Malcolm Turnbull is a Failure


Deefer’s take on the Prime Ministership of Malcolm Turnbull:

Now he Can’t draw breath without Lucy by his side
But he wants us to hang in there with him for the ride
he’s lost a million liberal voters they never got back
Most of his achievements have been for the other side

As usual with Deefer, look out for the Tony wink.

You can visit Deefer’s YouTube channel here.

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Deefer is a writer of songs that feature riffy guitar work and witty lyrics. Like most muso's, he relies on a day job to pay his family bills. Being self employed, Deefer describes his job security as "unbeatable". He says his private life is "somewhat irregular" being still married to his first and only wife and the same couple being the parents of all three children in their household. Also, a little differently from most Conservatives , Deefer advocates a doubling of pension and unemployment benefits; that is providing the number of persons drawing them be more than halved. However don't be fooled by his friendly disposition as he does sometimes show a darker side. He is rumored to be furious that his song "I'm a Leftie" was overlooked for a Grammy. And he is known to release his venom in song. Just ask Julia Gillard (Misogyny), Malcolm Turnbull (Blue Arsed Fly) or Sam Dastyari (The Type that Doesn't Pay).
  • Ralphy

    The PM ship was purchased by Malcolm for 1.75million of his own kitty. His luv-in with the ABC and the utterly, propagandised bullshit on the Don Dale Detention Centre cost us all over 50 million for S.F.A., just more shiny bum, sanctimonious, fat cats sucking furiously on the public teet.
    There wil be a reckoning!

    • Tele Synth

      There will be no spill after 30th newspoll. Because Mal bought the Liberals. Time for them to die and a conservative freemarket party to form in its place.

      • Ralphy

        I’ve pretty much given up on them too because there are too many Turnbull “do nothing” clones behind him. I still hold out some hope though that the next Senate will have a bloc of representatives with a conservative spine who can fend off the worst of Shorten’s excesses.