Milo rocks Melbourne


Last night I attended the Melbourne show of Milo Yiannopoulos’ Troll Academy Tour at the Melbourne Pavilion in Kensington. I was accompanied by several friends, including Matty from Matty’s Modern Life. Aware that several scuffles had been instigated by Antifa and the Socialist Alternative-linked CARF, we parked our vehicles a safe distance away and used the good walk to vlog. Matty’s Modern Life will be putting together a video of the night over the next couple of days.

When we arrived, police had done a tremendous job ensuring safe access to the venue. A small mob of far-left extremists were allowed to hurl the word “nazi” at us from behind a barricade, while riot police ran up and down the length of the barrier. I waved at the communists. Matty emulated Maggie Thatcher, blowing kisses.

Inside the venue, the atmosphere was akin to a foyer before a prog rock concert, although considerably less nerdy. The ratio of men to women was about 70:30, the men being mostly young and well-groomed, and the women were a good sort. The “Aussie Aussie Aussie” chant got going, but we mostly just chatted amongst ourselves. Once seated, Ross Cameron (filling in for Mark Latham) revved up the crowd before the main attraction got going.

Milo’s speech was highly entertaining, and he had my attention the whole way through. He has a suave, arrogant yet likeable persona which he plays to perfection, and when he is funny, he is very funny. He called Clementine Ford a “c—“, pointed out that aboriginal art is “s—“, called Waleed Aly an “idiot and a coward”, referred to the refugees invading Europe as “low-skilled sand wizards”, made jokes about said “low-skilled sand wizards” molesting donkeys in Western petting zoos, and lampooned the near-death Hillary Clinton, all to thunderous approval from the audience.

He cleverly placed his message between these gags. For example, he pointed out that although it may not be the nicest thing in the world to compare Clementine Ford to a tub of butter, Ford and her ilk have for decades been making accusations against any who stand against their far-left bile, the accusations of “racist”, “sexist” etc, which have destroyed careers and destroyed lives. He ridiculed Waleed Aly because Aly perpetuates the myth of the moderate Muslim, and hamstrings a strong Western response to the existential threat Islam poses to the West. He showed how stupid it was to label Polish nationalists “nazis”, praised Australians for expelling its dual citizen, (ie, dual loyalty) MP’s, and reminded us of the scientific fact that children who experience gender dysphoria are not “transgender” but generally grow out of the dysphoria to become homosexuals as adults.

Like any good speaker, he brought us down at the beginning, noting that like America, Australia has lost the freedom which once made it what it was, before he raised the audience up toward the end by praising Australians for leading the charge alongside Americans in taking our civilisation back.

I must however issue a strong word of caution regarding Milo’s message. His ideas are mostly sound. He argues rightly that the West is best, and that it is built on principles such as democracy, the free market, rule of law and most importantly, free speech. Where he is wrong is in his claim that the West is not defined by the colour of skin. It is a ludicrous statement. All of these principles were borne out of Western, ie, European, ie, White Civilisation. We are not fighting against the Islamisation of our nations, only to make them safe havens for free market and democratically-minded Asians, Africans and Latin Americans.

Identity matters. Ethnicity, blood and heritage matter. To say this, does not make one a national socialist who wants to exterminate other races. To say this and to live this is to acknowledge who we are, and to keep alive the ethnic heritage of our forefathers, who alongside a great deal of achievements, defeated the national socialists. Our forefathers identified as white Europeans who loved their country and defined their country by ethnicity, and this was a crucial factor which motivated them to defeat the national socialists.

We have been conditioned to believe that if we embrace ethnic nationalism we are all going to become national socialists. This is an ideological trap laid for us by the left for two reasons: firstly, it distracts us from the reality that deaths under the national socialist regime were under a tenth the number of deaths under communism; secondly, it prevents us from embracing the ultimate weapon against communism – our identity. Karl Marx argued that a worker in France had more in common with a worker in Germany than he did with an aristocrat in France. Ever since, communism has pushed for internationalism, for globalism to replace nationalism in order to instil its fabled “class consciousness” in the European mind.

Cultural Marxists have expanded the ways in which they can divide the population of a nation against itself, and Cultural Libertarians such as Milo have done a tremendous job blowing what pass for the “ideas” of these Cultural Marxists, ideas such as feminism, islamophobia, cultural appropriation and transgenderism, to smitherines. But until Cultural Libertarians, conservatives and the Alt Light embrace ethnic identity, their critiques of the left’s most potent weapon, the charge of racism, are hollow. They reject the left’s charge, but still live according to the framework set by the left.

Communists want to prevent you from embracing your ethnic identity, being proud of your European heritage, defining nations ethnically, for it to be Okay to be White, because this is the ultimate weapon against Communism. Every mutation of Communist thought has spent the last 100 years socialising people of European heritage into denying their European heritage, in order to remove the ultimate barrier to Communism.

Thus, my main contention with Milo is his continued and explicit rejection of Ethnic Nationalism, of White Nationalism.  Civic Nationalism is an invention of the left, designed to erode the demographic make-up of a people.  It is the key fault line on the right.  I for one will continue to advocate for Ethnic Nationalism.

What impresses me about Milo is his ability to mobilise and energise conservatives and libertarians. Whether Milo and other Cultural Libertarians can bring more normies over to our cause remains to be seen. What he and others can do is win back the centre by exposing the hypocrisy and stupidity of the Cultural Marxists who infest our media, academia and politics. That is his value, and it shouldn’t be underestimated.

The post script to this was that the event was a tremendous chance to meet likeminded people, network and make new friends. It was refreshing to see such big support for Milo in the heart of darkness that is Melbourne. I think it raised the spirits of a lot of lone wolf conservatives. It is a lonely life in Melbourne, knowing that if you speak your mind you will be in perpetual arguments with those in your social circle, but if you keep your mouth shut you die from the inside. Conservatives have had enough of the left. We have tolerated their rubbish to the point that it is killing everything we hold dear. Events like the Milo tour give us the chance to start creating the world we want to live in, and that starts with reshaping our own personal spheres.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Footage came out relatively low quality but there is some good content on there so I should be able to make something decent.

    As for ethnic nationalism I don’t see the need for it really, I’ll push for Australia to remain a Judeo-Christian nation every day but I don’t think it matters what someones skin colour is.

    If you speak English, believe in free-speech, capitalism and the traditional family you are fine by me.

    The fact is, if you have these values you are most likely White anyway.

    • David Hiscox

      I am looking forward to seeing it, Matty. Christianity is indeed an important factor in the foundation of the West. It is indispensible. The factors you mention, and which Milo focuses on, are a very good start, and do tend to favour our in-group.

      • SamSammy

        Is Christianity also an important factor in the West’s self-imposed downfall? Without the emphases on tolerance, compassion, guilt and forgiveness ingrained by Christianity into the Western mind, the Communists would not have such fertile cultural ground to sow the seeds of their noxious ideology.

        • Earl Conner

          Versus how Secular Humanism has failed to work in practice – that’s a resounding no.

          • SamSammy

            Secular humanism grew out of Christianity and was able to thrive in a traditionally Christian society. The failure of secular humanism is, in effect, another dimension to the failure of Christianity.

        • Karen Dwyer

          Have a look at the “Niceness vs Christianity” article here on XYZ a couple of days ago.

          Pseudo-Christianity is about “Niceness” (how one appears to other people as a “nice” person). It can include being “Super nice” and lacking wisdom or denying reality. Both the latter are specifically warned against.

          It can also include putting on a false covering of “Niceness” (being the one to always drive the kiddies to camp) to cover up abusive behaviour. That is also warned against. Niceness is pretending that everything and everyone is lovely, and if they aren’t well that’s because they didnt really meant to do it.

          Real Christianity is about Christ, not about appearances. Wisdom (not the gathering of knowledge, but the application of common sense, reason, reality, and God’s word) are important. Thus one can be compassionate without being foolish or blind, self-sacrificing with ones eyes open. Thusly, one might choose to defend oneself but not to retaliate murderously against those who hit you because they hate Christians. BUT one wouldn’t “compassionately” allow the person next to you to be hit. Nor would you pretend that the attacker had no evil intentions and invite them in to share your daughter’s bedroom. Etc etc.

          Pseudo-Christianity is weak: it does not depend on Christ. Real Christianity depends on Christ, absolutely. And cannot exist without Him.

          • SamSammy

            I must say, having read the Four Gospels a little while ago I was surprised to see how much of an obnoxious troll Jesus really was (and I mean that in a good way). Still, there is enough “niceness” in the NT to make it a recipe for a cucked society, especially when you consider the inherent difficulty in following Christian teachings properly rather than settling for the watered down feel-good version of it which is all too predominant.

          • Karen Dwyer

            You will have read four Books, each often titled “The Gospel according to…”. There is one gospel reiterated within four Books and several Epistles (Letters) and other Books.

            The One gospel emphasises that it is impossible for people to “be good”. Following a set of rules becomes an impossible burden (a major point, in fact, regarding trying to save oneself is that it is impossible).
            “Niceness” is just another way of rejecting Christ and living a worldview where He isn’t necessary.

            Equally burdensome, according to the one gospel, is rejecting Christ and living with no rules but self will. That leads to hedonism and totalitarianism (my paraphrase: hedonism and totalitarianism).

            Far from being an aspect of Christianity, rejecting Christ is the antithesis of Christianity.

    • Damien Smith

      What is Judeo- about Australia besides Melbourne?

      • Mattys Modern Life

        The term “Judeo-Christian” refers to religion and culture that is mostly influenced by the Bible.

        Jesus Christ was a Jew after all, we can’t ever forget that.

        • Damien Smith

          Jews are in no way more important to the roots of the West than Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and the Enlightenment. Do you think Israelis consider themselves as belonging to a “Judeo-Christian” culture?

          • Mattys Modern Life

            I disagree, I don’t deny that Ancient Greek, Rome and the Enlightenment all had major impacts on our culture.

            However, Christianity took a LOT from Greek philosophy and the story of Christ (the mythical aspects as opposed to what he said) was influenced greatly by Greek and Egyptian ideas.

            Also, don’t forget that it was Rome that adopted Christianity and that the enlightenment came out of Judaeo-Christian culture.

            All those things you mention ARE Judaeo-Christian culture rather than separate from it.

          • SamSammy

            They’re Christian, not Judeo-Christian. Jesus’ teaching as described in the Four Gospels is basically a Hellenic-inspired repudiation of Judaism.

          • entropy

            So Christianity has no distinct culture, it is merely an offshoot of Judeo-Christian theology?

            I disagree that Australia is ‘a Judeo-Christian nation’. A nation built on Judaeo-Christian values, perhaps. But Australia is far more Islamic (2.6%) than it is Jewish (0.4%).

          • Karen Dwyer

            Taking your first paragraph, possibly you are referring to Romans 11, or possibly it is just a parallel figure of speech?

            This is a link for Romans 11 regarding the “grafting”; there are commentaries at this site. Elsewhere too, but this site is reasonable.


          • entropy

            Probably just a figure of speech, Karen. I tried your link but I might need Scripture for Dummies to make sense of it all.

            The way I see it, millions of Christians gave their lives liberating Palestine from the Ottomans and rescuing Jews from the Nazis. But Israel doesn’t refer to itself as Judeo-Christian.

            As a civic and cultural nationalist, I just think we should give credit where credit is due, which doesn’t include a diaspora that doesn’t even see itself as Australian.

          • Karen Dwyer

            I am SO tempted to make an exegesis (critical explanation or interpretation of a text) of Romans 11 for you. I really like all of Romans, actually: Paul is so vehement in his desire to explain as much as possible before he runs out of time.

            But I’ll spare you; I’ve still got our “sitting comfortably” conversation pending.

            Yes, I can’t say I’ve seen Israel described as Judeo-Christian. Interestingly, (and one could posit a range of reasons for this), Israel has been taking in Syrian and Iraqi Christians. That’s something that other nations, (notably Obama era U.S. and Turnbull era Australia) have been loathe to do in any significant way. That’s quite an indictment of our dear leaders.

          • Bikinis not Burkas

            More Buddhists than Muslims
            2011 Census
            Buddhism 528 977
            Islam 476 291
            Jewish 97 335

          • entropy

            Let’s hope it stays that way.

          • Mattys Modern Life


            Yes, Australia is a “Judeo-Christian” culture and is still majority Christian even according to the census.

            I’d actually argue that the majority of non-religious people in Australia still live with Judeo-Christian values.

            It’s a fairly brought term but is specific enough to exclude what needs to be excluded.

          • entropy

            Judeo : Christian, 1 : 130.

            By the same reasoning you could say we’re Judeo-Christian-Pagan-Scientologist.

            I’d concede that we have Judeo-Christian values but I’d argue the point about culture and we’re demonstrably not a ‘Judeo-Christian nation’.

            Christian, yes. No other religion features enough to get naming rights, least of all the 0.4%.

          • BunyipBill

            My gitlfriend is Jewish. She as many more in her group of friends did, did not complete that portion of the census due in part of how it could be used against them.
            Also if memory serves me correctly, the question of whether a peron was Jewsh or not was in the “Other” category.
            Thus the 0.4% who identified themselves as Jewish is most probably a gross underestimation.

          • entropy

            Jewish Taqiya, hey? Interesting.

            I wonder what God would think about being denied because of ‘muh first world victimhood’.

            I have no reason to believe that the 9.6% who didn’t answer that question wouldn’t be proportionately distributed in line with those who did, and your anecdotes and confusion about the actual data make a far from compelling case.

          • Anomie Antidote

            Doesn’t the fact that Jews won’t even tell the government they’re Jewish only raise the question of how a culture that is so protectively secretive about itself is supposed to influence our whole nation’s value system?

            Christians will tell you who they are and what they are about; that’s a natural way to become a big part of the culture. Apparently Jews won’t even tell you who they are.

          • Karen Dwyer

            I’m not sure if you have actually studied the Old and New Testamens or you are merely paraphrasing Dr Jordan Peterson (who is an otherwise adept speaker). He really struggles in this area.

          • Mattys Modern Life

            Well I was brought up Christian and know my history as well as the teachings of Christ.

            Claiming Jordan Peterson doesn’t understand this area is actually a funny claim, the guy is literally an expert on the topic.

            Almost unrivaled in fact, in the area of non-religious biblical study and the study of old stories.

          • Karen Dwyer

            He doesn’t struggle in studying or speaking on this topic, no. Both are extensive. But he does struggle in understanding.

          • Addelad

            Apart from MML’s demolition of the point you are trying to make, what about Einstein – did he have any impact on the modern understanding of what we are and what the universe is?

          • SamSammy

            Modern misunderstanding more like it!

          • Karen Dwyer

            See also

            It’s quite long but covers your question from a Biblical perspective 🙂

        • I think the problem that many have with the phrase has to do with the misguided belief by many Christians that modern Judaism has anything to do with the Bible. The Torah is neglected in favour of the Babylonian Talmud and the Zohar (Qabbalah) by most modern Jewish sects. These were the Pharisaic oral tradition so despised by Christ, and according to some interpretations were the spirit of antiChrist referenced by Paul.

          Talmudic Judaism is very hostile to Christ and to Christianity, and we can see this in the attitude of many Jewish people to Christian civilisation. There is a lot of anti-white bigotry among Jews. The love of evangelical Christians for Israel is not reciprocated at all.

          We’re very hard on the Muslims for the Quran but very easy on the Jews for the Talmud. That’s inconsistent to many people these days.

          • Caitlin1488

            Very true.

          • Karen Dwyer

            There is definitely a grave distinction to be made between the Torah and the Talmud.

          • Anomie Antidote

            That and the emphasis in Christianity is always on the New Testament and its New Covenant. The religion was a significant break with the Judaic tradition (as was Talmudic Judaism) and with the tribal, arguably more barbaric laws set down in the Old Testament. So drawing false emphasis on Judaism by talking about ‘Judeo-Christianity’ is misled (it strikes me as a pointless impulse to lump as many things as possible together like the LGBT fanatics do). I implies that wildly divergent things are closely related or even similar baed on their historic links rather than anything about their meaning. I can’t see the point of using such an umbrella term.

            It’s seriously questionable to imply that modern Judaic values influence Australia’s values, because Jews are very guarded about what is even in the Talmud and therefore what that value system is. That and the non-Jews who have read from it report that it seems quite at odds with even typical secular morality, much less Christian doctrine.

      • SamSammy

        Our finance system, academia and our MSM!

  • Deplorable!!!

    Great write up David. Hopefully the pendulum is starting to swing against the communists but that now is not enough. Their insidious evil needs to be rooted out and repealed wherever possible. The legitimisation of homo anal sex via fake marriage was the last straw for me and now I just want to burn everything that the communists hold dear.

    • David Hiscox

      I know the feeling. Last night gave me a lot of hope. There are a lot of people who think like us. That was evidenced in the fact that Milo did not have to go into too much depth to get his point across – it was as though everybody knew what we were all thinking.

      • Earl Conner

        My experience too. It was great to be able to converse with like minded people without feeling on guard all the time. Take note – the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ don’t want people gathering in person – they know that’s where real the real resistance will form.

  • Shoshanna Silcove

    Anyone else watch Avi Yemini live at the protest? He was very funny and he spoke to so many normies, it was really refreshing. He pointed out that the venue was right next to the Flemington public housing complex. He said they emptied it out for the protest and his best line was “Centrelink is empty today” because all those jobless freaks were there. He also called for the banning of the burqua, while in theory sounds good, I fear a slippery slope towards ‘ban the yarmulke”. I know they are very different because the yarmulke does not hide a person’s face, but still it is a concern. Avi also kept asking why these guys were allowed to cover their faces, as many had masks, because Daniel Andrews has made face covering at protests illegal, but why no arrests?

  • Caitlin1488

    Good write up.
    Wish I had been there !

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Disappointed I didn’t get to go. Had an absolute gutful of all the political correctness and Marxist crap. They make out like we’re crazy if we oppose them but clearly not the case. Good review of the gig. Next time Milo comes I’d like to shake the XYZ editor’s hand. It’s now time to smash the gay-triarchy!

  • SamSammy

    “My main contention with Milo is his explicit and continued rejection of…White Nationalism.”

    A Jew with a penchant for black cock who doesn’t like White Nationalism – go figure! You’ve got to hand it to Milo, he’s definitely doing his part to prevent the Overton Window from shifting far enough to encompass White Nationalism and the JQ…

    • Earl Conner

      If such topics were on his agenda Milo wouldn’t have even been allowed into the country. Anyone who shifts the window right (and down), or widens it at the very least, is A-OK in my books.

      • SamSammy

        Milo, who is really a moderate if not a mild progressive, revels in and cultivates his image as a far-right extremist. In doing so he occupies a space in the political landscape which would otherwise be occupied by those who truly deserve to be called far-right. This effectively shuts true far-tightest out of the political conversation altogether because they are perceived to be beyond extreme, and the only things beyond “extreme” are “absurd” and “insane”. In other words, Milo is not shifting or widening the Overton Window, he is merely fixing it’s right-hand edge where the middle of the Window would have been about 10 years ago; while it may seem that he is thereby stopping the Window from flying further leftwards, what he’s actually doing is obstructing it from moving back towards the right.

        • Earl Conner

          I follow you, but do you think that’s (((his))) intention? Is that what your getting at? How does standing for liberty and free speech prevent your ideas from being heard?

          • SamSammy

            Yes I do, there is photographic evidence of him showing his allegiance to the Illuminati on Couple that with his obvious narcissism and his shmoozing with Hollywood pedos, and it’s pretty clear that he is controlled opposition playing his role in an Hegelian Dialectic.

          • Earl Conner

            As a former conspiracy theorist, I’m open to the idea that there is a grand Kabalist/Masonic agenda at play in this world. However, I’ve long realised that forming a belief system around such a notion is no way to live a productive life, and futile for addressing the earthly problems we face. The occult symbology that permeates the entertainment/fashion industry is blatantly obvious, but you must accept that on some level its become a cultural phenomena. In that photo (that I’d seen before), Milo could very well be taking the piss or doing what the photographer has suggested (out of dozens of photos no doubt). Frankly, I don’t see a conspiracy afoot- so I choose to believe.

          • SamSammy

            That picture is not the sole basis of my contention re Milo’s true modus operandi.

          • Earl Conner

            Well feel free to enlighten XYZ and myself when you have the time. Pen an article if your game. You’d probably have to explain Milo in the context of Trump, since the rise of both are clearly entwined.

          • SamSammy

            (Note I have edited my previous reply to you).

            Ah Trump – the more I look at him, the more I think there is a black pill there which even I am not game to swallow…

          • Earl Conner

            In the hierarchy of survival, my first priority is resist a world where I’d be hauled off to a ‘re-education’ camp in my life time. Secondly, the safety of my family and friends in the near future is of paramount importance. Beyond that, if Australia and the ‘white race’ are destined to be destroyed, then so be it. At least anything I do for myself will help prologue the inevitable.

            Now I’m somewhat depressed, but it was nice chatting with you, ‘SS’

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Antifa carrying offensive weapons, how many arrested and charged, if the Police started shooting some, how many would come out to disturb the peace next time?

  • im lost

    fantastic praise milo yiannopoulos & kek

  • John Sheppard

    Big fan of Milo, mainly because he is not only good at getting his points across, he also knows what he is talking about. He has a lot of knowledge on Islam for example, which was shown when he argued with a Muslim woman and showed he knew more about the Koran than she did.

    Wish I could have seen the even in Melbourne!!

  • Anomie Antidote

    You don’t really have to say ‘Socialist Alternative-linked’; CARF are SA malcontents wearing different shirts. I used to know my local branch personally and see the ‘coalitions’ they presented themselves as: one for Palestine, one for the student union, etc.