Male anti-violence is the latest “shut up!”


Mark Steyn has described how freedom of speech is being shut down under the guise of making us all safe. It would be nice of we could listen to speakers that the left has deemed inappropriate, but the threat of violence against all those involved makes this rather unpalatable.

“Nice little Festival Hall you’ve got there. Shame if anything were to happen to it.”

In a similar vein, efforts to rid boys of their pesky and inconvenient masculinity all fall under the guise of promoting “anti-violence”. The propaganda states that men and boys are naturally violent and awful creatures and they must be taught to be nice young girls with d—s.

Courtesy of the Australian government, a conservative government mind you, we now have the unmitigated joy of benefiting from what they refer to as an excuse interpreter which has been released by the Council of Australian Governments’ Stop it at the Start campaign.

“The Stop It At The Start campaign is the latest to link gender inequality, traditional gender norms and disrespect with violence against women … A language guide designed to expose­ “hidden meanings” behind common expressions such as “boys will be boys”, “she’s a little princess” and “it takes two to tango” is the latest weapon in the multi-million-dollar war on violenc­e against women.”

And just who will be perpetrating this awful violence against the wymens?

hmmm … it looks like the nasty violent males are white while the poor oppressed wymens are culture-enrichers. What a surprise.

Lets check out the list of “common expressions which can cause disrespectful behaviour to girls”.

Just so you know who is behind this “the campaign was developed by the Department of Social Services in consultation with parenting­ experts, child psychologists, a behavioural change ­expert, the Department of Education and other experts.” In other words, we got lots and lots of experts so it must be good!

My personal favorite has to be the “you’re so whipped” explanation. Apparently if young men do not cater to every random need and desire from their special snowflake princess girlfriends then they are perpetuating male violence against women. I wonder how that would work if she wants her boyfriend to beat up all his ex-girlfriends? Tricky stuff this social engineering.

Yes, I know this is all ridiculous, and I know we should just laugh it off and ignore it, but it is another layer on a layer cake of social control and conformity with a basis in feminist Marxist brainwashing. Our government wants to control what we eat, what we do with our bodies, how we live our lives, what we say around the kitchen table, and ultimately how we think, something that a chap called Orwell warned us about some time ago. This is an attempt to transform society through social manipulation the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since Mao’s China.

White men are seen and portrayed as the enemy and the latest attempt to silence them is to re-frame their every underlying motivation as originating from violent intent. It’s the kind of deliberate mischaracterization that makes me want to go out and start cracking some useless academic heads. This isn’t just an attack on free speech. It is an attack on the free speech of one segment of the population. The segment that stormed the beaches at Gallipoli, that stopped the Japanese on the Kokoda Trail, and that then came home and continued to build this country.

ANZAC Day is fast approaching and while we stand there in our thousands at the dawn services around the country we would do well to remember that we are remembering white men who saved this country by being men, not by being emasculated she-men, browbeaten into submission by social engineering. That men are capable of violence is our supreme burden because one day we may be called to unleash those demons in defense of our country, and in defense of our women. They would do well to remember that.

Two Australian soldiers on the Kokoda Trail. Boys will be boys.

This article was originally published at where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly.

  • Dan Flynn

    “you’re so whipped”
    This refers to peer pressure males put onto other males. I remember saying this to my friends when I wanted them to stay at the pub instead of going home with their girlfriends.

    • Darryl

      Now expressed most often by simply holding ones thumb to your forehead (under the thumb). It seems that all of these so-called experts can’t even get their basic expressions right.

      Yes, schools may have a role to play in changing attitudes to females. There are some segments of society where females are held in contempt. But this nonsense is not the answer. It will quite simply be laughed at and probably cause more problems than it solves.

      • Dan Flynn

        ‘Yes, schools may have a role to play in changing attitudes to females. There are some segments of society where females are held in contempt’
        Agreed Darryl, although it seems the author would take issue with this statement.
        Experts often get it wrong but in this case I believe it’s well intentioned if not flawed.

        • Addelad

          “well intentioned” in the sense that one can drive brilliantly, but on the wrong side of the road. The problem with this is bedrock; it emanates from anti-white male Fabian claptrap as the author suggests. If it is rotten at its core, then no amount of good intentions can rectify it – lipstick, pig etc.

          • Dan Flynn

            I’m interested to know Addelad if you think men’s violence against women is a myth? Some of this forum believe so.

          • entropy

            I’m interested to know, Dan, if you think women are essentially just big, helpless children who cannot manage their own relationships and need men to do it for them?

          • Dan Flynn

            I’ve missed you E.

          • entropy

            I didn’t even know you were aiming at me, Dan!

          • Dan Flynn

            Ha, I almost didn’t get that.

          • Addelad

            Obviously not; one cannot ignore reality. There are serious qualifications though; firstly, women are treated better now in the West than in any society now, or in the past. That fact seems to create yet more hysterical demands for more social power, status and recognition. Secondly, women bash both children and men – according to some evidence, this is at astounding levels in our society right now.
            Re your comment, “men’s violence against women is a myth” well, to be inclusive, you must include “mythuth” as well.

    • entropy

      And Nazis never actually existed. They are just imaginary constructs that the left uses to silence dissent.

      ‘Pussywhipped’ is often invoked as a form of peer pressure, but it refers to an actual phenomenon.

    • Deplorable Steve

      Sssssshhh. My wife will hear you…

      • Dan Flynn

        Sorry Steve, I’ll keep it down 🙂

  • The proper term is “pussywhipped”, not the wishy washy girly girly sanitised: “whipped”.
    Sadly, many of my married mates are pussywhipped, they have been gelded by their self entitled, bossy boots Princess wives.
    Poor sad bastards, they are Eunuchs, subservient to the dancing whimsy of their “wife”.
    Oops !
    I forgot, you cannot say: “wife”, as this is not PC.
    Smacks of the patriarchy and demeans females as objects !

    Anyway, the simple message is that all men and boys are vile beasts and violent perverted raping Terminator assault machines.

    Female = Good
    Male = Bad

  • JB

    Hence,Men going their own way.

    • Dan Flynn

      The MGTOW movement is men giving up on the possibility of intimate relationships with women which I find very sad. You can have respectful relationships with women that doesn’t involve being ‘whipped’ or being dominant. I know this from personal experience.

      • Wide Awake

        I disagree that it is about men giving up on intimacy. I think men are just sick of being marginalised and blamed for every wrong in society.

        • JB

          Absolutely sick of being blamed!! To the point where we drop out and let the problems solve themselves.

        • Dan Flynn

          Wide Awake, I find it hard to understand the link between a personal relationship, say between you and a woman, and the concept of ‘being marginalised and blamed for every wrong in society’.
          You are not to blame for evils in this world! No individual person is.
          I have arguments and disagreements with my wife all the time but we are able to respectfully work it out without either one of us ‘taking the blame for everything’.

      • JB

        Your second sentence is true Dan. Just like many people go through life without ever contracting measles or mumps. It’s the luck of the draw. From my own experience over many decades I have learned that money and status are the absolute priorities for women. If you don’t have either or both, forget it.

        • Dan Flynn

          Hi JB,
          I must admit I’m very lucky to find a women who’s perfect for me, she cares little for money or status. I’m a social worker and an unsuccessful musician!
          This is going to sound extremely ‘leftish’ but most of my friends are teachers, social workers, musicians etc and honestly I can’t think of one of their wives or girlfriends that is concerned with money or status.
          Men are not the only ones who can subscribe to unhelpful gender stereotypes. If women just want men who are ‘strong’ and wealthy and have status then I think they are shallow beings and not worth the trouble. I can’t say I’ve met many women like this, you obviously have.
          I think if men just be themselves and don’t buy into bullshit societal expectations and stereotypes then they might be rejected by many ‘waste of time’ women but when they do meet someone who accepts them for who they are, well then you have a keeper.

          • Deplorable Steve

            ‘Unsuccessful musician’? Perhaps ‘excellent muso who is yet to be discovered by the great unwashed’ is more apt…

          • Dan Flynn

            Haha thanks Steve 🙂

  • Brian Mallon

    “you’re so whipped” is often just a case of literally stating the bleeding obvious and should better be translated as: “Your girlfriend is a manipulative controlling bitch”.

    I’m guessing most of the “Experts” that concocted this drivel are women because they have forgotten that, unlike them, men don’t need to decipher any hidden message because we don’t talk like women…we just say what we mean. Therefore, “You’re so whipped” or “You’re under the thumb” is most likely the verbal realisation that it is the male in the relationship that is being abused by an oppressive and dictatorial female…But of course that never happens in “Happy Leftie Land”.

  • entropy

    Looks like it’s opposite day again.

    We need an excuse interpreter for men? What the actual fuck?

    What about:

    “I earn less money than someone so gender pay gap.”

    “I’m a grown adult who can’t manage my own interpersonal relationships so domestic violence epidemic.”

    “Men should treat me like a princess because feminism.”

    “Women should have quotas because we are equal human beings.”

    “Feminism is about equality, except when equality doesn’t help women.”

    “Women live longer and have more leisure time because patriarchy.”

    “I don’t like to be held accountable for my own actions so internalised misogyny.”

    It goes on like this.

    As self-awareness approaches zero, the probability of finding a female entitlement activist rises to one.

  • Captain Haddock

    Jesus wept…

  • Möwe

    In my 5/6 class, all the boys are crying out to show their strength or test their strength, and school just doesn’t provide that. The boys in my class will see right through this psychoanalytical feministic quackery. They will wear the bracelets, and say the right answers to teachers, but they will know that boys who actually follow the prescription above will be seen as weak by their peers, because quacks and feminists are not authorities on masculinity. Being seen as weak is the last thing boys of that age want. They have never been as strong, fast or skilled in their lives, and they want to prove it.

    There is no doubt that feminine qualities are sought after at school now. I teach my boys not to whine and be strong. When I pull rank on them like this; i.e. a man talking to a boy, it works. They can’t argue with it. I don’t do it often. It works with aborigines or non-aborigines equally.

    I’ve heard the boys call AFL ‘gay F L’. They aren’t exactly wrong, are they? I wonder if they would have called it that 20 years ago.