Micro-Aggressing Waleed


According to Waleed Aly, Donald Trump is no laughing matter. According to alternative media veteran Gavin McInnes though, Waleed’s manhood most certainly is.

Take a look at McInnes’ masterful dismissal of the supersensitive SJW jihad apologist. It’ll be the funniest nine minutes of your day. Probably best to watch it away from the grandkids though. There’s a fait bit of locker-room banter.

McInnes’ overseas rebuttal of Waleed’s finger-wagging to the nation has made such an impact, it even featured on the local establishment rag news.com.au.

By now, enough has been said about this tape of Trump which was leaked by Jeb Bush’s cousin. I suspect too that we are all going to be thoroughly sick of leaked tapes and leaked emails by the time this election finally arrives. There’s an avalanche more coming now that the gloves are well and truly off between Trump and Clinton.

What is striking about this international repartee between Waleed and McInnes is how much Waleed comes across as an uptight Sunday School teacher and McInnes like a bloke you’d want to have a beer with. This is very revealing about the state of the left in the current year.

What Waleed and his fellow thought police on The Project are saying is that it’s not okay any more to laugh at something they disagree with. This is the type of mentality which was common behind the Berlin Wall as the stupidity of Marxist-Leninist ideology was increasingly revealed to the world. It’s the totalitarian final stage of all dying leftist ideologies.

There was a time when Cultural Marxists were the irreverent ones poking fun at uptight, censorious culture police. In the 1960s and ’70s, the Cultural Marxist baby boomers were convinced they were leading humanity to a new utopia of moral relativism and cultural universalism. After thousands of years of warfare, they had discovered that promiscuity, neo-pagan mysticism and Led Zeppelin were the keys to world peace. By the ’80s the Cultural Marxist vanguard had gotten haircuts and decided it was Hip To Be Square. Since the ’90s, they have been the establishment. Now they are in the position of the church leaders and traditionalists of the 50’s defending the status quo, and it’s driving them absolutely nuts.

If there is a common denominator for youth culture today, it is the rejection of phoniness. Young people today have been marketed to, propagandised and emotionally manipulated since they were infants. They yearn for what is real and authentic. They are not interested in utopian idealism or feel-good belief systems. They are products of the post-Great Financial Crisis economy, and I think have been hardened by it. They know the future will not be as abundant as the recent past has been. I believe this is part of what is driving the trend toward early monogamy and traditionalism among the young.

Gavin McInnes himself is an interesting figure in this emerging counter-cultural traditionalism. He is universally acknowledged as the founder of the hipster movement, responsible for the seeming invasion of inner Melbourne by vegan lumberjacks with buzz-cuts. Before you hate him automatically for that cultural contribution though, it’s interesting to consider what trends like the hipster are indicating about where we are headed culturally.

The hackers, leakers, 4chan meme creators and Milo supporters who are attacking the leftist establishment on all sides are not neo-hippies or a continuation of the ’68 generation’s legacy. The SJW’s they are attacking are the inheritors of that baby boomer culture; the new pushback against Cultural Marxist thinking is being driven by young people who know that the moral foundations of leftism are bogus and they want to restore what the boomer counter-culture took from them before they were even born.

I am not arguing that young people today want to go back to the ’50s. What I am saying is that, for people under 30, the 1950s may as well be the 1850s. They have never experienced a patriarchal, father-knows-best society to rebel against. They have only ever known the society that was created in rebellion against that, and the immorality, insecurity and lack of identity they have been surrounded by as a result has made many of them seek to return to much older, stabler and more real ways of thinking and living.

For young men, this means lifting weights, having a personal honour code and striving for personal excellence. For young women, this means marrying early, having kids and rediscovering the skills their great-grandmothers had but didn’t pass down. For all of them, this means taking the piss out of a boring leftist establishment that tells them they’ll only be virtuous if they become transgender, work with disabled Aboriginal children or adopt a pet Somali refugee.

Seeing signs of this new traditionalism among the young makes me hopeful for the future. Every twenty-something Twitter user I see with a cover photo of a Crusader and DEUS VULT written as their description makes my hope rise a little higher, just as does every twenty-something wedding I see on Facebook where the bride is youthfully radiant and the groomsmen look like real men.

The vulgarity of McInnes’ micro-penis evisceration of Waleed will no doubt repulse some people. That’s fair. Lest we think though that only the alt-right is vulgar, or that the high priest of leftism Barry Obama doesn’t have a firm grasp of the macro where it counts, recently leaked videos such as this one from 2008 will erase those concerns. Boys will be boys.


  • BazzaMcKenzie

    The people who want to allow any male who declares he is a woman to use female locker rooms are up in arms about this private talk by Trump. Total hypocrisy.

  • Johann

    Wonderful video. Thank you.
    Micro penis is an apt description to assign to Aly.
    He is a despicable individual and I don’t even class him as Australian.
    The Left is reaching new heights of shrill vitriol as the election approaches, the rabid MSM apparatchiks working overtime to tear down Trump.
    Can’t stump the trump, Deus Vult !!

    • The wife and I just watched the second debate again. Can’t wait for the third one. Trump is at his best when he’s mad, and you can see he’s now very, very mad.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Of cause he is not an Australian, he is a Muslim.

      • Johann

        my bad…he is an egyptian muslim…not an aussie
        we should send him back to pyramid land

  • Steve B

    The Poet did laugh at this genius
    Exposing Waleed’s puny penius
    We knew it was short
    But who would have thought
    That really, it was so weenius!!!

    • They’re getting better and better Steve.

    • entropy

      Keep an eye out for Waleed’s new line of manties with special tuck pouch and detachable sack flap.

  • Trog

    Another pearler Moses. My only disappointment with the New Guard is the persistent and pervasive nihilism and narcissism which seems to have gone forth and multiplied somewhat amongst the younger generations. Sad for mine as it does diminish us I feel. Your optimism for the future though is pleasing to read and well argued, again!

    I refuse to waste a minute of my own time listening to much of msm owing to the coop of chirruping chooks mesmerised by some incarnation of the latest “Eddie the Eagle” intellect. Just so much fulsome fluff! Tiresome, tiresome, tiresome.

    Television and newsprint are going the way of the dinosaur it appears but I fervently hope that radio for we old timers will be resurgent. It’s the best place I know to tap into the “pulse” of the nation, at least for those of us of a certain age.

    Thanks again XYZ for some more outstanding analysis and being entertaining.

    • I agree with you about the nihilism and narcissism Trog, absolutely. Yet again though – if I’m too doom-and-gloom all the time no-one will read it!

      There’s a bunch of new writers for XYZ who are really talented, isn’t there. We’re getting organised. The fire rises.

      • Trog

        XYZ is powering! A tribute to you men an women behind it. Well done.

  • Hyper Future Vision

    The leftist dinosaurs will eventually die out… we all just need to ensure that their demise is permanent.

    • Marxism is a slippery snake too, Hyper. We need to make sure it doesn’t mutate again into yet another victim group-based form of identity politics. It evolves dialectically.

    • Johann

      a few asteroids would help things along….drop it on their lefty heads

  • entropy

    Waleed needs a clue almost as much as Gavin needs his beard back.

  • Hyper Future Vision

    We need to find out who is keeping this little prick propped up in the media, he is deeply unpopular.

    I watched news.com Facebook mods go into overdrive deleting anti-islamic/ anti-waleed comments about a month ago. They weren’t just deleting a few here and there, they deleted at least hundreds of comments, maybe more… News Corp has been shutting down any dissent regarding waleed for a very long time. They must understand how divisive he is.

    I saw the same thing happen with A Current Affair after they ran a feel good, please be more tolerant with muslims piece around the same time. I am pretty sure the segment was about halal foods in Australia. ACA completely wiped the whole posts and the hundreds of anti-islamic comments were wiped with it.

    Please do a story that explains what is keeping this arrogant loser employed. I am certain the answer will be very interesting.

    • entropy

      I don’t use facebook and try to avoid news.com but I did chuckle at a few Waleed comments on their web articles today. And, surprisingly, a lot of vitriol leveled at them for bias and censorship. I suspect they’re copping a lot of hate about their social engineering department.

      So I think the good news is that News Corp is finally starting to see the writing on the wall and is hedging its bets by, for example, being slightly less obnoxiously biased against Trump. The bad news is that news.com just got a new editor-in-chief… from Mamamia. So expect it to be slightly more obnoxiously sexist about everything.

  • entropy

    Interestingly, Snopes has the Obama video listed as UNPROVEN, claiming:

    “there’s no definitive evidence that the future president had an erection, and certainly nothing to suggest that he ‘flaunted’ his manhood in front of female reporters”


    Nothing, Snopes?

    • If that’s the President without an erection then perhaps there’s something to all those racist stereotypes…

      Welcome to Jamaica Have a Nice Day.

  • im lost

    Rebel Media we need the same in Au