Meritocracy or Quotas: Which way Australia?


Arthur Neil

South Australia has attained equal gender representation in its police cadets!

How did they attain this, you may ask? Adelaide Now has the answers.

“Changing an “outdated” fitness test, marketing directly to women and promoting on-the-job stories from female officers has helped SA Police achieve its 50-50 recruitment target.”

And hard quotas of course.

“Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said he was keen for the force to better reflect the community it served.

“This gender balance will be more representative, given that the community is about 50.8 per cent female and 49.2 per cent male,” he said.

“The benefits of achieving a gender-balanced recruitment process are many and include fairness, opportunity and enhanced organisational performance.”

Mr Stevens expressed confidence the quota could be met without any lowering of standards.

Of the 116 police cadets recruited this year, 80 were men.

The commissioner said that 70/30 recruitment had been relatively steady for some years and the current force was about 25 per cent women.

“I am pleased [the force] has a large number of dedicated, professional female officers but we can do better,” he said.

Equal Opportunity Commissioner Anne Gale said the SA police force was sending a very strong message that it was serious about improving gender equity.

“Setting a 50/50 recruitment quota will significantly increase the ‘pipeline’ of future female leaders,” she said.

The Police Commissioner also promised to ensure gender equity in specific areas such as working groups, officer courses and internal committees.”

Given that the previous gender proportion was skewed towards male applicants, it’s good to know that many men (who would in previous years be accepted) were turned away in order to allow sufficient opportunities for female candidates; seems progressive to me.

I am glad though that policing has now reached a point where physical strength is not a material part of job performance and I just hope that the perpetrators of crime will not take this into account when deciding to resist arrest.

Broadly, this brings South Australia in line with the military’s stance on the “meritocracy or quota” question.

“Men are reportedly losing out on jobs in the Australian Defence Force as it looks to boost the number of women in its ranks.

Staff have been told to recruit only women, including in frontline combat roles, under threat of being reassigned if they ignore the directive, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Of 50 Army jobs posted this week, only 15 are available to men. The navy and air force are facing similar quotas. Only one of 18 navy jobs listed for the next six months is open to men and the air force has none at all.

Bernie Gaynor, a former Army officer and Australian Conservatives party member, says the ADF’s “politically correct policies have gone beyond bonkers. “It is now openly discriminating against males for its combat roles in the Army,” he told The Telegraph.”

The age of feelz over realz continues.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    I have no words. Crickets chirping.

  • QTan7745

    Having a Vagina gives you a free pass for everything in life.

    • sadsak

      You bet.

  • Maryanne

    Words fail. How have we descended to such idiocy? Did Gramsci’s Rules For Radicals have an addendum on how to recognize all the points when you’ve won? Are our inane governments ticking the boxes?

    I know why they’re winning: moral cowardice. Jordan Peterson has called their bluff and has inspired many people – especially young maligned men – to resist. I’ve heard that they are forming chapters in Canadian universities to resist the tyranny of PC. Mostly men, but encouragingly women are also joining.

    What with the stalwart Visegrad countries, orthodox Russia and a resurgent Canadian resistance maybe the West may yet be saved.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Why even bother having a police force.

    • Xero

      Police “public service”, it used to be a Force many years ago.

      • belt fed 7.62mm

        I stand corrected. Police soyboys who priortize collecting “hate” speech fines over locking up Sudanese thugs.

        • John Sheppard

          Mainly because they cant arrest the members of the African gangs. Too hard. Kinda like in Sweden:

          You go girls!!

          • belt fed 7.62mm

            Yep. Even Adelaide is bragging that their police are now 50.8% women. I’m considering starting up a vigilante mob. yay diversity I guess?

    • QTan7745

      We need a Police presence so they can beat and arrest innocent civvies and take bribes from the crims, when they have time off from running the drug rings.

      • emkay

        yeah good point, lets get rid of police…see how that goes!

        • QTan7745


  • emkay

    wow…get rid of the men, now we have “equality”, except if you have been in a situation that required real force and your “partner” weighed 45kgs you are on your own! SA you are a joke!

  • John Sheppard

    Have a mate in defence force recruiting who mentioned that white males are the bottom of the pile, even though they make up the overwhelming majority of applicants. If you are a women, more specifically a muslim woman than you get a free ride to the top!!

    You go girl!! Hope it feels good getting through these challenges for no other reason than your “muslim privilege”.