Lifestyles of the radical feminist lesbians


So the legend goes, when you open Pandora’s Box then uncontrollable events are released. The lesson to be learned is that you don’t mess with systems or traditions whose underlying purpose and reason for existence may have superficially escaped you. In other words, you’re a lot dumber than you think and you’re certainly not smarter than previous generations who knew a thing or two.

I was reminded of this cautionary tale while reading an article where The Other McCain explains his attendance at a recent event titled, “The inequality of the equality act: concerns of the Left.”

Then I looked up from my notebook and saw a group of women about to sit right in front of me. One of them looked familiar.

“Excuse me, ma’am — are you Lierre Keith?” I asked.

Indeed, it was her. It boggled my mind that this radical environmentalist from Deep Green Resistance was at the Heritage Foundation, but we’re living in strange times, in which lesbians are being driven out of gay organizations because they won’t toe the “inclusive” party line.

The inclusive party line concerns the collective madness that is transgenderism and the real and unavoidable tragedy is that it’s affecting the kids.

“Their stories are heartbreaking,” Ms. Chavez said, before reading an email from a mother whose daughter — “a smart, quirky teen on the autism spectrum” — began identifying as transgender at age 13 while attending a school “where several students were already on hormones and one had a mastectomy at the age of 16.” The mother said she had been “living this nightmare for over four years.… Parents who do not support their child’s gender identity risk being reported to Child Protective Services and possibly losing custody of their children.”

At the link you will find a video of the entire panel discussion on the subject. Listening to one radical feminist lesbian speak about the pain she is going through while her young teenage daughter demands to be able to transition to a male, I couldn’t help thinking that you reap what you sow. These women helped to open Pandora’s Box. They contributed to the tearing down of the family unit for no better reason than they could and they desired to do so.

But you mess with long held traditions at your peril. If you tear apart something as fundamental as the family unit then you better have something really astonishing to replace it. Because if you don’t then a vacuum is going to be created and it will be filled by whatever or whoever is opportunistic enough to take advantage of such a situation. These feminists ostracized fathers and fatherhood. We were told that their daughters didn’t need no stinking fathers. And now they’re sitting on a panel and they’re all emotional because their teenage daughters want to cut off their breasts and somehow become boys, perhaps to become the fathers that they never had.

The transsexual mental disease cult has been unrelenting in its bulldozing aside of all parties in order to establish for itself a foothold of respectability. These lunatics care not for any individual; in fact the more that they warp and infect the general population the better for them, and children are their preferred targets because kids are susceptible. They are evil made manifest but the ground for the evil to sprout was tilled long ago.

It was tilled by radical lesbian feminists, among others. Just what sort of secure home life does a radical feminist lesbian mother create for her daughter? It comes as no surprise to me that the children of these idiots are desperately searching for their own boundaries. But without any guidance the boundaries that these poor children latch onto will be very random indeed, and as I have already said they are particularly susceptible to the deep evil that is the transsexual environment.

For the children swept up in this madness I have the deepest sympathy. But for their radical feminist lesbian mothers all that I can think is what the hell else did they expect to happen? If you tell your daughter that she can be anything that she wants to be while you set an example yourself of being a radical feminist lesbian, don’t be surprised if your daughter one-ups you. Perhaps the heavy handed tactics of the Child Protective Services are understandable. Can you honestly say that you’re a fit parent if you find yourself in this situation? Things like this don’t happen by chance.

These women directly contributed to the dismantling of the family unit but they forgot that they would have family units too, and nobody is exempt from the natural laws that govern us all. They foolishly and willfully opened Pandora’s Box and now they and their unfortunate children are reaping the consequences. But watching that panel discussion the thing that struck me the most was the ignorance of these women. They are still proud radical feminist lesbians. They have simply no conception that their personal ideologies and lifestyles are the direct cause of all of their troubles. They have learned nothing at all.

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  • LadyMoonlight
  • fimbulwinter

    Once again the left reveals it’s double face. For years radical feminist dykes have pushed every sick and twisted perversion from allowing infanticide because it’s “inconvenient” to the proliferation of homosexuals to the #metoo no evidence required family court.

    By some dumb luck they manage to get knocked up – well they deserve the most fucked up transexuals as kids. My only hope is that if their tranny creations feel the need to butcher and meat freezer someone that is them and not some decent foster care family.

  • Panadechi Santiago
  • Repeal fake marriage

    I hope the offspring of these vile unnatural creatures drag their ‘parents’ through the living hell they created.

    • Bucky Redux

      When I was a kid,I decided I wanted to be “otherkin”.
      That is: a female Venusian armchair.
      Anyway, the long and short is, my parents lost the upholstery-kin battle and I became a transgenderbender Martian sofa with lace doilies.

      • Repeal fake marriage

        Bucky, you transitioned well, I do declare.

      • I doubted your story until I saw the doiley on the right hand side, which clearly has fingers capable of shitposting on XYZ and doubtless various other furniture and doiley related websites.

      • Jai_Normosone

        I notice that the one on the front depicts the three testicles you must have…. 😀

  • Indeed, that one’s actions have long lasting consequences is the reason that we had rules, laws and customs not to do or to do things only in order. Like marriage then sex and then children. Of course, all out the window with free love and free divorce.

    Women are now constantly seeking benefit without costs.

    Before doing anything, men are assessing costs and benefit. If we won’t likely benefit, we won’t wear the cost. There is little of benefit on offer for a man if a woman is a modern woman and agrees that marriage is something other than a contract for the rest of her life.

    Most topically, in our own small country, there are already tens of thousands of barren women in their 40s who have not been willying to put their ego aside for 10 minutes to realise that they are the problem and they are ruining their own lives and the lives of those who would have been their loyal husbands and fathered them children or more children to surround them with love for the rest of their lives.

    Imagine being surrounded with love. Fuck no, let’s chase that promotion at the department or the transnational corporation. And say “Never met the right man” when twenty of the right man are within 100 meters of you every day. If you looked or bothered to look.

    Unmarried women used to be pitied. Now they are celebrated. Even worse, they now adopt boys and castrate them and pretend that they are transgender children.

    • Trevor Wilson

      You are right on all accounts.

    • Jai_Normosone

      I know one who was exactly like that. Career government employee (in HR, no less – a fucking useless career path if ever there was one) who had never had a long-term relationship with anyone and soundly requires any male around her to do as he is told because she clearly knows better than everyone else.
      Then she met someone and decided that her late-40’s eggs were still good. They weren’t.
      She got pregnant and then she had to go and have a scrape done – and she continued to refuse to admit that she had any fault in any of this.
      She & I don’t get along because I don’t tolerate her know-it-all bullshit.

  • cunt blogger

    Really well written article, comprehensive yet to the point. Just about all women, lesbian or not, even grandmothers, are now feeling the pinch of feminism. The grandmother who hasn’t seen her grandchildren because the family court doesn’t do a damn thing about mothers who prevent fathers seeing their kids (thanks to Gillard’s changes to family law which paid more child support the less contact the father has). To the young 20 something girl who tries and tries but every guy just pumps and dumps – because he saw what happened to Dad, and knows commitment is a fool’s errand in a feminised world. Congratulations ladies, you now run the world.