Milo Slams Coward Aussie Media


Milo has unloaded on Australia’s cowardly, Cultural Marxist media. Channel 10’s the Project and Studio 10 have mysteriously had their schedules filled, and Karl Stefanovic of Channel 9’s Today show has gone on holiday.

Here are some choice Milo words:

“Waleed Aly, Karl Stefanovic and Jessica Rowe are too scared to interview me. That’s the only conclusion I can draw from a remarkable run of cancellations from some of Australia’s top TV shows, ahead of my sold-out tour.

“These are some of the highest-paid, highest-profile and supposedly brave journalists in the country. But they’re frightened of debating a gay guy with opinions that differ from theirs – in their own studios, on their own home turf. What’s going on?”

Little Wally has learned the hard way that libertarian cross-dressers are not to be trifled with.

Jessica Rowe is probably still getting over her chemo:

Karl, well, yeah it’s Karl. And Sunrise are nowhere to be seen. Cowards the lot of them.

Here’s the crux of it:

“Australia is becoming a key battleground in the culture wars. But your elites – the people who run your universities, entertainment industry, media and politics – are increasingly out-of-step with the public on issues like Islam, feminism, immigration, free speech and of course Donald Trump – Daddy, as I like to call him – whom many Australians admire.”

The dying media are desperate to control the narrative for as long as they are still around. The resistance to the Cultural Marxist narrative is growing steadily, and try as they might, the legacy cannot stop the signal.

“My experience demonstrates two facts which are becoming obvious to Australians frustrated with their politically-correct media. Firstly, that Australia’s press is irretrievably left-wing, infested with bien pensant feminists and hand-wringers. In other words, your media establishment doesn’t serve at least half the population, because it is biased.

“Secondly, your journalists and TV hosts are cowards. It’s amazing that Australia’s media is running scared of a harmless homosexual who happens to have some different ideas. And it’s shameful, too. If I’m as much of a lightweight and a clown as they claim, they should be able to demonstrate so with a few minutes of live television.

“Actually, I think they’re worried I might be too persuasive, reasonable and of course handsome to sit opposite them.

“The good news is, their days are numbered.”

Milo just summarised the reason for the existence of The XYZ and a growing band of like-minded media outlets. The XYZ is dedicated to serving the interests of the silent majority of Australians who value free speech, lower taxes and the right to be left alone, Western civilisation and securing the existence of our people. It is in this spirit that reiterate our call for the Australian government to transfer half of the ABC’s budget to The XYZ so we can address the Marxist bias which currently inflicts public broadcasting in Australia.

The XYZ will be attending Milo events in Brisbane and Melbourne, and we are waiting on a response to a request for interview. Feel free to suggest questions we can put to Milo in the comments.

It’s your XYZ.

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  • Merrilyn Cooper

    Well done xyz

  • Earl Conner

    Ha Ha. The funny gay man has our duopoly corporate media by the balls. Let’s see how the state owned propaganda machine responds.

  • The one question that I really have is “Is Milo really Catholic?

    I’m not surprised that they aren’t taking him on, they are all very lightweight in the intellect department and like the filthy kikes and wannabe kikes in the US that they regretfully try to ape, really rely on bullying to appear smart.

    I can’t say that watching Milo’s very entertaining talks online satisfies my intellect (though it certainly satisfies my biases and my worldview) every time and it would be interesting if a principled opponent of what he says came forward to debate him. But therein lies the problem. You aren’t going to find someone who opposes him who is actually principled enough to keep it clean. Watching Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with a negro law professor who obfuscated constantly convinces me of that.

    (Side Note – disqus on this site seems to have been funny lately, might just be me though)

    • Earl Conner

      Like ha ha funny, or like in 20 years time Google kill bots will be targeting us based on our comment history funny?

      • LoL at 20 years. It’ll be 5.

      • Caitlin1488

        Google/NSA are one and the same…….recording everything you do online….

        • Sam Downer

          Yeah I saw a porno of you and your dog

      • Sam Downer

        Cool. The sooner the sooner the better. We need to improve the gene pool

    • Earl Conner

      Oh, and Milo has knocked back debating Ben Shapiro in the past, which is sad because it would be the word off of the century.

      • LadyMoonlight

        Ben Shapiro is awesome!

      • entropy

        According to Milo, he just failed to respond immediately and Shapiro withdrew the offer.

        It would be a fantastic debate, although I’m not sure they fundamentally disagree on many issues.

        They’d make a great duo – Ben doing the play by play and Milo the colour commentary.

      • Um. If I recall it was Little Ben that knocked back Milo. Not the way you are suggesting.

        Ben walked away from Breitbart remember, together with that lying, hoaxing, kike-crewing SJW of a banshee that we politely call Michelle Fields. Neither of them ever should have been at Breitbart as neither of them were conservative or actually interested in the truth. Ben pegged his departure to that hoaxing Clinton camp activist and he should be recognised for the jew liar that he is as he tied himself to her when he left.

        I also doubt that Ben could handle Milo as Ben needs to bring up the holohoax every time he says something to justify his point of view. This keeps the huwite normies quiet but wouldn’t silence Milo. It also wouldn’t silence me, as being 1/128 ashkenazi (or 1/256/whatever – I eat bacon every day so I’m not buggered with the details) I am just as much as a victim as him as my incredibly distant kin died in Auschwitz (through I recognise probably from malnutrition or typhus).

        Milo could presumably demolish Ben with the simple logic that a brown Muslim America (Ben doesn’t care about the Browning of America, and has proudly and boldly said this) would see both Ben and him turned into soap.

        Truly, any debate between the two wouldn’t take long. Ben needs to scream anti-semite any time the pressure is placed on him.

    • Addelad

      Milo doesn’t satisfy you intellectually huh? Oh well, it must be because he is a self confessed Jew, or “kike” as you’d prefer to suggest, in your oh-so intellectual way.

    • Sam Downer

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        • Sam Downer

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          • Sam Downer

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        • Caitlin1488

          His real name is Samoel Shekelstein

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    • Earl Conner

      As a real side note, you don’t have to be member of a Soro’s funded think tank to realise that a nice sprinkling of antisemitic rhetoric would create a great pretext for taking down a free speech platform. Just sayin…

      • Caitlin1488

        XYZ is pretty much all talk and no action…..

        • Sam Downer

          You are all suck and no swallow…or I might be wrong

          • Caitlin1488

            You are definitely a submissive soyboy.
            Isn’t it your turn to let your gayboys, Trayvon or Mustafa slam your soyboy ring ?

          • Sam Downer

            I think you should stop being a closet transgender cock sucking, ass licking homo and come out.

          • Sam Downer

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      • That’s right. We should always worship our jew overlords.

        I forgot. How remiss of me.

    • Caitlin1488

      disqus is often flaky

    • ElvenPegasister

      On, “Is Milo really Catholic?” I (or rather, he) offers this:
      As a faithful Christian (Protestant but very familiar with Catholicism), his words ring true. I particularly look at the level of understanding and admiration of particular saints and of our Lord (more than mere admiration there, clearly showing through Milo’s words).

      • Sam Downer

        LOL What confused idiocy. Milo is a fag.

  • Addelad

    1. The SJW Marxist Left control arts, entertainment, academia, schools, media, the streets, the Internet big players and much of what passes for political parties in the West. Why does Milo still believe the AltRight is on the cusp of victory?
    2. Is Breitbart still a genuine and credible Altright source given how it treated Milo?
    3. Why aren’t more US Jews like Pamela Geller? Why are so many more like “Babs?”
    4. Is Harvey Weinstein a scapegoat or sacrifice to save even bigger fish?

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    What does Milo think of the gay marriage vote in Australia. Has Australia made the right decision?

    • Earl Conner

      That’s the question 10000 ticket holders wait with great anticipation to hear him answer.

      • I hope he doesn’t. I and the Mrs voted No.

        That said, we’re not going to see him because he’s sponsored by Penthouse and I disapprove of pornography.

        Which is why I asked my initial question, above.

        • Earl Conner

          You stick by your principles Dude; I respect that. I’ll continue to support allies on various subjects that I see to be doing more good than harm.

        • Sam Downer

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    • Sam Downer

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  • Sam Downer

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  • Sam Downer

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