Liz versus Big Man


What a sensational piece by Elizabeth Farrelly in this week’s Sneering Morning Herald. What a shame almost no one reading it will have the faintest idea what it means – apart from cosmological theologians, anthropologists, and psychiatrists (and perhaps those with a history of exposure to psychosis inducing substances).

Having been schooled in epistemology, and recognising an ontological argument when I see one – I had no idea what Liz was on about either. Not until the middle section, that is, when it all finally became clear. Liz was taking on the “Big Man” culture, the God-the-Father parody, those patriarchal primates whose liturgy has inflicted a climate catastrophe on us all.

You get it now – right? Listen carefully then, and reach for a thesaurus, as Liz explains.

image“These, the so-called world religions, universally imposed patriarchies – which allowed them be co-opted by bands of murderous apes, dragged down from God-level to primate level. These tribalised religions formed the Big Man culture that was once our species’ greatest strength, but is now our greatest liability.”

The vocabulary and conjugation is breathtaking – and utterly turgid at the same time. Only a new religion can help us now, Liz proclaims. Her kind of religion.

“Never have we been more in need of engaged, operational femaleness. Never has it been more necessary for receptive feminine thinking to poultice a planet ravaged by projectile maleness.”

Marvel at the alliteration if you will – poultice, planet, projectile – all that’s missing is penis. And that’s the point! The solution Liz proffers, in a blaze of all but inpenetrable verbosity, is the cult of the (penis loathing) She-God. One can only wonder why female primates would be any more successful in combating the coming climate catastrophe, but that is to be churlish. The article is actually about a “toxic” sex-for-favours culture among the Royal College of Surgeons. But you knew that didn’t you?

It all makes sense, somehow, to Liz, – whilst the lycra wearing readers who have parked the bicycle for a soy latte somewhere in Newtown nod convincingly as they read, giving the hipsters looking on the impression they are entirely with Liz on this one, whilst inwardly asking themselves, with the rest of us, WTF?

Source: The she-god needed to tackle ingrained sexism

  • Michaelc58

    Agree so much. What is it with these faux feminists.
    Reared by a devoted single mother, I have never lacked admiration and respect for women, professionally and privately.
    But this vile and vicious man loathing disguised as feminism, this hiding of incompetence behind misogyny, this ever increasing affirmative action now with insane gender quota even in businesses, the tarring of all men with domestic violence in ads and the false rape accusations of college rape culture and the ever present threat of sexual harassment charges lingering in the air.
    All this is making me dislike women, something I have never felt before.
    And sometimes I jokingly think that if Islam and Sharia law does come to us – and these women have emasculated western men so much that they can’t defend them – as is happening in Germany, at least it’ll serve them right.