Masked Communists Oppose Fraser Anning & Anti-UnSafe Schools Protestors


If you don’t want a far-left “gender theory” and “queer theory” curriculum devised under the auspices of a pedophile apologist taught at school to your children, and you organise publicly to voice your concerns, masked communist thugs soyboys will attempt to physically intimidate you.

On Saturday, 29 September in Brisbane, a rally was held against the so-called “Safe Schools” programme which is being taught to school chldren under the pretext of being an anti-bullying program, but is really yet another vehicle to indoctrinate the young with communist ideology. Fraser Anning spoke to patriots and concerned parents:

Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.
Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.

Bizarrely, or perhaps not so bizarrely, they were opposed by young boys and a few people of no discernable sex openly brandishing red flags alongside the rainbow flag:

Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.
Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.

Openly wearing t-shirts displaying the communist hammer and sickle:

Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.

And covering their faces with bandanas:

Photo by Boston White, sourced from the Facebook page of Senator Fraser Anning.

We have information pending on who these LARPers might be. Interestingly, a sock puppet account on the counter-protest event advertised by so-called “Antifascist Action Brisbane” appears to have a photo of the rally:

So, it is possible that those photographed may be associated with domestic terrorist organisation Antifa. We also note that Antifascist Action Brisbane encouraged their acolytes to protect their identity at the rally: 

They’re going to have to try harder..

Brisbane Antifascists have also claimed responsibility for the temporary removal of Fraser Anning’s Facebook page:

The XYZ strongly encourages its readers to return the favour. Antifa are a terrorist organisation who openly espouse an ideology responsible for the deaths of over a hundred million people in the 20th Century alone. If that isn’t a breach of Facebook’s community standards, we don’t know what is. It will only take a moment of your time to report them to Facebook. You go to their page here and report them.

It’s your XYZ.

If you’re reading this, your country needs you, it’s time to do your part. If you can write for XYZ, do so. If you don’t have the time or don’t feel up to the challenge, help fund XYZ here.

  • Taipan

    Antifa are the street shock troops of the globalist elite. So much for resisting the system – they are a product of the system.

  • Good old Antifa always good for a laugh, at them.

    Can’t they just get laid the normal way? By harassing women in pubs…

    • fimbulwinter

      They get laid by harrassing older men at the pub.

      • Jonathan

        They get groomed by older men, then laid.

  • Darren Taylor

    Funded by a REAL Nazi collaborator ( Soros ) and they have no clue of their hypocrisy……

  • fimbulwinter

    rip off these commie faggot’s masks and photograph them. But don’t do it alone and make sure you have a big group to back you up.

  • Jamie Blank

    Already it appears to be gone from my Facebook view. Is it gone from other people’s?

    Well done to those who clicked to have it removed.

    My thoughts of being shadow banned do exist. Is the site only removed from my view, or is it still active for others.

  • Jonathan

    Dunno. The organisers of these things need to notify The Brisbane Times and at least one TV station before it happens and get them down there. Otherwise, what is the point? Also, being filmed by national TV the world will see these masked clowns for what they are.

  • Jai_Normosone

    Reported to FB under Harassment.

  • Jonathan

    Person of note among the degenerates was Ewan Saunders (aka Ewan Amyntikos) formerly
    of Socialist Alliance/scribbler for Green Left now of ‘Unite” operating out of Common House, 76A Wickham Terrace, Fortitude Valley (same basement unit as Socialist Alliance, funnily). You can cover your face with the rest of the cowards, Saunders, but your haircut, your trademark Ray Bans and your soy-gut and bitch tits gave it all away. Why cover your face? You’ve been doing this shit unmaksed for over a decade for us not to recognise you? Scared to be publicly associated
    with paedophila? Here is Saunders (left at mic) protesting for Palestine. Yep, try walking with your rainbow flag in Palestine, Saunders. To their credit, they would shoot you instantly. In Israel,
    you would be a hero. Maybe you should go there for their huge gay pride parade? Oh, the cognitive dissonance of the left.

  • Bumpstock

    I identified one of the ringleaders there as Ewan Saunders, AKA Ewan Amyntikos formerly of Socialist Alliance and Green Left, now hangs out at the Unite union HQ in the Valley