The MSM Must Be Destroyed!


When Westerners invented the printing press in the 15th century (we invented pretty much everything by the way) the masses gained access to a world of new information, and these newly found truths soon dominated culture. The establishment weren’t happy about this new technology, as it challenged their power, but that didn’t change a thing in the long-run.

Within a few centuries Europe had the Protestant revolution, the Enlightenment, liberalism, representative democracy and free-market capitalism. We also gained a new class alongside the original gangsters of the clergy, the nobility and the peasants. Their role was to report on all things important; parliament, wars, stories of pirates in the Caribbean and more.

The fourth estate, otherwise known as The Press, grew over the centuries and became a dominant force in all our lives, adding radio and television (also invented by Westerners, like pretty much everything) to their toolkit during the 20th century. Out of this class grew the behemoth we now know as the mainstream media. For decades the people trusted these gatekeepers to report the news of the world. They trusted the MSM to tell us the truth and not hide it.

Then something happened nobody expected; the greatest invention in human history (also invested by Westerners, like pretty much everything), and the means by which you are reading this column.

That thing is the internet.

Little has done more to shake up society than this wonderful development in human communication. Before the internet, traditional gatekeepers chose what information the public could access, but now it’s a free for all. The truth comes out eventually no matter who tries to hide it.

In the 21st century the internet dominates our lives. Social media, shopping, blogs, video sharing, Netflix, the lot. This represents a serious threat to the old guard gatekeepers who until now were the privileged few blessed with the infrastructure of mass broadcast. Now, anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can write a blog, anyone with a webcam can add a video to it and anyone not lazy can find the truth if only they seek it.

The old gatekeepers grew fat on a monopoly of eyeballs and advertising dollars, but now that their hegemony is broken they won’t go quietly.

The last month saw a spectacular dummy-spit, one even the weakest of single mothers would rarely expect from their petulant teenage child. We’ve seen the de-platforming of Alex Jones and a smear campaign against Boris Johnson. We saw the ridiculous and hysterical defamation of Lauren Southern as a “nazi” simply for arguing against multiculturalism.

Worst of all, we’ve seen the so called “conservative” news media lie, defame and attempt to silence Nationalist activist Blair Cottrell for the crime of, well, who knows? Being a White guy who loves his country and sees a link between race and culture I guess. Apparently, White guys aren’t allowed to love their own culture, race, and nation.

These aren’t even isolated incidents, they are simply the latest in a long line of media lies, a line that stretches back decades. God knows how many porkies they’ve told over the years.

Alex Jones was taken down for political reasons sure, (the Democrats have gone full communist in 2018) but that’s not the main reason he was deplatformed. No, this was mostly the result of a relentless smear campaign by the mainstream media desperate to take down a competitor. This was about money, it was about rocks of cocaine drying up and hookers running out the door because journo scumbags can’t pay their bills anymore.

They attacked Boris Johnson relentlessly for stating something we all know to be true; that Burkas have no place in Western society. In fact, Islam has no place in Western society, Islamic values are utterly at odds with Western values. They cannot exist together.

Why do I bring this situation up and why is it so important? Simple, the media went into an utter turdstorm over his innocuous and accurate statements yet they remained strangely silent when Pakistani Muslim men (read: invaders) raped Western women for decades and police did nothing about it.

Could you highlight the hypocrisy and utterly contemptible immorality of the mainstream media any better?

Lauren Southern’s events were plagued by violent communist scum – they even put a new-media reporter in hospital. Yet the media called them “protesters” rather than the violent communist thugs they are. They barely spoke of the disgusting “protection” bill sent by the corrupt socialist Daniel Andrews government.

Blair Cottrell went on Sky News because they asked him on, in fact they chased him for an interview. They even told him they needed regular contributors. From reports (I say “from reports” because I never got to watch the interview despite being a Foxtel subscriber), his interview was clear, concise and articulate; there was no hatred and no call to violence, it was something you’d expect to hear from Andrew Bolt if he hadn’t turned weak in the last few years. The audience received the interview well.

Soon after Sky aired the interview, a baying lynch mob of communist scum hounded and harassed Sky advertisers and Sky itself, and even Sky staff members whined like little soy infected babies. Sky pulled the interview from all online sources and apologised to everyone for the grievous crime of letting Blair tell the truth.

The Australian, a so-called “conservative” publication, even published one of the most cancerous columns I have ever read. In it, Mark Ritson praised the lynch mobs for their actions and lauded the fact that Blair was silenced.

Mark Ritson should be sacked – that’s not a joke. In a just world he’d lose his job and never work in media again but this world is not just, especially when the Left are in charge.

Meanwhile Sky are more than happy to give Communist Union Thug Sally McMannus a platform to spew her lies and hatred whenever she likes.

It’s all good though, I interviewed Blair the day after his Sky appearance so everyone can go watch that on my live channel, Matty Rose Live.

Thankfully, there is a silver lining. These incidents have given me a rare dose of clarity, they have shown me the light, the path I need to take: A crusade from God (yes from God). Soddom and Gomorrah is a story of two cities struck down by God for their sin and immorality. The story is a lesson; stay on God’s path or suffer the consequences. It’s an archetypal truth.

The Mainstream Media are a modern day Soddom and Gomorrah, they are liars, immoral supporters of sexual perversion and violence. They ignore rape and murder by foreign invaders while attacking anyone who dares call it out, they defame the character of good people for daring to speak a truth they don’t like. They support advocates of murderous ideologies and attack anyone critical of them.

They are irredeemable; “Nuke#Melbourne” needs amendment, let’s keep Melbourne but #NukeTheMSM. Their time is up, they are living on borrowed time, their lies are exposed, their anti-White racism is obvious, their immorality can no longer be tolerated. They encourage the mass-distortion of our society through immigration and communist subversion while smearing anyone who dares stand up for the nation.

The MSM are losing viewers, they are losing money and they can’t compete on social media, so rather than look at their own product they silence their competitors. They incite lynch mobs on anyone who dares step outside the Overton window they define. Too bad for them – the viewers are constantly moving the window everywhere else in society and always looking for something a little more edgy to give their time to. It’s rather ironic actually; “hoisting one’s own petard” seems apt as they can no longer step outside their own boundaries and engage with lost viewers.

Nobody thought to tell them the internet is actually just computers connected to each other in a network. It’s literally called the “world wide web.” That means taking down one connection still leaves billions, trillions even. Take down one Alex Jones and ten will take his place.

There will always be new and exciting ideas to explore, and when you’re stuck in an ivory tower of coke and whores and surrounded by a moat of virtue-signalling, it can be hard to escape.

They cannot silence the truth and they cannot stop their competitors without resorting to force (which is why they support Antifa by the way). Deep down they must know they can’t win fairly so the only way they can possibly stay on top is through lies, slander, violence and silencing dissenters.

They are illegitimate, they serve no function, they take and take but offer nothing but trash. They are infestested with immorality and Satanism, they encourage the corruption of our children and destruction of the family. They call for an end to the White Race because they are vile disgusting racists. They are against truth, they are against decency and they are against God.

They live in a pit, it’s time to fill it in and never speak of it again.

The Mainstream Media must be destroyed!

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  • Jamie Blank

    While not enough time to research this in entirety, this has been coming for years. For me this awareness started with the free dissemination of text books across FTP servers on the internet over 25 years ago. It then moved towards mp3 and the rapid change in the music industry. The powers that be stood up and took notice with the bit torrent and the dissemination of movies and tv. Now they struggle as the news is being generated and faked with Artificial Algorithms and the faces of “trusted” people can be face swapped using “deepfake” technology… they no longer control the news… anyone with a computer and half a brain can make the news… and it’s control of the news, which allows control of the people.

    Make the news, control the news.
    Control the news, control the present.
    Control the present, control the past.
    Control the past, control the future.

    …and then some of them wish to say that culture is upstream of politics…

    Interesting times.

    As a corollary; it’s very interesting that over the last couple of years I’ve read about the persecution of Catholic Saints 200-500 years ago. There are some uncanny parallels between the silencing of individuals back then and today… Tommy Robinson? Alex Jones? Fraser Anning? Pauline Hanson?

    It would be enjoyable to have a beer with you one afternoon Matty, although, time and distance precludes.

  • Jamie Blank

    “Blair Cottrell went on Sky News because they asked him on, in fact they chased him for an interview.”

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, it was all about sky obtaining high quality video so that they could create deepfake video of Blair. They needed an open and honest video of him in a super high quality format that could be used to create undetectable deepfake video of Blair saying whatever SkyNews wanted him to say. Create the news, control the news… etc…

    • Very worrying. I’ve heard that before. Nothing is unfakeable.

      Except the globe earth. *chuckles awkwardly*

  • Spot on mate.

  • The Expanding Man

    All 10, 000 newspapers in America endorsed Hillary over Trump in the 2016 Presidential election. Every TV network endorsed Hillary and bludgeoned us with their polls telling us Trump had a 5% chance of victory.

    The MSM is already irrelevant. We’re just watching the final spasms of a painful death.

  • 9x19parabellum

    Very very well said! Let’s put the nail in the coffin of these contemptible bastards. Stop paying for iTunes, Spotify, Netflix and foxtel. Don’t buy the newspaper, don’t even subscribe to it online. Close your Facebook and Twitter. Use Firefox over Google chrome and make sure you install the adblock plus plugin. And most importantly don’t vote labor.

  • James

    Maybe it’s the generation never taught how to build things.
    Ever jealous of those who can.
    Good at destroying the existing but utterly incapable of creating anything decent to replace it.

    The MSM has lost it’s dominance. An errant teenager more are waking up to every day.
    Yes thank goodness for the internet.
    It’ll take some adjustment time but having alternatives to the lies, sensationalism and fear mongering of the MSM can only be a good thing.

  • BunyipBill

    Leaving most of the religion out (though islam by its very nature is incompatable with Western values), I have to agree with you. I was lucky enough to see the Blair interview before it was pulled, he was bright, intelligent, spoke eloquently and knew what he was talking about. In fact Bolt agreed with him on every point!

    What happened that made Bolt issue such a scathing attack on Blair once the interview had been deleted? I thought Bolt had integrity and the guts to stand up “to the man”! My confidence in him has been shaken to the core, to the point where I will have trouble believing anything he says from now on, he caved in to everything he used to stand against. Never to be trusted again.

    I am glad that you got to meet Blair the day after the interview and meet the man himself instead of having your perspective coloured by MSM and even Sky.

    • John Sheppard

      Bolt didn’t interview Blair. What makes you say Bolt agreed with him on every point?

    • sheikyermami

      This is not the first time Bolt turned on a dime.

      When he sees his existence threatened, he jumps right of the fence into safe territory.

  • Bronson

    I remember my grandfather in the 70s taking the view that the press were a bunch of liars whose job it was to propagandise. He used to point out no one had an opinion but rather had impressions I.e. their minds had been bludgeoned by the press and it had left them with impressions.

  • makesyoustopandthink

    The only way the MSM can recover from their death spiral is to start reporting the truth and covering all sides of a story. Basically, to do their jobs. But with all the media’s sponsors/vested interests, this is not possible. The whole industry is corrupt with a “follow the money” theme running through everything. I don’t read newspapers and rarely watch TV anymore. The internet gives me all the truth I crave and has freed the rebel within me.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    The beast (media) this wound feels cornered, becomes dangerously aggressive, attacks anyone who approaches it. He must receive the coup de grace.

  • John Sheppard

    Let the MSM continue their approach at their own peril. As we have seen time and time again, the more they try to silence someone, the stronger they become. The Alex Jones and InfoWars scenario is a good example. Once they started shutting them down, the amount of searching and interest in InfoWars increased dramatically.

    Now InfoWars is being shown on lots of alternate video sites, such as BitChute, Real Video, etc. Their web page suffered DDOS attacks, however they have other sites such as NewsWars and PrisonPlanet where you can still view their news.

    The point is, when delivering content, make sure it is distributed across a number of platforms. Much harder to shut them down. And for those consuming the content, support the alternate platforms! All focusing on a single platform will make it a target for being overrun by those who destroyed Google, Apple, etc.

  • entropy

    Refuse to follow any outlet that disallows free and anonymous comments on their articles.

    People are becoming more capable of exposing media lies and the propagandists hate it.

  • As Saint Morrissey said about N.M.E., “Who reads it anymore anyway?”

  • sheikyermami

    I said it many times before and I’ll say it again: the journaille are the most perfidious swine on the planet.