Malcolm, Julie and Kevin: A terrifying clown show

Mr. Everything.
Mr. Everything.

After the events of last week, it now seems blatantly clear that Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull planned to back Kevin Rudd’s bid to become the head of the U.N.

They were going to endorse a man whom members of his own party have described as a self-obsessed control freak, barely skating on the sunny side of sanity.

They were going to endorse this man to be head of the unelected, unaccountable and undeniably power hungry global body, that yearly takes it upon itself to dictate more and more to the countries stupid enough to bow to its imagined moral authority.

Turnbull and Bishop were seemingly perfectly at ease giving further power to a man who couldn’t run a scheme to put insulation in houses without killing people.

A man whose idea of economic management was sending bucket loads of borrowed money to dead people and expatriates.

A man who smirked with self-congratulatory glee as he threw history, truth and the nation’s pride under the bus by apologising for a genocidal theft of children that demonstrably didn’t happen.

They wanted to give an official endorsement for the post, sometimes referred to as the world’s chief diplomat, to a man so disagreeable he throws temper tantrums at female air force staff because of a lack of cheese.

They wanted a man put in a position of influence over international refugee agencies, who opened Australia’s border to people smuggler rackets that led to over a thousand drowned bodies of men, women and children. Not to mention the billions of taxpayer dollars wasted even to this day.

A supposedly conservative Prime Minister was going to support handing the reins of a giant global busy-body to the man who is almost single-handedly responsible for the fact that our country will likely never have a budget surplus again.

They wanted to put the man who blew giant wads of our cash on the global warming scam in charge of the IPCC, the body most responsible for the scaremongering and alarmism that has already cost us so much.

Turnbull clearly thought he could steamroll this through cabinet, and had he not run such a shambolic campaign with such a predictably disastrous result he might have still done so, looking as ever to the leftist mouthpieces at the ABC and Fairfax to support him in supporting one of their own.

Our Prime Minister, the man elected to be our nation’s leader and the leader of our only major right-of-centre party, was so tone-deaf to both his colleagues and the electorate, that he seemed not to realise what reaction this action would provoke in all sane people of principle to the right of Pol Pot.

And this last point is the most damning of all. Over half the parliamentary Liberal party thought giving the leadership to this leftist moral vacuum named Malcolm would be a good political move; that a man who feels more comfortable with Rudd than with his own voter base would be a good servant of the country, his party, or anything besides himself.

Thankfully, many of those so foolish as to support Turnbull in the parliamentary party have met some measure of justice and been ejected from their once cosy positions at the trough.

But until the organ grinder and all of the fifty-four monkeys who danced for him are gone, there is no reason for anyone on the right side of the political divide to vote, volunteer or donate to the Liberal Party.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

  • Genghis

    Absolutely spot on! Turdball is a DUD of the highest order. Those in the Party supporting him should be ashamed.

    First two weeks as elected PM and two peripheral issues blow up in his face. His knee-jerk lawyer-fest RC in NT and UN debacle over Rudd.

    He has to go and it can’t come soon enough for me.

    • Terry

      Amen to that

  • Yuri.A

    I think your Editor was amiss in naming it a terrifying clown show.
    “Amusing” might be more apt.
    My departed uncle was a circus clown. After he died, all his clown friends came to the funeral in one car.

  • Bwana Neusi

    What a disaster Turdball is proving himself to be with two stuffups in two weeks and we haven’t even looked at the “Real” issues facing Australia.

    Still there are a couple of other red herrings that he can still pull out of his bag of tricks – SSM and an “First Nation” constitutional change.

    But wait! if that fails we can always fall back on “The Republic”

  • AP

    The man whose wife made $200m from the unemployed, under Labor governments whose policies increased unemployment?

  • Terry

    Does this mean that kevvie won’t back malcolm as to take the top un job, when malcolm is ditched by his party as well as most conservative voters?

  • Tinkerbell

    Make the bad man go away.

  • Sissipus

    You only get the politicians you deserve. How many complaining here actually got out on a stump ,face to face with people prior to the election?

  • Tinkerbell

    I got the politician i deserved!

    Name of Tony Abbott.

  • Steve of Cornubia

    This debacle is just more proof of Turnbull’s real political colours. He really would be better suited to leading the ALP, not just because his policies are leftish, but because he has all the other required qualifications, such as lack of honour, a devious character, lousy judgement, a hypocritical nature, a huge ego and no loyalty.

    Though I am saddened to see the mess that has become of the Liberal party, I am at least grateful to Turnbull and Bishop for accidentally allowing us to see who the charlatans in the party are, the ones who have no principles or vision, just ambition and a desire to remain elected whatever the price. A reckoning will come.

  • Yuri.A

    Steve, you have described every politician:
    no honour, devious, lousy judgement, hypocrites, disloyal egomaniacs.
    Spot on.

    • Steve of Cornubia

      I would hate to think you are right, Yuri. I think there are still a few politicians with principles and vision, who genuinely care about their constituents’ needs, not just their vote, but they are a threatened species. Politics has become an well-remunerated industry for power-hungry egotists over recent years, with the ‘traditional’ members slowly being driven out by the new, elitist establishment. The people are slowly realising this however, leading to the growth in protest votes and hitherto unlikely outcomes such as Brexit, Trump, Saunders, etc.