Lying Press and Artificial Consensus


Richard B Riddick

In Orwell’s 1984 the “2+2=5” concept is a psychological control device by which the rulers establish to what extent a particular person can be controlled into believing and thinking that an obviously false statement is true.

“2+2=5” is particularly brilliant because it is mathematically false. Math as an abstract concept is absolute in practice. There are not two or more schools of thought, 2+2=4 is a physical observation. In fact, 2+2=5 simply cannot physically be replicated. But the rulers know that if they can get a person to accept a reality different from the one their senses, (their own eyes!) illuminate for them, then they have reached absolute power.

In 1984 Winston is literally tortured into compliance, but nowdays the tactics are more nuanced. They use the controlled institutions of media and academia to imply a particular falsehood is truth, and that this falsehood is widely held to be truth. This is the manufacturing of an artificial consensus, and it allows them to effectively control the democratic process.

For instance, if you asked the average person who was an adult in 2014 if the Sydney Lindt Cafe siege was an act of terrorism, they would say yes. But guess what? It isn’t, they said so, the record clearly shows it was “Dissatisfaction with legal decisions”.

What about the Melbourne car attack? The perpetrator “spoke of dreams and voices, but also attributed some of his activities as well due to the mistreatment of Muslims”. Is that a political motive? No! the Victoria Police said “we haven’t found anything at all to indicate his linkage or involvement with any type of extremism, with any terrorism organisation or anything of a terrorist nature”.

It’s as easy as that, now Australia has no terror problems.

What about African crime, is that an issue with ramifications for immigration policy? No! It’s “youth crime”!

Even more nefarious, is how when there is an example of an event that matches the narrative such as the Charleston church shooting (white on black political violence), they never let it leave the public discourse, until of course an event like it but against their narrative occurs like the Burnette Chapel shooting (black on white political violence) in which case it and any event that may remind the public is “memory holed”.

Academia is the method by which they control the past, they simply peer-review and wikipedia authenticate their own version of history until it is ‘established” fact. The media is the way they control the present, they frame the narrative and advantage certain stories and silence others. Finally, the cultural influencer or Twitter blue tick mark verified types is the avenue by which they control the future.

To some extent the advent of phone video cameras and the internet has made it much harder for them to maintain a lie indefinitely. However that is why they use the cultural influencer to direct the attention of the plebs to and away from issues when convenient. Top cultural influencers include people like Jon Leibowitz, John Oliver, Waleed Aly, Alyssa Milano, Madonna etc. their primary purpose is to drum up the crowd and ensure that the drier propaganda disseminated from the academia and media gets out to the plebs in a format that they will easily swallow.

A recent example of this was brought to us by Shaun King, a prominent anti-police black lives matter supporter. Shaun has over 900k twitter followers and tweeted the following.

The purpose of such a tweet is clearly to drum up Blacks to fight back against “oppression”. He doesn’t claim to be telling the whole story so he hasn’t technically lied, but there is a clear narrative that we unconsciously take in upon reading. Friendly high school kid who didn’t do anything wrong blown away by cops who racial profiled him. Well, thankfully for Shaun the patrol car has footage so he has the opportunity to clarify his comments.

The truth doesn’t matter when they can direct the normies’ attention away before the actual facts come out. An Australian example of this was Dylan Voller, the criminal violent delinquent who was placed in a spit hood whilst in custody. If you watched only their ABCs coverage or The Project you’d be wondering why Dylan hasn’t been sainted yet, however some more facts douse that particular story.

This is why the most important thing you can do to fight these liars is to be skeptical and more importantly, engaged in your skepticism. Don’t just make some generic comment at BBQs about not trusting journalists, look deeply into a particular issue and check primary sources. Use this to red pill yourself and to red pill others.

Myself and other XYZ writers are completely transparent when it comes to our views, we all hate communists, the ABC etc.. The truth is though that the people in charge of your government, your media, your children’s education, the economy, your health policy and your entire society are not transparent. That should concern you, because the reality is that they have done this to hide an agenda, and it’s about time that we throw back the veil and reveal the artificial consensus for the lie it is and finally save our nation, our civilization and our people from their depredations.