Murdoch Murdoch on the Death of England


This Murdoch Murdoch video is worth checking out. As usual, take it with a pinch of salt and an open mind. The meme-ing and the commentary on recent events, particularly regarding speech suppression, is as always exceptional.

Highlights include the Brits showing us how to behave respectfully during an Islamic massacre, Dr Murdoch living out every conservative male’s fantasy with Lauren Southern, a clever exposure of the anti-semitism at the heart of Islamic terror, and one of the most realistic impressions of Meghan Markle I have ever seen.

Having been to England, I can assure the reader that the depiction of England is only barely exaggerated. Queen Elizabeth is indeed a traitor, and England is dead.

  • Addelad

    Ms Markel has proven what an empty turd “Prince” Harry is. It’s funny, despite no dna link, he’s just like his old man.

  • BJ

    Enoch Powell predicted all of it, quite accurately as it turns out.