Monash University Launches Campaign Encouraging Political Violence Against Conservatives


There was a time when the campus Marxists kept their revolutionary death cult under the radar.

Not anymore.

Monash University has gone full neo-Bolshevik. Obviously the far left now feel powerful enough to initiate the next stage of their revolutionary agenda. They’re confident that their control over the media, judiciary, police, political class and academic establishment is strong enough now that calls for Marxist revolutionary anarchy and social chaos won’t be punished by the authorities.

And they’re right, because for the last 50 years while conservatives were arguing over tax rates and government deficits, the Marxists took over the country. And they did it through the universities.

Future generations will rue the complacency and cowardice of the postwar milquetoast right. Monash’s campaign shows us what’s in store for them.

The first clip in the video posted on Monash University’s official Facebook and YouTube accounts is a call for political violence. It’s the scene in which Richard Spencer, the mainstream media’s favourite Nazi, gets punched in the head by a masked Antifa thug.

Richard Spencer punch

Now before you think to yourself that it’s good that one of those ‘Nazis’ got decked, you need to understand something. The Antifa thug who punched Richard Spencer and the Antifa thugs who run Melbourne’s universities don’t distinguish between someone like Spencer and someone like you, dear XYZ reader. You might believe that you’re not a Nazi because, well, you’re not a Nazi. The deranged far left doesn’t think so.

And they don’t just want to punch you in the head. Marxists never just want to punch you in the head. They want you in a mass grave so all the disabled brown lesbian Muslims can feel safe again at Mardi Gras.

Left-wing death squads
Did you just assume our gender?

Three videos have been posted as part of the Monash campaign so far, and they are revealing when it comes to the nature of the toxic neo-Marxist ideology which has congealed in the lecture halls and faculty lounges of universities like Monash, LaTrobe and Melbourne Uni. It’s an anarcho-Marxist identity movement we are facing; a cult which celebrates political violence as cathartic and just, motivated by a utopian vision of a post-white, post-male, post-capitalist and pretty much post-you society, dear reader.

These people will burn everything you love about this country to the ground and believe they are birthing heaven on earth while doing it, just like every other wave of brainwashed utopian fanatics since the French Revolution.

According to Monash’s video, the list of things the SJW delta force of diversity are going to fix is as follows: Richard Spencer, Palestine, standing armies, Republican politicians, drug addiction, storms, fires, polar bears, white boys dressing up as cowboys, the Syrian War, missiles, the black ivory trade, Trump, obesity, body image issues, social media racism, smog, black people on boats, the Grenfell Tower inferno, ebola, skinny models, fast food, sad old brown people in hostels, the New York Stock Exchange, angry chicks with their tits out, angry Aborigines, Manus Island, Syria again, university costing money and that annoying shaved-head Cuban crisis actor chick in Florida.

And they’re going to do it through you paying them money to study at Monash to get a degree from all-female lecturers who interrupt all-male meetings to fix stuff. And shit.

Oh and it seems Monash only takes fat brown people these days. With afros.

The future is fat and brown and female fam. At least in Melbourne.

But I don’t want to do yet another “Wow it’s Clown World” type piece about this. There’s nothing funny about this. The left know that they are losing their stranglehold on the minds of the young, and that means that they are losing their future power base. Rather than re-evaluate their apocalyptic agenda, they’re doubling-down. They’re determined to use tyranny, violence and propaganda to cement their grip on our institutions and our culture.

That is not good for everyday Australians who just want to pay the bills and feed the kids. Although the radicals are primarily motivated by cultural Marxism, they have not given up on class war. This is stated explicitly in one of the two supporting videos posted on the Monash Facebook page.

The video features a series of students opining about what they would change about the world if they could. Some Muslims want more Islamic privilege, which was surprising. Others want more wind farms and more disabled privilege.

These people get their own special toilets and the best parking spots in the country and they’re still complaining. Do they want us to carry them on our backs or something?

But one of the chubby brown chicks got to the heart of where all this is heading.

“If there’s one thing I could change about the world, it would be to get rid of capitalism, to get rid of inequality, to get rid of injustice and make the world a better place.”

Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s been tried sweetheart.

Cambodian killing fields
The Cambodian killing fields, 1970’s.
Chinese Cultural Revolution 1966
Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1966.
Chinese Cultural Revolution
Chinese Cultural Revolution, early 1970’s.
Great Leap Forward
Chinese Great Leap Forward, 1960.
The Soviet Holodomor in Ukraine, 1933.
The Soviet Holodomor in Ukraine, 1933.

It’s almost like you didn’t learn anything in history class, kid. Or anything connected to reality, anyway.

These deluded millennial land whales are going to get their fake degrees from their fake university with its fake lecturers and fake marketing campaigns and go on to staff HR departments, admin jobs, government bureaucracies and classroom positions across the country. Like an orc factory in Mordor, these campuses will keep spitting out misshapen ingrates who are convinced you need to die to fix the world but can’t clean their own damn room.

Or brush their hair. Seriously. These women are unkempt. It’s gross.

Monash is ready for the revolution. The apparatchiks there have all the answers, all the motivation and all the power. Their cultural revolution is well underway.

They might not be so chubby though once it’s all over.

Our fat future

  • Repeal fake marriage

    We need to make our argument visible somehow. There is no point wasting time trying to get Marxist fuckheads to see the error of their ways. We need to get to them before they start believing that cancerous bullshit.

    • John Sheppard

      Given the point from David on the young not picking up what they are putting down, there is hope the message is getting out. From what I can see, most young people aren’t getting their news from mainstream, but instead getting it from YouTube channels such as Roaming Millennial, PJW, BPS, and maybe even ol Stephan Molyneux.

      As PJW states, conservatism is the new counter-culture. We have a new wave of people on our side of the fence who are ready to stand up in defiance to this leftist assault on humanity.

  • They are overreaching, plenty of dislikes on the Monash video and the vast majority of comments are negative.

    The “burn it to the ground” comments woke plenty of people up but we really need to be calling this rubbish out.

    Time to defund universities, they are using taxpayer money for propaganda.

    • John Sheppard

      Or to your point, they are using taxpayer money to shoot themselves in the foot.

    • Agree completely mate.

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    I can keep not apologizing and meming and restraining myself when lefties provoke enough to kick their heads in as long as it takes. But the big question still remains, how do we purge this rot and restore civilized society when most of the public are too brainwashed?

    • Earl Conner

      The free market will eventually solve the University problem, once their ‘pieces of paper’ prove useless to employers and expressly conservative or non-partisan institutions of learning rise up to take their place.

      • belt fed 7.62mm

        Good old free market. Although those pieces of paper are already useless when you’re a white male graduate competing with cheap 457 Indians in IT and engineering. Problem is females with useless Marxist degrees go to the one entity that doesn’t obey the free market – the public sector.
        Surely they will wake up and realise Diversity isn’t good for the corporate bottom line either.

  • W. Hunter

    Monash Uni.

    What is it about Melbourne ?
    Is there something in the water they drink ?
    Is their breakfast caramel soy latte spiked with a psychosis inducing drug ?

    • Grant Summers

      They’re just a pack of wankers in an unusually high concentration.

    • Good question. I saw it pointed out once that the most cucked parts of the West are the ones furthest away from the frontier (Melbourne, Sweden, Canada). No sense of threat, perhaps? Melbourne has long had a socialist streak as well. It was central to the labour movement in Australia around the turn of 20th century.

      • Addelad

        Melbourne was central to most things at the time – biggest city (soon to be again) and centre of industry – hence the push for protectionism vs Sydney’s mercantilism. Both were self-serving. The growth of organised labour was by no means restricted to Victoria, nor was Victoria the centre of Socialism in this country – on the contrary, it was once the “jewel in the crown” of conservatism. What has happened since the 1960’s is one of the great disasters to afflict Australia as Melbourne goes down the path of Green/Marxist perdition. If we are to survive, it must be somehow brought back to reason – maybe the ongoing race war will help.

    • belt fed 7.62mm

      It has been suggested that Melbourne gets nuked.

  • Earl Conner

    Good. The hubris among these Marxist academics will only hasten their demise. The younger generation is developing a highly attuned bullshit meter, and that video was the biggest pile I’ve ever seen.

  • Noachideous

    SOPHIS ……… Sounds like sophistry. ……
    noun: sophistry
    the use of clever but false arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.

    You can bet yr left Nut that Monash knew WW1 and 2 was fought for 1948…. What indigenous YT Britons didn’t know, or YT Australians, was that this below was what they and we were getting.

  • RationalFearOfTerror

    Marx violence=
    Russian Gulag derived from Stalin, Marxist-Leninism, Marx?
    Chinese re-education through labour facilities derived from Marxist-Maoism, Marxist-Leninism, Marx?
    Greek stolen children for reeducation in the Soviet block, Stalin, Marxist-Leninism, Marx?
    Millions violently removed from the living or subject to ‘good’ socialist tyranny.
    ∴Aus .. Marx=
    Why I ask after all we have seen Marx= the so called intellectual elite in Western universities persist in utilising Marx as an exemplar given he determined scruples have no place in any method dealing with Other?

    Liberal Democracy to be violently replaced necessarily by unconscious utopian socialism ‘By each according to their capability-aptitude, for each that which enables equal effect.’.

    Ethical-Moral-Value-Motivation social/political method differences even their very existence no longer have intrinsic perceived positive, negative effect, structures of relative status, power of leadership elites and fellow adherents meaningless, the steady rhythmic trump, trump, trump of an evolved human species systematised into gulags, re-education through labour facilities, and stolen children’s potential to attain flourishing lives, to do what Marx dictates without consciousness, fluctuating in population and achievement ‘By each according to their capability-aptitude, for each that which enables equal effect.’.

    And the price continuing Marxist State elite terror and subjugation-for gosh the reality always ends up under such Marx delusion ‘By each according to their capability-aptitude to wield terror, for each according to their capability-aptitude to wield terror,’.

  • Lyn Roberts

    I was a Monash student in the 1980’s. Marxism was in full swing then. I failed first assignment, then caught on that if I wrote exactly what they wanted, rather than what I believed, I would succeed. Times are different now, and kids are far more easily indoctrinated because their minds have been manipulated since they were in kindergarten.