Media Silent as Gay Frogs Mobilize for War


It began on the seventh of August, 3 AM local time. Alex Jones was removed from Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, and Apple internet platforms simultaneously. As he is not what you would call a new player in the internet conspiracy theory landscape, the internet was left to ask: Why didn’t this happen a long time ago? Why now specifically?

Now we have an answer.

Almost immediately after Alex Jones was purged, the greatly depleted and uncharacteristically undercompensated forces of the Clinton Foundation released truckloads of potent effeminizing agents into the many waterways of the United States.

Hundreds of thousands of frogs have participated in an impromptu depravity pride parade in Los Angeles, and millions more could rally in the coming days. Gay frogs have been spotted performing reconnaissance within sight of the borders of Texas, and rumor has it that a full scale invasion is planned.

The entire mainstream media is silent. Spread the word, and stay tuned to your XYZ.

  • Jonathan

    Jokes aside, look at a few scientific papers on endocrine disrupters in the water cycle via treated sewerage.

  • Jonathan

    Surely not Pepe!

  • John Sheppard

    I watch InfoWars on a regular basis and am always amused by people who come up to their reporters and bring up the gay frogs thing. If they just looked into the Atrazine chemical Alex was basing this off they would understand that he was on the right track. It didn’t turn the frogs gay as such, but instead they developed hermaphroditic organs (both male and female sexual characteristics).