MattysModernLife: Taxation is Theft


All intelligent people opposed to Marxism understand that Taxation is Theft. This idea should be transmitted far and wide to as many people as possible. MattysModernLife has done so, by making the case in prose.


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  • Justin Beaver

    Good video,Matty.
    I regard taxation as extortion.
    If you don’t pay up, the mafioso Feds will use their stand-over tactics to steal even more from you.
    Isn’t big Government wonderful ?
    What irks me is the Big Corporate entities that get away with paying NO tax.
    Irks me even more that my taxes go towards paying big $$$$ to those effing leeching politician dolts in Canberra with their fatcat entitlements and perks and pensions, fine wine and cigars and probably, hookers.

    End rant !

    • Addelad

      How bloody ridiculous, hookers indeed! if it’s Canberra and the upper echelons of the Senior Executive Service, we’re talking rent boys.