Most of the world is a shithole


Just when you’ve given up on your bromance with the emperor, the old bastard does something to show you just how good it could’ve been.

President Shitpoaster
You could have had it all, Don, if you’d just built the damn wall.

The shitlibs are apoplectic, of course.

Is he wrong though?

Criminality Index 2016

This is Johannesburg in the 1960’s.

Johannesburg 1

Johannesburg 2

Johannesburg 3

And this is Johannesburg today.

Johannesburg 2017 1

Johannesburg 2017 2

What changed? Could it be that the neoliberal mantra that all humans are interchangeable economic units who magically assimilate to any society could be dangerously wrong?

Some parts of the world, like ours, are pleasant. Other parts are shitholes. It’s just reality.

In Afghanistan, men have parties at which they dress little boys like girls and then afterwards rape them.

That’s something that happens in a shithole.

In many parts of South America, anyone not poor lives with the ever-present threat of their family members being abducted by kidnappers for ransom.

Those places are shitholes.

In Guangdong, China, criminal gangs force disabled children or children they have intentionally maimed to work as beggars and confiscate the money they receive.

That’s something that happens in a shithole.

Most of the world is like this. People don’t trust each other, and criminality is commonplace. The rich do what they want; the poor suffer what they must. That’s life in a shithole.

What Emperor Trump said is correct. Haiti is a shithole. Norway is not (for the moment).

Those offended are always also those most wedded to Western ways of thinking. Cuckservatives are tut-tutting because any form of American ethnocentrism goes against muh universal freedoms. The left are screeching because any qualitative judgements of ethnic groups is heresy in the cult of universal equality. Both are thinking in terms of universal absolutes.

That’s something only white people do.

These people, generally speaking, have no idea how foreign the rest of the world really is. They haven’t seen the world through brown or yellow eyes. They are stuck in a form of collective narcissism, believing the rest of the world is basically just like us if we only overcome our prejudice and scratch the surface.

They are the stereotype they project onto ethnic realists like Emperor Trump.

As I’ve written on numerous occasions, I’m quite fond of foreign cultures. I enjoy travelling in foreign countries. And I love knowing that I can come back to the orderly, uncluttered, chilled-out whiteopia of Australia.

Or at least I could, until the cultural Bolsheviks and bankster-puppet neoliberals put down the drawbridge and let the sullen-eyed, swarthy hordes come flooding in. Individually, these people are fine. On a personal level, no problem at all. But for our society, it’s an absolute disaster. 5000 years of Western cultural, linguistic, intellectual and yes even racial evolution is being destroyed in a single human lifetime.

We tell ourselves that we can still be us in a ‘post-racial’, multiracial future. We can’t. We’ll be someone else.

Will we be better?

What does the rest of the world look like?

Future Australia


  • Deplorable!!!

    Spot on Moses. And don’t let the retards who have started posting here bother you.

  • Noachideous
    Teaching AngloSaxonCelt and other racially European police officers to Hate their own kind.

  • Sam Vimes

    Discussing a similar point the other day, I made the ‘daring’ comment that the truth is never offensive … well, imagine my surprise when offense was taken. The issue that bothers me the most is all of these offenders takers are sitting comfortably in their western liberal homes … not too sure many of them are posting from El Salvador or South Sudan – maybe they should be paying these areas a visit to test the ‘shithole’ theory??

  • Sir Cumference
  • Collin Nunis

    I’m not white, and I’m from a “shithole” but I got what I bargained for when I moved to Australia: a better life. So, for those crying foul, if you are in mourning because Trump called your home countries a shithole, you know where to go.

    • Noachideous
      My sincere advice is to make contingencies for a return to live amongst your racial Kin.. The entire White World is being backed into a corner by YKW. You and yours will not want to be here when it goes off. It is only the jew who has a problem with the existence of racial Nations not jew. The jew regards others as supernal refuse and left overs from the creation. How then to complete that macabre….. cReaTioN ….

      • Addelad

        Before your insertion of nauseous bile, this had been a fascinating bit of intellectual exchange – germane, erudite and a joy to behold. You have, as usual, brought it all back into the gutter of anti-Semitism.

        • It was out of place, and didn’t make sense, but counter semitism is the end result of paying attention. If you aren’t race aware about the jews or a few steps down the road after even listening to the AltLight, you are permitting yourself to be used.

        • Noachideous

          Examine the symbolism of the Australian Comforts Fund… It feature the Star of David … in WW1.
          Examine the gematria ACF ….. 1 3 6….. 13 6 ….. 58 42 by +x 1948…
          Research will reveal for those so inclined that there was jewish involvement in its management.
          The inference is…. and the numbers confirm …. that these Aussie Digger were paying for israel ….. with goyische blood….. as is usual.
          Did you get the fact that the 888 666 Poppies of London’s Tower point to 1948….
          Or do you even give a Shit ?

  • Karen Dwyer

    Interesting, but only a partial truth. And as you know, the truth mixed with a lie can make the lie [appear] stronger.

    Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were orderly, and had amazing architecture. Even taking one aspect, sculpture, it is clear that beauty, healthy physicality, and “noble character” were important in those cultures. Intellectual discourse, debate, philosophy, politics, and polished writing were all held in high regard.

    However, hedonism and sectioning society into various categories of slavery was also prevalent. The elevation of “rational” males, and the despising of “irrational” females was concurrent with (and, logically so) the idea of sex for procreation but idolising of homosexuality, promiscuity, sodomy, pederasty, catamites, boys dressing as girls for the sexual pleasure of men, heterosexual child sexual slavery, female sexual slave, generations of domestic and agricultural slaves, infanticide, temple prostitutes, orgies, drunken festivals, etc.

    The refuse of Britain came to Australia. Moral conduct was so poor there that prisons were overflowing. “Political prisoners” were not the bulk of that population.

    Yes, there is no “magic dirt”. But there is transformation in humans. And that transformation comes through renewing the mind. Not by weaving together human philosophies into 7 billion [plus] different theologies. Take every thought, and make it captive to Christ.

    THAT is what made a nation worth living in. Men like Lachlan Macquarie, Alexander Maconochie, and William Wilberforce were men who built a civilisation worth living in. Women like Florence Nightingale, Caroline Chisholm, and Elizabeth Macarthur also created stability, prosperity, and orderliness in our civilisation. Two of the aforementioned six never came to Australia, but they had concerns and plans regarding Australia. Not coincidentally, they were all Christian. They had various political interests (including immigration and “indigenous” Australians – probably why Marxists want to eradicate them from polite society). They achieved great things – and they did so in the name of Jesus Christ and for their families and communities (which included the poor, forgotten, outcast – they were not advocating for the mass immigration of the same. instead, they were concerned with bringing people beyond their brute natures.)

    What transforms individuals and nations for the better? Not the gospel of an earthly kingdom (which followers of the Talmud believe is theirs already; Muslims believe is theirs already by right of ongoing conquest; Marxists believe is theirs by perpetual conflict; and Communists believe by perpetual domination). Pseudo-civilisation stems from Pseudo-Christianity and it leads naturally to degeneracy and then to heads on pikes and hell-on-earth.

    Universalism is false. Godless empires are false, as Nebuchadnezzar (“By my own mighty power, I have built this beautiful city as MY royal residence to display MY majestic splendor” – emphasis mine) found out.

    The answer is not in elevating Man ( and to be clear, that term includes women) to the position of God, Emperor God, or Emperor.

    What transforms individuals and nations? The gospel of the grace of God. Our characters deserve that we live in a barren, despoiled, hopeless, love devoid place. God’s love, through Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension, takes our wretched penal colony character and places it where He then builds around a place of fertility, purity, hope, and love. For His glory. And we become stable, orderly, fruitful, and rich. We can live on “credit”, for a while, when a nation is largely Christian. Nominal Godliness – Pseudo-Christianity civilisation might survive for a time, glorying in “MY OWN” achievements.

    • sadsak

      Well put Karen. You should write a guest article often , your argument is sound and your presentation great.

      • Karen Dwyer

        Thank you. That is most generous of you.

        Sadly, writing is not my gift [unlike, say, Moses A. (whose equation here doesn’t add up, having missed out an essential factor. However, definitely gifted – irrevocably so.); BJ; Moewe; Elvern; Elizabeth Couchwoman – all the latter sadly missed by me. I’ve probably missed out many others.]

        I have responsibilities that lead to me writing only very late at night or when the children are otherwise occupied… On Mr Dwyer’s phone.

        You know how a tree often puts out a burst of blossoms just before it dies? That’s more my style. A little show just before I fade away for a while. :-))))))

        Still, it was kind of you to say so. 🙂

        Have you read Maryanne’s reply to me? It was very well written.

    • Maryanne

      Well said, Karen.

      Two things spring to mind – what happens when a civilisation’s moral {religious) capital runs out?

      One. The great 18th and 19th century atheistic families of England such as the Huxleys wondered what would happen when Christianity’s moral capital was spent. Well we know now, don’t we. Moral degradation; the breakdown of families; the tyrannical taxation to maintain the resultant ‘welfare’ state; the dumbing down of educational standards; the lack of public civility and hence intolerance of dissent from prevailing marxist ideologies; the warehousing of infants, the young and the old – what sort of barbarous ‘society’ only values and caters for people earning money?

      I once heard an evening radio host on local ABC radio asks for an update on the seven deadly sins. Can you guess the updated version? Instead of the traditional list of pride; covetousness; lust; anger; gluttony; envy and sloth, the listeners suggested racism, homophobia, sexism, crimes against the environment etc.

      See the difference in mentality? All the traditional sins were PERSONAL failings, that unchecked, could lead to worse: uncontrolled anger can lead to murder; envy to theft. In contrast all the new sins were committed by OTHER people! What unbelievable infantilism.

      Two. St Socrates, as some of the Church fathers called him said, “Virtue does not come from wealth, but that wealth, and every other good thing that men have, whether in public or private, comes from virtue.” Interestingly the US Founders thought the same thing.

      • Great post, Maryanne.
        Perhaps human moral capital and virtue are close to being exhausted.
        Selfishness seems to be the norm, amplified by our ubiquitous technology that allows people to utterly immerse & indulge themselves in their own ego.

        I’m reminded of a character from Fahrenheit 451.
        She surrounded herself with TV screens in all 4 walls and totally separated and numbed herself from reality.
        The characters on the screens became more real to her than her family.
        Facebook, etc are a bit like that.
        False, transient communities with no substance.

        You can see the disassociation in society already: there will be a terrible fatal car accident or disaster.
        Many people are victims, needing succour.
        Some individuals will rush to render help, but a large zombie group will pull out there smart phones and shamelessly video the carnage like vultures.

        Society is not going in a good direction.
        The Barbarians at the gates are us.

      • Karen Dwyer

        Thank you, Maryanne. You’ve written a really insightful reply (i.e. personal responsibility – also the Huxley family and others; and virtue – also Socrates).

        Your reply gave me much to think about. In fact, I woke up thinking about the “mea culpa” versus “victim of others” mentality.

        I’ve been thinking about that transition recently. In the past twelve months I’ve been given two riveting biographies of women from Jane Austen’s time. Both books use material from diaries, letters, and contemporary sources. One of the subjects was born into a prosperous landed gentry family, and the other was a governess for a similar family. I was struck how their diary entries (which were for themselves only) contained examination of their own character and conscience; also their letters detailed encouragement to others in their character development and to accomplish and present their work to a high standard. They were very much building up and encouraging each other, and they didn’t mind being quite straightforward about it.

        Of course, there were also scandals abounding in the world around them (this being the era that some of the decadent aristocracy wore rouge under muslin dresses; although this aspect isn’t alluded to in either book) and their responses show that they were not secluded from knowledge of the world, but chose to live to a different – and better – standard.

        Thanks for providing the references: most interesting. 🙂

    • Well said indeed !

  • Sir Cumference
  • John Sheppard

    PJW covers it well as usual: