More Melbourne media mendacity over Leftist extremists


My God there’s going to be political violence on the streets of Melbourne!

On Tuesday, Australian Associated Press writer Benita Kolovos reported in a breathless missive quickly picked up by SBS and that conflict may soon stain the streets of the not-so-sunny southern capital.

“Far-right groups threatening to storm a Melbourne council meeting could face off against anti-racism protesters, who plan to “defend” the councillors who voted to scrap Australia Day ceremonies.”

My God, threatening to storm a council meeting! These far-right crazies need to be stopped! Thank God for the “anti-racism protesters” am I right?

“Campaign Against Racism and Fascism will attend the Yarra City Council meeting on Tuesday night in case far-right protesters attempt to enter it.”

Wait a minute…

That wouldn’t be the same CARF whose leadership is almost entirely made up of Socialist Alternative members would it?

Nah couldn’t be.

I’m sure if the most violent political extremist group in Australia was threatening to attack protests by groups waving Australian flags a fine young journalist like Benita would mention it.

After all, she calls the people protesting to try and make the councils conform to the democratic will of the majority of the Australian populace “far right” five times in a two-hundred and fifty word article. Surely Benita did some research.

According to her own website Benita took classes at RMIT with Socialist Alternative members, so she’s hardly unaware of their existence.

Let’s see.

“When the council convened in September, about eight protesters from the Party for Freedom donned Australian flags and signs, shouted chants and temporarily shut down the meeting.”

“Last Thursday, another “far-right” group stormed question time at the nearby Moreland City Council.”

Benita wrote about that protest as well. She only called the protesters “far right” twice in a three hundred and fifty word article that time.

Inflation maybe?

In the same article she uncritically quoted Councillor Stephen Jolly, a man who has been an organiser for political extremist groups for three decades, without mentioning any of his often violent history.

I’m sure it was an honest mistake, it’s not like the extremist party Councillor Jolly, who was the driving force behind creating and organising for decades, has a Wikipedia page or anything, or was involved in widely covered sex scandals.

I’m sure Benita can redeem herself here. I mean, this is a big deal, violent left-wing radicals coming out to defend other left-wing radicals from flag waving patriots is a big story no matter how you spin it.


Oh no.

“Far-right protester Neil Erikson last week said protesters could attend more council meetings, but added he had no specific plans to attend Tuesday’s meeting”.

So the right-wingers were never going in the first place.

A far-left group got in touch with Benita and told her they were going to attend a council meeting in inner suburban Melbourne.

I don’t blame her for trying to spice that story up.

One of these four is Tess Dimos. From Facebook.

But you know what would have spiced it up a little more? If Benita had mentioned that Tess Dimos, her only quoted source in the article who she described as an “Anti-racism campaigner” is actually an organiser for the extremist Socialist Alternative group.

Since Benita is from Melbourne and Kolovos is a Greek surname you would think she might have noticed when Tess [joined by another Socialist Alternative organiser of Greek extraction Con Karavias] attempted to disrupt a speech by Malcolm Turnbull at the Lonsdale St Greek Festival while marching under the flag of the almost exclusively far-left Refugee Action Collective.

But maybe I’m being too hard on poor Benita, after all she only graduated from “RMIT University’s prestigious journalism degree” two years ago. But you would think after having studied for three years, graduated and immediately picked up a job with the highly esteemed AAP news service in an incredibly competitive field, Ms Kolovos might have picked up the mystic art of the Google search.

I’m sure Benita isn’t a bad person, her many articles and blog posts across a wide variety of fields certainly don’t seem the work of an ideologue, left-wing or otherwise. She’s just a train, running along the tracks that have been laid for her following the path of least resistance and using the minimum amount of critical thought necessary.

Thousands of students graduate from journalism related degrees in Australia every year, almost none of them get the opportunities that Ms Kolovos has been gifted.

She must have something going for her I’m sure.

I wonder what it could be..

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  • BurningHammer-ΑΡΧΩΝ ΤΥΡΑΝΝΟΣ

    I feel shame that these idiots are of my ethnicity. They spit on the memory of those who fought to defeat Communism (including my own relatives who were tortured and murdered by such) and associated evils that they are useful idiots for. Disgusting.

    And the ‘writer’ of that article is borderline retarded-I got a migraine trying to make it through the first paragraph. Another superficial, vapid, braindead, Globalist stooge no doubt-needs an ultra masculine Greek man to show her who is boss and direct her into the kitchen lest she not spew more idiocy.

    • Agreed. She is a living walking caricature of a non compos mentis Greek Barbie Doll.

      • BurningHammer-ΑΡΧΩΝ ΤΥΡΑΝΝΟΣ

        Bad parenting. I’d slap them both around for raising such a vapid airhead.

    • gwallan

      “needs an ultra masculine Greek man to show her who is boss”

      Greg but not Greek here would be showing her who’s boss by telling her “No. Piss off”.

      • BurningHammer-ΑΡΧΩΝ ΤΥΡΑΝΝΟΣ

        I’d tell her to shut her stupid squeal hole. That’d make for comedy gold.

        • gwallan

          In hindsight I got to know many young Greek women in inner Melbourne through the seventies and eighties. None of them were like Kolovos. Maybe it’s because they were all first generation Aussies. None of them led the lives of privilege experienced Kolovos. Much more level headed and much more worthy of respect.

          • BurningHammer-ΑΡΧΩΝ ΤΥΡΑΝΝΟΣ

            Indeed. You have outliers like these morons who are a waste of life. They sicken me and their conduct spits on the memory of those who died so that their todays would be these fools’ tomorrows.

            Wanting rapefugees in when you’re the progeny of those who suffered for centuries under the Musulmans is disgusting. It makes my blood boil.

          • belt fed 7.62mm

            Very well said. I thought the same thing. Many Greeks we’re killed by Moslem invaders. They were forced to study their language and religion in secret caves at night to preserve their heritage for future generations. Benita is an insult to all of those.

          • BurningHammer-ΑΡΧΩΝ ΤΥΡΑΝΝΟΣ

            Exactly. Hence my disgust.

  • Benita sure has tickets on herself.
    Her website pays sickening homage to….herself.

    “me me me me me me me me me me me !”

    100,000% Narcissism central:

    I want to vomit.

    • SamSammy

      Sounds like she’s a Smashed Avo Socialist.

      • belt fed 7.62mm

        my mate had an idea of opening a cafe and serving literal shit on toast and telling them the avocado is brown because its a new diversity kind of avocado.

        • SamSammy

          Lol I like it! Make sure to tell them it’s Certified Organic and Fair Trade.

          • belt fed 7.62mm

            We’ll also charge a 17% tip for the gender paygap. Benita will gladly pay for it.

    • BurningHammer-ΑΡΧΩΝ ΤΥΡΑΝΝΟΣ

      Just as well I haven’t eaten otherwise I would projectile vomit from the sickening narcissism. Give me 5 minutes with this clown and I’ll break her down so badly she’d be crying admitting she masterminded the JFK assassination, 9/11, the moon landing and leprechauns. Pathetic. I’d slap the parents around too for being failures.

  • gwallan

    I grew up through the sixties and seventies and was the beneficiary of much mentoring from the “patriarchy”. A quality seemingly endorsed by all of them was humility. It’s a lost art.

    • John Sheppard

      There are some out there that believe the next generation coming through will be the most conservative since the 50’s. So maybe there is hope for us yet.
      I am guessing it is driven by the desire for younger people to stand out, so in this world of lefty crazy talk, being a young conservative is the way to rebel. As PJW states, conservatism is the counter-culture.

  • Alpha Beta

    As the sordid experiences of many women in the media and entertainment industries are surfacing, is it lost only on blind Freddy that the aesthetic value of these people is part of the merit that lands them these positions?

    • Wide Awake

      I thought merit only benefitted white males, you must be mistaken.

  • OneFatOzGuy

    Is the something she’s got one foot longer than the other or the front to back camel toe?

  • SamSammy

    “Far Right”: a political persuasion characterised by a lack of hatred for one’s own country and white people.

  • John Sheppard

    As soon as you see “far-right” vs “anti-racist” as the labels for both sides you know you have stumbled onto a biased article. How about “patriots” vs “far-left nutjobs” instead?

  • She’s a ____?

  • belt fed 7.62mm
    Casa Bonita: An insight into the mind of Benita