Malcolm Turnbull Must Go


Editor: In this video from a couple of days ago, MattysModernLife argues that the restrictions on free speech rushed through parliament, under the pretext of protecting against “vilification, intimidation and threats” is completely unnecessary. It sets a precedent for Labor and the Greens to do much worse if they are returned to power. This is how totalitarian regimes justify speech suppression – protection of the vulnerable – but the goal is always expansion of state power. As such, this law is an abomination, and Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis must go.

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  • Thanks Matty.
    The “Yes” coterie are the villains in this plebiscite.
    They are the camp dripping venom and vitriol, but I don’t see these laws being applied to them,as yet.
    Conservatives and Christians and anyone believing in traditional marriage will be demonised,as usual.
    These new restrictions are just another nail in the coffin of a free speaking and democratic Australia.
    This study from 2008, linked below, lists Australia as a developing electronic police state. 10 years on,the outlook is no better, with data retention laws and increasing censorship of our free and unfettered access to the Internet.

    Liberal Coalition/Labor are as bad as each other, cut from the same cloth. The only hope of redemption is more Independents.
    God help Australia if Bill Shorten becomes PM.
    He and his cronies will take it as a mandate to further destroy Australia and reduce it to a third world multi kulti homosexual police state shithole.

    • JB

      Surely you meant to say “Liberal/Labor Coalition”.

    • Antiques

      The Christians are just expecting the whole world to be destroyed anyhow, and may not bother to ACT and vote “NO” as their “faith” requires and God requires… BUT God said we MUST DEFEND what is MORAL and GOOD and fight EVIL… However, gays can be ignored by Christians as their sin is secret in the bedrooms… just TRY actually getting 2 or 3 honest reliable “witnesses” to the ancient crime of sodomy for instance! – So, they were protected by their own secrecy. BUT the new laws will apply to them as well, since crime goes both ways. WORSE, is their actual situation under the G.Soros-sponsored radical destruction of Australia… they will be dispensed with by Soros-paid-rebels so he does not have to keep paying them… But Soros will make $$$Billions from Australia’s crash, from the REAL ESTATE crash, where homes that cost $450k NOW, will be reduced to $50K or far LESS! – Then when he “fixes” the nation with a dictator and private Army, the values go UP again… Miraculously! (???)

      • Antiques

        WHY would some “Christians” not vote either way? – well, they think that if they do nothing, heaven is so much closer in time…. hence my warning that they will BREAK GOD’S COMMANDMENTS AND MORALITY & ETHICS while trying to usher in the “END OF THE WORLD”… except, God said “Thou art either FOR Me or AGAINST”… and such words are used in many contexts… like in social issues… if we do NOTHING, we promote what is EVIL, while refusing to support that which is GOOD! So, no “heaven” for them for refusing God’s instructions.

  • Burn the whole damn thing down.