Light bulb moment


Here is a close approximation of a conversation with two Asian students near the end of the last lesson on a Friday:

Student 1: Can I play some music?

Me: Do you have to? What do you want to play?

Student 1: Rick Astley.

Me: The 80s? The 80s should be buried in a deep hole and never see the light of day again. I hated the 80s.

Student 2: You like the 70s, don’t you sir?

Me: I never left the 70s. Greatest time ever!

Student 2: Wasn’t it a racist time?

Student 1: Yeah it was very racist then wasn’t it?

Me: Not any more so than now. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Student 1: Are you racist sir?

Me: Yes. But is that a bad thing? Why is it a crime?

Student 1. Because it’s discrimination.

Me: We are all discriminatory. I’ll prove it to you. You can only save the life of 1 of 2 people. One is your child, the other is a complete stranger. Who do you save?

Something switched on in the mind of this student. I could see the facial expression like a light bulb moment.

Me: We are all racist or discriminatory in many ways. This is not a crime, it is normal human nature.

Student 1. Yes. (Amazed at new found knowledge, I think.)

  • Micaiah

    Are you a teacher?

    Including those who don’t work for a school, I count five teachers who write for the XYZ: The editor, Jael, Moses, Grumpy, and State School Spy. If you are also one, then that makes six. I’m wondering if there is a reason for that.

    • Damien Smith

      There are more among the readership. Why? Education is probably the most pozzed discipline among those not fabricated in the 70s.

    • McMansplainer

      Everything these guys write on this site is done with concern and compassion for future generations of young people, so its not really weird that they work in a profession that requires the same outlook.

    • When you’ve worked in education, you’ve seen the future. It’s not pretty.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    What an epic red pilling!

  • Ralphy

    According to the web there are 843 distinct languages/tribes in Papua New Guinea. All of them being, “utterly amazing”, except of course, when dealing with one another?

    • Tele Synth

      Why is it essential to keep a unique segregated language but no one hesitates for a second to use a common currency? Especially welfare money.

      • Repeal fake marriage

        Could you please explain your point?

        • Tele Synth

          When many people act with common interest, there must be common uniform ways to interact. It’s no good trying to talk to someone in a language they don’t understand and its no good giving a currency to a vendor which he cannot accept. These are standards which we agree to use otherwise we cannot interact.

          We have to be so accommodating for other people’s language and cultural sensitivities because you are so special and non-Australian. OK, so use your dong, rand or dirham and try to buy things. Doesn’t work? These non Australians use $AUD without thinking about it, yet want to be non Australian in the culture.

          It’s one or the other. Speak english and use $AUD, or not. I do not think you can be special and just pick the ones that suit you.

          • Repeal fake marriage

            Thanks for that. That makes sense.

  • Peter Harris

    A nice little fictional story, put together by the poor white trash.

    • Craig

      Just like the 11 and 14 year old white trash girls who were gang raped by paki muslims in Telford England for the last 40 years eh…

      You would probably say they were white trash prostitutes, just like the local bobbies and politicians.

      Traitors first should be the global Nationalists battle cry.

      • Peter Harris

        False event, contrived by the Ult-right/white fascist hate groups such as yourself.

        • Repeal fake marriage

          Shouldn’t you be reading the fiction at GetUp?

          • Peter Harris

            Looking at your avatar, I can’t take you seriously.

          • Addelad

            An avatar is a harmless icon devoid of rational significance – for example, not many pelicans can write. One’s words, however, provide clear indications of what passes for cogitation within one’s skull. In your case, said cogitation reveals a putrid, adolescent Leftism that screams “look at me.”
            Ho hum mate.

          • Peter Harris

            Says the guy with a pelican in his Avatar. hahaha

          • Craig

            I really enjoyed climbing Ayers Rock. It feels so empowering.

          • The best bit is taking a wee at the top.

          • Craig

            Now some cheesy death metal.


          • W. Hunter

            P. Harris is too busy at the gloryhole in the tranny toilet cubicle 3 at the local train station, he’ll move on to GetUp after his AIDS treatment.

        • Craig

          🙂 Yep, Traitors First.

          • Peter Harris

            Ok tough guy, come and get me.

          • Craig

            In time, my dreams, your nightmare.

            I’ll live long, my many children, will gift me many grandchildren.

            You and yours will be forgotten.

            All Good.

          • Peter Harris

            The emotional wankings of a piss ant.

          • Craig

            A piss ant with a loud voice. I like it.

            My son is already attracting blonde Anglo roses.

            My dreams one step closer. Your nightmares ensue.

  • Maryanne

    Discrimination used to be seen as one of our higher mental faculties. We learned how to discriminate between good and evil; beauty and ugliness; wisdom and stupidity; utility and futility. The control freaks running the show certainly don’t want people with such discernment; too hard to control. No wonder the word discrimination has become a synonym for intolerance.

  • W. Hunter

    Thanks for the pic of the Asian hotties.

  • Robert Black

    Asians wear their racism on their sleeve and are unapologetic about it. They also take pride in their culture and don’t have any guilt about their history. Just like Whites used to be fifty to a hundred years ago. Why have we succumbed to self-doubt and self-loathing as a culture that has done so many incredibly positive things and have a great contribution to the overall advancement of the human race? Oh right, it’s the Jews. Asians don’t have Jews in their midst.

    • W. Hunter

      Asians, in general, are the Jews of the East.
      Nothing is more important to an Asian than money. (even human life)