “The Jew screams in pain as he beats you”. Polish proverb.

  • entropy

    I have heard some credible arguments about the exaggeration of the holocaust. Clearly, there was ethnic cleansing of Jews and other groups in Nazi Germany, but the figures cited are probably upper estimates at best.

    The real issue is the consistent leveraging of this tragedy for political purposes. The silencing of any criticism of Jews and Israel under the pretext of antisemitism is intellectual fascism and has no place in our society.

  • Bucky Redux

    Thanks David, for the comprehensive debunking of the Shoah, you, you Nazi, you !

    I might buy the Secret Hitler game, as it’s likely to become a collectors piece in future.
    The game allows you to build your own little gas chambers, if you turn out to be the “Secret Hitler” (gas not supplied)


    • Taipan

      We’re having a “Secret Hitler” night this weekend. I’m hoping the trend catches on!

    • Bumpstock

      Another based essay by Mr Hilton. Hilton is The Ritz.

    • Jai_Normosone

      I just had a mental image of MythBusters doing their “scientific” tests to prove if the eleventy gorillion could actually be killed in that timeframe…

  • Orbiter007

    Holy-Moly this is an amazing article, well done David!

  • Razorback

    Brave article well done

  • MichaelJohnson

    Jordan Peterson can’t contribute much to this discussion. He hasn’t read the book…


  • Donna Maria Morello

    I think I have counted 6 million holocaust survivors. The 2nd WW killed 60 million but only the Jews go on and on .Now the Jews did pretty good from the 2nd WW billions from Germany and were given someone else’s country

  • Doc79

    It can’t be played on YouTube because someone got ‘fended’ and wrote to them and said so. Check out the 6 hour series Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told.

  • Anon

    Holodomor was not worse than the holocaust… Jesus… what is this cancer.

    • Bumpstock

      It is because the Holy-Hoax never happened.

  • Noachideous

    An examination of the word ….. MILLION … 13 9 12 12 9 15 14 … from a symbolic point of view.

    The template is the same where JUDAS then SATAN each amount to 55 then 19 .. for 74 LUCIFER.

    For other pertinent techniques, recall a doxxing organisation that doxxed others not of the tribe for reasons of religion and went by the name FightDemBack … for FDB, deriving by +x 6 4 2 …. 12 48 …. 60..or EL.

    That same organisation may now exist in the form of the White Rose Society for the fact that the numerical symbol remains the same. WRS …. 23 18 19 …. 60 … EL ….
    The White Rose Society gives the impression that it only doxxes those who could be said to be …… not … Noahide compliant….. for reasons of religion. It calls such people … “fascists” and “NAZIS” … for reason related to religion…. by the numbers.

    It is probably unlawful … but that remains of no concern to your …. ABC or those who fund it.

    But back to the word … MILLION …. 13 9 12 12 9 15 14 …… summing to 84.
    Now sum each individual number in the word for …….39.

    Check the math…. It is complex…. and formulaic.

    Both numbers sum to ……123 or ABC …. By +x 123 is derived 66 .

    If a designer of symbols was to place a 6 pointed lissajous figure in front of the ABC … it would be … your … ABC ….

    For 666 …..

    • The Noahide Laws are going to go mainstream after the coming war, it seems, like ben Gurion prophesied in ’62. At least that seems to be The Plan. It won’t last for long though before the Abomination of Desolation and the massacre by the Muslims. That’s what my Bible tells me, anyway.

      • Noachideous

        Noahide laws ? They’re a repellent set of infantile, idiotic laws where jewry seek to impose themselves on others as a substitute for and usurious conduit to …. the Divine..

        The destruction of racial nations is a necessary precursor to the prostrations of noahidiocy.

        Christian Zionist types spell bound and in thrall to isrealian black magic need to find out for themselves. HEX … 8 5 24 … the reverse of 42 58 .. by +x 6 13 mitzvoth 8 40 … 1948.

        It jewry were sincere, it would admit to the other races ….. (do they even have a flattering, original racial look of their own ? not stolen. ) ….. that WW2 exists in the shape of a Temple Menorah .. 26 and that wizzreal was required to be made undead in 1948…. But the shady bunch won’t do that and so must be engaged in a deceit of global magnitude…. and thus EVIL of similar magnitudes….. As the evidence appears to reveal.

        https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/ Breaking isreali ….. wind ……

        For most ….. deceit and evil are are synonymous. A people tend to emulate their notions of the Divine. What does it say about the G-D 74 … not GOD 26 …. of a particular people for whom the deceit of others is enshrined in religious text as a necessary way of life…. in its dealing with others.

        There are 6000 years in the heebish calendar and 2000 in the Christian for … 62 , the balance for 38… the initial gematria of the Esoteric Worker’s Journal.

        On the noahide laws …. Eating the flesh of a living critter ? Who does, or has ever done that ? …. Sounds like the behavior of zombies and a reading of the scribblings of the chozen…. let it go … reveals judasism as a theatrical script demands that the unchozen act out that role…. The Zombie movies may exist to remind us of that……

        Anything else is likely to elicit semitic shreiking and hysterical, BeelzeeBuBBlian bitch wails about the …. anti-Semitisms … etc ad infinitum….. to the point where, if you read the MSM … you’re gonna start to retch and possibly puke.

        The religion requires that all who refuse to worship and idolise jewry as the singular conduit to and fleshly incarnation of the Divine ……. be killed.


        RED … Respect … Equity .. Diversity. ….

        A perusal of the ABC news reads as if it is promoting and cultivating base ignorance and …. infantilism …. The worst crimes of the Munchausen by proxy mental case as a metaphysical parasitic feeder are against those who are least able to protect themselves….. Infants.

        Hence the manufacture of an entire infantile society of willing Noahidiotic hosts for its Much Chosen by proxy variant.

        The fact of others not racially European in European racial nations should be properly view as preparations for War. But most YT people are indifferent to it and remain unfortunate collaborators in the inevitable, blood spattered outcome.

    • Bucky Redux

      We are surrounded by this symbology, they fling it in our faces….

      • Noachideous

        Check out ABC 666.
        2 CN …. 2 … 3 14 .. To Pi or 42 ? …… or 17 … in senary amounts to 25 for 17+25 … 42.

        Transmit frequency have been 1540 kHz then 1440 kHz now 666 kHz.

        15+40 then 14+40 .. for 55 and 54 … 10 9 ….. NineTeen… he was only that.

        Recall the apparent relevance of the number sequences …
        55 35 23 15 11 7
        54 34 22 14 10 6

        The top one contains the dimensions of the AUD 100 Note at via +x 35 23 for the symbolic fact that 35+23 = 58..

        Go the the FascShlub page of Jews Against Facejism… JAF 10 16 26
        It contains and Eye and a Hand for 58 …

        But the hand also is giving you 3 Fingers and 2 Thumbs .. for 36 220 .. or 36 22.
        36 and 22 sum to 58 … again.

        If 26 in decimal amounts to 42 in senary, then by +x 42 58 … 6 13 Mitzvoth 8 40 … for 1948….

        These merchant architects and peddlers of politically convenient omissions must know of make undead 1948, yet, not withstanding the piety of its usurious, compassionate and caring public farce shown most especially towards its unwittingly expedient, indigenous proxies of the moment … refuse to detail it.

        Instead JAF mock their zombified readers through their display of the symbols ……. and their silence.

  • Bumpstock

    “Now, let’s get something out of the way right off the bat: I’m not going to deny that six million Jews were systematically rounded up and murdered by the SS during World War II.”

    Except everything you said after rebukes that. The there is this…………


  • Jai_Normosone

    This should be mandatory reading with the curriculum including a report on why it is true and what the teachers project is self-aggrandising horse-shit (when they push the Marxist line).

    Maybe force the teachers to learn it first. Using methods ala A Clockwork Orange if necessary.