Milo is Coming 2


Milo Yiannopoulos is coming to Australia. Belatedly so, but he is on his way. His Troll Academy Tour has been much anticipated, so much so that last year’s Milo is Coming (1) article has been receiving about a dozen hits a day for the last month. This time, it is for real.

Milo’s initial plans to come to Australia were put on hold last year, after a hit video was made of him revealing the common homosexual attitude toward student-teacher sexual relations a little too casually for the left to handle, and he lost a book deal and his job at Breitbart in the aftermath.

“Strike me down, and I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” Image edited by Ryan Fletcher.

Milo was instrumental in getting Donald Trump elected President, thanks to his outrageous persona and provocative argument style. In his own words, this helped to smash a hole in the left’s system of control:

“Trump’s crass tweets and objectionable comments may not be comfortable reading for old-fashioned conservatives who appreciate decency and good manners, but they are helping to break the language codes that were primarily set up by the left, for the left…Trump is destroying old notions of what’s acceptable and unacceptable to say, and the primary losers of his new paradigm will be left-wingers and establishment types.”

Naturally, this has made him a tonne of enemies on the left, but he also antagonised many in the alt-right who viewed him as riding their coat-tails to notoriety and fortune. In this regard, it is more accurate to refer to Milo as alt-light, although Dying Media are unlikely to understand this nuance.

In yet another case of unintentional hilarity on the part of the Old Media, nEwS.CoM appear to have confused him with Steve Bannon:

“The all-right provocateur and former adviser to Trump will host talks in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast in December as part of his Troll Academy Tour.”

The XYZ can assure readers that despite the disrepute of nEwS.CoM, he is indeed visiting Adelaide (December 1), Perth (December 2), Melbourne (December 4), Sydney (December 6) and the Gold Coast (December 7) at the end of 2017. You can cross check these facts at In typical Legacy Media fashion, nEwS.CoM mentioned his tour site, but have not created a hyperlink for it in their article.

Understandably, none of the Australian venues at which Milo will speak have as yet been named, but will be announced days before the event. One would expect left-wing shenanigans in an attempt to expose and pressure these venues in the months until December.

The XYZ intends to cover the build-up to Milo’s tour, the tour itself, and some of the events. If his tour of the US is anything to go by, we expect massive confrontations between his Australian supporters and Australian Antifa. Thanks to the investigative journalism of Lucas Rosas and Moses Apostaticus, we know who these Antifa and Socialist Alternative scum are, so in the highly likely event that they commit political violence, The XYZ will be there to name and shame.

We also intend to ask Milo Yiannopoulos to expand on his views regarding the retaking of Constantinople by Christendom, and we hope he can outline some practical measures to achieve this favourable outcome.

Finally, in Milo’s honour, we would like to present to you the following XYZ Viewer Poll:

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