LOL! Communist China is oppressing Muslim Uighurs


When followers of the two most deadly ideologies on the planet square off, you know what to do:

Communist China is sending its Muslim Uighurs to reeducation camps. From the Sydney Morning Hurl:

The security agents came for Adeham Abliz late on a Thursday night.

That day, September 8, 2016, had been much like any other in the 59-year-old Uighur man’s life in the city of Ghulja in north-western China.

Abliz, a shopkeeper, had performed his five daily prayers, starting with fajr at dawn through to isha after dusk. He had wandered through the neighbourhood and brought home groceries after a day of fasting in the lead-up to the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha.

He would not be allowed to finish dinner. Around 11pm, two officers in plain clothes arrived at the house.

“We need to talk to you about something. You need to come with us,” they told Abliz, a devout Muslim who had provided religious teaching in the local community and kept religious texts in his house – marking him as a subject of suspicion for the Chinese Communist Party.

Abliz and his family resisted, demanding to know why he was being taken. Ignoring their desperate pleas, the two men escorted him outside and took him away.

“That was the last time I saw my father with my own eyes,” says his daughter, Meyassar Adham….

Her father was promptly sentenced to two years in prison for his religious practices. In September this year, it became clear he would not be set free. Now 61, Abliz was transferred to a mass detention camp, joining hundreds of thousands in a vast “re-education” network established over the last two years in Xinjiang, known as East Turkestan by independence-minded Uighurs. In the camps, they are forced to renounce their religion and culture and adopt Communist ideology. Reports suggest people have been abused and tortured for failure to comply.

Lol, nobody cares.

The same day, she had been granted a visa to join her partner in Australia. Advised by her migration agent to urgently get out of Xinjiang province, she left a week later, bound for the safety of the Adelaide suburbs.

Dammit. Who let them in. Confound our white empathy. It gets us into trouble. Every. Single. Time. We could learn a thing or two from the Chinese:

Now they are here and making a fuss:

From SMH.

Fairfax Media has conducted extensive interviews with more than a dozen Uighurs in Adelaide; all have relatives in detention and are struggling with the burden of knowing – or not knowing – the fate of parents, siblings, partners, grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunties and friends swept up in the unprecedented crackdown. Increasingly helpless and desperate, the Australian-based Uighurs felt compelled to go public with their stories and identities despite the risks.

Never mind. If Labor win the Victorian election next weekend, Victoria will quickly become a vassal state of the Middle Kingdom. That’ll scratch Uighurs off the list pretty quickly, I’m guessing. And those annoying Falun Gong lunatics, and those stupid tatty prayer flags.

I could get to love Big Brother after all.

  • MichaelJohnson

    No need to worry about the Uighur, apparently tons of Australians are happy to receive them in our country … for some unspecified reason … by a very legitimate-sounding poll.

  • fimbulwinter

    Official Belt and Road contract

    I, __________ hereby agree (on date __/__/__ ) to give China priority on all Australian gas, at a price significantly below market value. In addition Chinese investors will be granted priority access to purchasing of Australian land with zero tax to be paid to any Australian bureaucrat. Higher education will be available to all Chinese citizens and subsidized by the Australian tax payer. Under no circumstances should any Chinese migrant count in official population statistics – any additional congestion caused is purely coincidental.

    In exchange for all these services provided to the people of China, The Chinese government hereby agrees to send all its Muslims (including terrorists, grooming gangs, street gangs and other diversity) to Australia (in particular Melbourne) such that the state of Victoria can enjoy being culturally enriched. China agrees that any of its ambassadors or representatives in Victoria must accept blow jobs and other sexual favours from Dan Andrews or any other Victorian Labor representatives.

    Signature, The Hon. Dan Andrews_______________ , On date ___________
    Signature, His Excellency Xi Jinping ______________, On date ____________

    Witnessed by (((___________________))), representative of the United Nations, on date ________

    • Jai_Normosone

      I put a like on that because it’s true and not because I wish it to be so 🙁

      • fimbulwinter

        We’d be kidding ourselves if we thought otherwise.

    • That was meant to be marked Commercial in Confidence. However did you get it?

      • fimbulwinter

        That, I’m afraid is a secret.

  • Ryan

    (((Zuckerberg))): “Let’s send those Muslims to Australia my fellow Chinese”

    • Jamie Blank

      Piss off lefty troll.

  • Bikinis not Burkas
    • Jai_Normosone

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
      I certainly don’t agree with what the Chinese do and how they regard the world – but I would rather live with them than followers of the Cult of the Paedophile.
      I know I make those comparisons a lot but, unfortunately, I don’t have the power to direct a reasonable-sized comet to the Middle East and perform a massive service to the planet.
      Of course, a second comet would be needed when a bunch of them return to see what happened the first time.

      • fimbulwinter

        Get rid of both pedo cults, Islam and (((the other one))).

  • Jai_Normosone

    The first para with Micheal Jackson and his popcorn is THE BEST! 😀

  • I expect when the Chinese finish their invasion…sorry, send an expeditionary force to protect their citizens and investments, they will give South Australia to the Uighurs/Muslims.