You may not criticize a black woman


Particularly if one is a white man. From the puke inducing CNN:

“A white cartoonist’s depiction of Serena Williams breaking her racket during the U.S. Open final — which led to one of the three controversial penalties she received before losing the match to Naomi Osaka — sparked widespread backlash on Monday. Author J.K. Rowling was one influential voice who weighed in on the polarizing illustration, calling the cartoon “racist” on Twitter….”

The cartoon in question:

From the Herald Sun.

The problem that the SJW hordes have with this is that it depicts her, (zher?) in a completely accurate manner.

Some pretend Australian who plays chase the ball in the NBL is truly disappointed. Truly.

Really, truly disappointed. As a pretend Australian.

Worryingly, it appears that the cartoonist, Mark Knight, is completely unfamiliar with SJWs and their behavior.

“My wife and children are copping threats and insults on their Instagram accounts. I’ve tried to reply to these people but they just won’t listen … I’m not racist, the week before I did a cartoon on the death of Aretha … some days you’re a hero, some days you’re a pariah.”

That sort of quote only gets the SJWs licking their lips and rubbing their hands with glee. Someone get a copy of SJWs always lie into his hands quickly. Mistakes that Mark has made in that quote alone:

  • Trying to reply and engage with his accusers. They don’t want your engagement, they want your destruction.
  • Attempting to declare that you are not racist. You are white and you publicly criticized a high profile black woman – you are racist.
  • Appealing to logic such as your cartoon of Aretha Franklin the week before. Another cartoon of a black woman?? Racist!!
  • Thinking that it will all blow over in a few days. They’re just getting started.

Let’s see over the next few days how Mark goes with battling the SJWs in what appears to be a very one-sided fight. Will he still have a job by the end of the week? You tell me.

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  • Mark Knight needs to do a cartoon of all the SJWs calling for the death of Whites then whining about a cartoon black chick, that was accurate.

    As in, he needs to double down by calling out their double standards.

    I shouldn’t feel bad, he’s just another establishment employee for the MSM after all, but SJW’s are the enemy.

    • R-M420

      Double standards alright – if SJW’s were true to their cause, wouldn’t they pest Serena to share her vast fortune (which, let’s be honest, is mostly “earned” for being a high-profile ethnic) with the less fortunate ones?

  • John Sheppard

    Given the response from the HS with the front page yesterday, I think for the short term at least, he will keep his job. Given the HS was never well received by the left anyway, I don’t see this being a big problem for them. I guess time will tell…

  • thegentlemantroll

    At least Australia can make cartoonists who can call bs: Bill leak, Larry Pickering, mark knight

  • Jonathan

    We as Australians have always know at least since Whitlam you can’t say anything about anyone not white and make that isn’t good, even its the blatant truth.

  • entropy

    The left and minorities (including the world’s biggest minority, women) are never responsible for their own actions or problems. They externalise blame like children and have tantrums if anyone dares to make apt criticism.

    Look at the indigenous kids who drowned in WA. Not because they were thieves, running from police, who couldn’t swim and had negligent parents, but because of the racist culture that victimises Aborigines.

    • Dan Flynn

      Check this video E, it’s only 7 mins.
      The Left are learning…

      • thegentlemantroll

        Disappointed that his concluding points of advice didn’t include “Apple watches are for wankers”

      • entropy

        The ‘alt-right’ (Sargon, Milo, Lauren Southern FFS) are ‘neo-Nazi online misogynists’ from 4chan.

        Equality for all is a ‘lovely thing’.

        The goals of identity politics are ‘absolutely noble’.

        No, I wouldn’t say they’re learning. This is more war room strategising than sincere reflection. If they wanted to learn anything, they wouldn’t have disabled comments on this video.

        Question for you, though: if the left wants ‘equality for all’, what are they doing about the massive overrepresentation of white leftist homosexuals like Ballard in the entertainment industry? Do the left’s pet demographics get a free pass from having to give up their institutional privilege?

        • Dan Flynn

          Well, Ballard’s show is getting cancelled. So maybe they are trying to even things up, however I’m not aware of many other ‘white leftist homosexuals’. I don’t watch the ABC much.
          I think the left are definitely learning, sure they still disagree with many of your beliefs but they are finally beginning to understand how annoying they have been. I’d say that’s a good start.

          • entropy

            The free market is what’s evening things up, in spite of ABC ideology. You’d watch more ABC than I do, but I was speaking entertainment industry in general.

            However, not all leftists are hysterical, illogical bullies so a generous interpretation of the video would allow me to concede you the point.

      • zenopod

        The left only have unworkable fantasies and outrage, which will hopefully lead to their destruction.

    • Shosshannah

      Hitler was a racist, he gassed my people.
      Aborigines are downtrodden, like the Jewish peoples.

      • Jonathan

        No one “gassed” Greatest hoax in history.

      • Jonathan

        “Aborigines are downtrodden, like the Jewish people”

        Hahahahha. Aborigines get 35 billion spent on them per annum, same as the annual Australian defense budget. “Downtrodden”. Jews, “downtrodden”, oh,right. I think you are thinking of the Palestinians.

      • If only Uncle A had.

        I spent a few hours verifying the 6 million figure usage.

        It’s a standard AltRight meme that the jews have used the 6 million figure continually, and that applying it to the holohoax was merely the latest use of it. I didn’t like not knowing if the meme was correct, as it seemed fairly important to me for dismantling the holohoax bullshit narrative.

        Turns out that this meme is correct. Since the late 19th century at least, jews have been claiming 6 million this or 6 million that. In the early days of the USSR they claimed 6 million jews were in danger if the USSR fell to the White Russians. That certainly says a lot about the evil of communism and the jews’ role in it.

        The holohoax is a complete lie. Jews are a threat to humanity itself.

        • Jonathan

          Steven Anderson is interesting. An ‘independent’ Baptist minister who criticizes Israel as the false Israel, as opposed to raging “Christian” Zionists like John Hagee who are cheering on an End Times war with Russia-Syria-Iran. Look at Hagee’s You Tubes on the subject. It would be funny if not for the fact almost a third of the US think like him

  • fimbulwinter

    This smells like another diversion tactic. Mainstream lefties get their latest racist outrage to make noise about and we forget about nationalism for a few days.

  • James

    They hate the truth. That’s why they react they way they do.
    Which also demonstrates very clearly they know the truth but want it hidden.

  • Shosshannah

    The cartoonist is a racist.
    He probably hates Jews too, as well as Negroids.
    I bet he would like to gas my people, like nasty Hitler, who gassed black peoples too.

    • R-M420

      “He probably hates Jews too, as well as Negroids.”


    • thegentlemantroll

      Don’t know quite where to begin.
      Racist is such an abused word now that it’s hard to say who is actually racist or even whether we should care anymore.

      He is a cartoonist. Cartoonists are meant to simplify and exaggerate, or else it’s not a cartoon. He drew a public figure who is African-American and known for ostentatious fashion, and who made news this week for bad behaviour. How else is he supposed to depict her? Or is he not allowed to at all because she’s special somehow? And if he has to give her special treatment because of her ethnicity, isn’t that racism by definition?

    • Jonathan
    • entropy

      Laying it on a bit thick now.

      You’re committed, I’ll give you that, but satire is supposed to be funny.

      Bring back Shimon Ben Gurion.

      • thegentlemantroll

        So this guy is a trick account? God the internet is difficult these days

      • Shosshannah

        2nd prize goes to you

    • fimbulwinter

      No (((you))) are the racist

    • Addelad

      I doubt he hates Jews, but being a sane and mature person, I’m sure he hates adolescent pretentious wankers who imagine that puerile verbal onanism equates with irony.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      Lol… I get your schtick now.

      Nice trolling.

      • Shosshannah

        protip: *Australians are the best shitposters

  • Jonathan
  • Some cartoonists are warriors for truth. Bill Leak certainly was. Others are navel gazers and damp rags, like Luenig sometimes is. I think that Cathy Wilcox is a very damp rag.

    It’s a necessary part of that occupation that they work for the lugenpresse. Doesn’t help me feel sympathetic to them.