Multicultural heaven in “out of control” Melbourne


More evidenSource: Herald Sunce of the wonderful benefits that multiculturalism has brought to marvelous Melbourne. Families now have the opportunity to sample cuisine from around the world in a pleasant outdoor setting in the city’s federation square – at the relatively minor risk of having a chair smashed over their collective heads by marauding gangs of Africans and Islanders.

What bliss uncontrolled, uncritical immigration has brought to our nation. You can read all about it tomorrow in Melbourne’s best selling daily newspaper which goes with the headline “out of control.” They mean ethnic gangs made up of teenage thugs, but one might just as easily apply that to our immigration policy, our criminal justice system, our education system, and lots of other systems that are too tedious to mention here… Are we awake yet Australia?


  • BunyipBill

    Deport the lot of them. Mothers, fathers, brothers sisters, aunties, uncles etc etc and take bake every cent of welfare they were given. They came here “penniless”, let them return the same way!

    • Fred Flintstone

      Amen… And they say that some are good Muslims and some are bad Muslims… They all read out of the same Quran which tells them to kill Christians and take over their land… Send them packing!

  • They do not belong here. They are like wild animals. They are destroying Europe and raping children and women. They need to evolve and grow up first.

  • Bloody oats send the porch monkeys and there sand pirate’s back to there own violent way of life back in there sand pits . I remember the 80″s were nothing like this growing up as a child.they don’t care about our beliefs in our nations pride neither our laws women or society’s dress codes. FUCK off home

    • Geoff

      Grammar. The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

  • The elephant in the room APEX gang is a muslim gang yes MUSLIM MUSLIM MUSLIM gang now it would be informative if news papers would state the facts THE FACTS

  • don’t hate on me, u hear me nigga? hate on the money that i see!

    see u on da facebrook bruh!

    • Sorry, Squadron Leader. I don’t understand your banter!

  • No Australia is not a wake – we have sat on our hands while the rest of the world has suffered and now its our turn – multiculturalism has finally been proven to be a waste of time – Islamic teachings supported by MODLEMs Followers have seen to that and our un’elected Prime Minister Grand Mufti Mahammed Ai Turnbullshiti has helped it grow faster by telling all Australians On Islamic ABC TV that we (Australians) have to embrass the Islamic Teachings and to understand the MOSLEM people rather than publicly attack them – we are close to war in our country and in my opinion it wont be long before the bloody of innocent Australians will flow freely in the streets and country side of what use to be a great Nation of Peace.

    • I worry that war may come to thewhole of the West, Kev.

  • Sininen

    Oh no — now you’ve got “teens” too! 🙁