The Myth of Aboriginal Exceptionalism


This article was originally published on 26/11/2016.

Unless perhaps you live in the Mesolithic Period in an outback Aboriginal community, you will no doubt have heard of the City of Fremantle’s recent decision to move Australia Day and rename it to One Day to make it a ‘culturally-inclusive alternative’. Unless you’re insane, you probably spat out your cornflakes upon hearing about this.

Just what is going on over there?

Now I love Fremantle. The prison tour was great, the markets and al fresco café vibe is charming and the blazing sun is quintessentially Australian. Lovely place. Obviously though, we may have to invade it and kill some people.

Rather than wax lyrical about the insanity of the Cultural Marxist elites on the City Council wanting to virtue-signal to each other, about the angry backlash this will inevitably generate and the totalitarian nature of the phrase ‘One Day’, I’m going to look instead at the larger philosophical issue we have with how Australians in the twenty-first century think about our natives.

In Australia in the current year you are not allowed at all to speak plainly or accurately about anything to do with Aboriginal people. This is because of the myth of Aboriginal exceptionalism. The way you must speak is roughly as follows:

Aboriginal people represent the longest continuous culture on the planet and were masters of land management and living in harmony with the environment. They are a deeply spiritual people, and have strong kinship networks which are impossible for privileged white Australians to ever really understand. They have been brutalised by the white occupation, and the tragic social problems we see in those communities are the result of this brutalisation. We must work hard to Close the Gap by privileging and foregrounding Aboriginal ways of being to maintain this beautifully diverse culture.


Calling things by their real names and speaking plainly about reality is the first step to solving any problem. Just ask a former junkie. So let’s translate the above paragraph into something more representative of the truth.

Aborigines wearing war paint... wait, what?
Aborigines wearing war paint… wait, what?

Aborigines were really good at camping and orienteering. They killed off the megafauna when they arrived here through unsustainable hunting practices. They never achieved civilisation. It also seems that the groups that were here when whites arrived had taken the place from earlier groups anyway. In other words, they invaded it.

Aboriginal ideas of marriage were more like our idea of sexual slavery. They practised child marriage. Like all prehistoric groups, they lived their lives in constant fear of spiritual entities. While they had developed a remarkable knowledge of how to live off the land, their diet was extremely unhealthy and life expectancy was tragically short. By the standards of modern Western civilisation, their kinship obligations and collectivist mentality trashed the rights of the individual and created pathological relationship dynamics. Life in prehistoric Australia before 1788 was extremely nasty, brutish and short.

A culture being ‘continuous’ means it never developed. That’s a synonym then for ‘failure’.

Things were looking up for the natives, though, when Europeans arrived. Much ink has been shed regarding how much blood was shed and why, and I’m not going to cover that well-worn terrain here. The way the left talks about the topic it is as though no people had ever invaded any other people before. This is a manifestation of the myth of Aboriginal exceptionalism that I’m critiquing. Sooner or later, everyone gets invaded. To go 40000 years without it happening is a pretty good run.

When the barbarians invaded the Roman Empire through mass immigration over several decades (sound familiar?), the standard of living declined in many areas. It took the Muslim raids on the coasts of southern Europe, though, to bring in the Dark Age, and it was a millennium before things got humming in Europe again. When the Mongols invaded China, the Middle East and India, civilisation took a hit for a while before it bounced back. A few centuries later they had their high points.

The British settlement of Australia provided the natives with the greatest civilisational leap ever experienced in history. They went from Mesolithic to Industrial Era in an instant. Of course this was a painful process, but not as painful as it was for the 300 generations of Europeans and Middle Easterners who made the process gradually. It was a free gift. What bounty the First Fleet brought to the indigenes! No more bloody witchety grubs!

Why is it then that the Cultural Marxist elites on the Fremantle City Council are so against Australia Day?

The root of this insanity goes back to around the time that Australia was being liberated from the Stone Age and to that nasty cretin Jean-Jacques Rousseau. What Marx was to the Russian Revolution of 1917, Rousseau was to the French Revolution of the 1790’s. Like Marx, he was a parasite who never worked an honest day in his life. He was an expert at leeching off his aristocratic buddies, and wrote a series of treatises which blamed the evils of property and civilisation for the corruption of man. He wrote these while living in the lap of luxury with the aristocratic women he seduced.

Rousseau’s main thesis was a corruption of the Christian Biblical narrative. Original Sin in Rousseau’s mythology was the development of property. This alienated man from each other and began our corruption. The natives of the Americas were therefore morally superior because they had not developed this corrupting concept of property. This myth has been called the idea of the ‘noble savage’.

It also provided a philosophical basis for the belief that the poor are morally superior to the rich just by virtue of being poor. Marx later built upon this basis to develop his revolutionary dialectical philosophy. Thanks for nothing, Jean.

The white Cultural Marxists today who believe in the myth of Aboriginal exceptionalism, that Aboriginal people are a unique category of humanity that should not have the same moral standards applied to them, are adherents to this nonsense of the noble savage. It’s a stupid and toxic belief which has created untold suffering in the lives of Aboriginal people in this country.

When blackfellas beat their wives, it’s because of the ‘Stolen Generations’. When black women ignore and neglect their kids, it’s a ‘cultural practice’. When a horde of shoeless Aboriginal children spend all day running around the hovels their community inhabits, it’s a ‘kinship network’. This is the racism of low expectations that is the result of the leftist elite believing fanatically in the myth of Aboriginal exceptionalism.

Have you ever wondered why Aboriginal children dye their hair blonde? I did. Whenever you see one of those horrid outback communities in an ABC segment in which they are praising some march or some protest somewhere, the kids have blonde streaks.

It’s not hair dye. It’s because they’re malnourished. Why don’t the journalists ever ask questions about that?

Why do urban Aborigines receive scholarships and government funding out the wazzoo? Did they have some land taken from them? Are they considered intellectually deficient? I would be offended if the Marxist bureaucrats who run our country decided I was so stupid or incompetent that I needed special government grants just to get anywhere. It would cheapen any sense of achievement I could have if I did succeed.

One of the main reasons, however, that we cannot criticise the myth of Aboriginal exceptionalism is that there is an entire class of professional parasites who rely upon this myth for their careers and their social status. It’s a rockin’ gravy train baby; all you need to do is just not say anything true about Aboriginal people. If you happen to be Aboriginal, and even better a woman or transgender or something even weirder, you’re going places. You could be the CEO of an allied health initiative or a consultant for an advisory body working for the improvement of Aboriginal educational outcomes. Just don’t rock the boat by not lying and you’ll be fine.

The real victims of all this intellectual dishonesty by the leftist elites are the Aboriginal children who are forced to grow up crushed between a Stone Age culture which has died and a postmodern culture which treats them like ornaments of its own righteousness. Until the 1960s, things were getting slowly better for Aboriginal people. They were being integrated into the mainstream culture, educated at boarding schools and adopted by Australian families. Of course there was prejudice; that’s life. Try being Irish 200 years ago. But at least there was hope for these people that they could join the rest of humanity in enjoying the fruits of modernity and contributing to the advancement of civilisation.

Since the Cultural Marxists took over, however, and began preaching the myth of Aboriginal exceptionalism in every school and university in the country, things have gone backwards. It’s horrible out there. The police, health workers and educators who are not brainwashed Marxists can’t say anything about what they encounter for fear of professional reprisals. Everything becomes an ideological struggle for the Marxists who profiteer upon the suffering of the natives. These are the people who are condemning Aboriginal children to lives of hopelessness, dysfunction and despair.

Perhaps Freo should crack open that prison again and put the Cultural Marxists inside for a while. Then the rest of us can celebrate Australia Day together and get to work bringing Aboriginal Australians back into the civilisation they deserve to be a part of.

Moses is the author of CIVILIZATIONISM, a freelance writer and an advocate for Traditional Nationalism, a philosophy which seeks to restore realism as the basis for political organisation in Australia. You can find out about the movement at, or on Facebook and

Photo by Aussie~mobs

  • Gregoryno6

    Fremantle! Our very own lefty Carlton-By-The-Sea. Supposedly this is a mark of respect to Aboriginal culture, but – and feel free to call me a stone-hard cynic here – I think Freo Council is having a dollar each way. They want
    to virtue signal to the indigenous, but they also realise that the
    celebrations bring money into Fremantle shops and cafes. Putting the day
    back means that Perth can have two celebrations. Yay!
    Incidentally, some of the senior indigenous locals think the Council is full of it too.

    • Jai_Normosone

      OK: You’re a stone-hard cynic.
      (but only because you asked 🙂 )

  • Leander

    The Greens’ agenda of obsessive politically-correct multicuturalism is the worst thing possible for Australia, for in effect it’s a nefarious form of identity-politics which divides society into antagonistic groups. The Australia of the past, with its recognition of the need for national unity through integration, was a huge multiethnic success, now it’s in the course of falling apart and being totally wrecked – I doubt that this will be of much help to aboriginal Australians in the long run.

  • Hyper Future Vision

    I once sat through “Cultural Sensitivity Training” when I was employed by a state government organization.

    It essentially consisted of a small group of trendy inner city aborigines reminding all present of everything horrible that has occurred and that we need to right wrongs for our ancestors.

    The hosts became so over zealous in their scolding of the evil white ghost that even bleeding heart social workers began to question them and shake their heads in disbelief at the nonsense being spouted.

    The one thing that infuriated me was that they even made genuine attempts of compassion carried out by the early evil whites to be sinister. They mentioned providing food that caused diabetes was carried out with some kind of agenda. So even helping them can turn out to misguided fools errand years later…

    • Gregoryno6

      Saw something similar in a previous job, with a private firm that’s now more concerned with public image and virtue signalling than with producing something it can sell. We got a young indigenous boy in to learn the routine in the mail room. My colleague in charge of the mailroom was required to attend a Cultural Awareness meeting. The question was asked ‘What problems might we expect if we we working with an indigenous person?’ and he foolishly took this as an opportunity to speak, rather than remain silent. He said something about the poor reputation indigenous have for punctuality and attendance. He said later that ‘the temperature in that room dropped twenty degrees’.
      So the indigenous chap joins the team and it quickly becomes obvious that he’s got problems retaining information. Ironically, his attendance is spotty to say the least. And where are the Culturally Aware during this? Nowhere to be seen.
      The crazy thing was that the company had a couple of young part-Nyoongar girls on the staff who were top-shelf gogetters. Really switched on and ambitious. And nobody thought it was necessary to give them a hand up just because of their ancestry. They were involved in Nyoongar issues, but they were going to make their mark in the whitefella’s world too.

    • Jack Tilley

      What you should have done is taken a rock along and clocked the aboriginal women on the head with it — if they complained, you just explain that you’re a true respecter of ancient indigenous culture.

  • Johann

    What can one say ?
    No further discussion is needed.

  • Jack Tilley

    Call it “I’m One Day” so we can at least celebrate the greatness of “Are You Being Served?” On the great day, we can all switch genders and then same-sex marry ourselves before using a didgeridoo to shoe-horn ourselves up our own indigenous arseholes. (Given Rousseau’s sexual peccadillos, I’m sure he’d approve.)

  • Jack Tilley

    The final Q&A featured Nakkiah Lui — who we were gently prompted into recognising as a shining white exemplar of aboriginality — and Nakkia Lui, during one of her painfully self-righteous pronouncements, said that the problem of violence against women in indigenous communities went way back…way, way back to…white settlement!! She’s obviously very proud of her people’s 220 year history.

  • Bill Kelly

    I do not buy into the aborigines were here for a continuous 75,000 years notion because it
    goes against everything we know about human migratory history, the kimberleys may be a long way from anywhere but cape York is just a hop skip and jump from New Guinea an easy access point for new waves of migrants. I think that the reason for this assumption comes from the fact that dot paintings have been carbon dated to 40-75,000 years old aboriginal tribes do dot paintings therefore their ancestors must have done the ancient paintings. Well all dogs have four legs and a tail my cat has four legs and a tail, ergo my cat is a dog.

    I give you the example of Stonehenge an icon of British cultural identity and rightly so,
    how many of todays Britons can claim direct ancestry to the people who built it, the answer is virtually none. Construction started around 2500 bc by a people believed to be of Spanish origin how many waves of migration and invasion happened between then and 1066 ad {a mere 3500 years) Angles,Jutes, Romans,saxons, Vikings and Norsemen
    just of the top of my head, add the more recent immigration of various commonwealth
    countries, see what I mean, so all that happened in 4516 years.

    So even taking into account parts of Australia’s isolation and considering that Asia has always been the most heavily populated part of the world what could have happened here in 75,00 years.

    • Thommo

      Dot painting was introduced to the Aborigines in 1970 by a French art teacher at Alice Springs. There are no dot paintings on cave walls.

  • Keith

    Sensational post, Moses!
    I have spent many years working in the Kimberley and the Murchison, Your post captures the sad reality, and your rationale perfectly describes the dynamic which continues to prolong the agony created by virtue signalling ‘do gooders’
    But what would we know, being outrageous rednecks as we are by the likes of the Fremantle Council elites.
    I look forward to more of your posts! Again, simply sensational!

  • Steve B

    ‘The myth of Aboriginal exceptionalism’ is a white invention that helps genuine aborigines not one bit. I too am subjected to mandatory indigenous sessions, usually delivered by a white university dweller with a fucked attitude, admonishing us bad people…

    • Jack Tilley

      I’ve never had the pleasure of one of these sessions. I’m not sure I could keep my mouth shut (which is probably why I work in the shitty old factory where I do!). Could one ask some polite questions about life here before the horrible white invasion? At least make ’em squirm a little?

      • Steve B

        One is sorely tempted…

    • It’s a circuit mate. Like the welcome to country racket. Nice work if you can get it.

  • Rosemary Fryth

    One correction, I believe that the megafauna was already on the way out due to a changing climate – the Aboriginal hunting practices simply helped the megafauna along the way to extinction.

    I am currently studying ancient history at tertiary level and it annoys me that recent newspapers and other articles refer to Aboriginals possessing a ‘Civilization’. An actual Civilization is a state-organised society possessing – a class based hierarchy under a king or emperor, possession of armies, centralised bureaucracy with taxation and laws, the presence of cities, roads and frontier defenses, possession of a priest class with a state-religion, and the presence of monumental structures such as palaces, temples and other public buildings.

    The archaological evidence tells us that no such Civilization existed before white settlement of Australia, so unless ancient monumental structures and other evidence are unearthed in the future, the correct and accurate terminology should be that Aboriginals possessed an ancient culture, not a civilization.

  • Smash alot

    Never a truer word has been spoken. I wish I had the guts to share it.

    • Nina Ali

      Don’t worry, none of you white fellas would have the guts to say it to our faces either

      • LadyMoonlight

        Well, with 18C, why would anyone risk it?

      • Caesar Vespasian

        LOL Were you there at the rally. No you were too gutless to show up #LOL

  • Olaf Koenders

    ..which treats them like ornaments of its own righteousness.

    Just a brilliant piece Moses.

    It’s infuriating what we whites have to go through these days, such as being asked the mandatory question on just about every form: “Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander origin?” I mean, what if I were red-haired, freckled and replied positive? Would I automagically inherit more and innumerate benefits?

    I’ve never had the “luxury” of having to sit through any “Cultural Awareness Meeting”. It sounds typically corporate. Making sure you now have been told the training to enable the corporation to punish you for any perceived indiscretion. I would simply explode minutes into the “cultural appreciation” and aggrandising, tell them how Captain Cook, while sailing the East coast had described indigenous wildfires land stewardship as something akin from the children of Hell – I can’t find the original quote – and storm out, end of job I don’t care. I don’t deserve, let alone require that shit.

    Aboriginals apparently never built boats, so they crossed from New Guinea to Cape York on foot some 40+KYa when the oceans were lower (man causing seal level rise? Bah!). In all that time, their pinnacle of engineering is the Humpy. Even their direct (?) ancestors still living in New Guinea build proper huts. I don’t believe they even invented the Woomera, as several tribes globally use this thing as far as I know. About the only thing they’re good at (apart from the odd few with a mind of their own and some incentive) is drinking, fighting, breeding and drinking, with the occasional cultural lies to ensure more free beer money for more drinking.

    It really makes things clear when, nearly 30 years ago, our Army convoy was told that at least one is to remain with his vehicle and have everything locked up when stopping in one of those outback towns, because it was Thursday – benefits day – when the “indigenous” make their way into town, claim their handout, load up on flagons and anything else not bolted down and skulk back into the weeds.

    The worst thing though, is that pukefest of a “Sorry Day”. Well, no thanks Kevvie, I had nothing to do with whatever hardships you perceive to have caused them and, I’m disgusted at your insistence to apologise on my behalf.

    I could go on about Islamic apologist Anthony Mundine, stupid “welcome ceremonies” and a few other idiocies that also include flags, but I’ll leave it here considering I don’t have the wordsmithing of Moses, Johann and some others.

    • Karen Dwyer

      Very interesting photo – uncannily (ha ha) similar to a Satin Bower Bird’s bower.

      What was the original source of the photo?

      • Olaf Koenders

        The original source I have no idea Karen. Seems it was a centrefold from a magazine. I remember seeing it first online a decade go.

    • Keith

      William Dampier (First Englishman to set foot on New Holland (King Sound – Kimberley)
      had this assessment of the ‘now’ noble savage : “The inhabitants of this Country are the miserablest people in the world… They differ but little from Brutes….” ( He circumnavigated the word thrice before his death in 1715. Just another ill informed redneck, I suspect!

    • Steve

      Traditional meeting place of the Crackatinnie tribe !

      • Gary Sellars

        Its their capital city, Didyabringyagrogalong.

    • sadsak

      A former government workplace of mine had an absolute banning of cigarette smoking in or near its venue. Yet on a monthly basis the buildings and grounds were fumigated with smoldering gum leaves and. Twigs. whilst aunty fanny spat forth some fudge about ancestors on the site. Funny that the site was on reclaimed land in the river estuary.

    • Thommo

      That’s the crack a tinnie tribe.

  • stephensaunders49

    I agree with some of this rant, but I also agree with what Fremantle has done.

    For me, many of our institutions – head of state, flag, national day, anthem, currency, civic memorials, school chaplaincy – say White British Christian rather than Australian.

    • Steve B

      ‘White British Christian’ – this is what made Australia great, aided by European immigration post WW2…

      • Liam Mortimer

        I’m pretty sure EVERYWHERE the “White British Christian” went they got told to fuck off.

        • Caesar Vespasian

          Yes, but they were being told this by Backward Barbaric Savages, so the WBCs appropriately shot them. Unfortunately not all of them.

    • Addelad

      Pu-leeze! Pray tell what you regard as dinky-di that is not British in origin? Southern European restaurants, Asian restaurants, gang violence maybe. Kind of pales into insignificance against language, governance, artistic culture, ethnicity (for most of us), sporting heritage, work ethic and more.

    • Karen Dwyer

      Oh dear. Apparently only non-white, non-British pagans can be Australian.

      Or possibly white, non-British Christians are Australian. Or possibly non-white, British pagans. Or possibly white, British Christians. Or possibly white, non-British pagan.

      Although Christians are often stereotyped as white European males, the more accurate Christian stereotype (worldwide) these days is to be female and non-white, non-European. I’m not sure whether that means Christians have a greater or lesser opportunity of “passing” as Australian. :-))))))

  • Addelad

    I cannot eulogise this masterpiece enough! Superb writing and insightful content. At long last, a kindred spirit in Rousseau hatred.

  • Karen Dwyer

    Now Moses A., three notes:

    (1) infanticide – widely and continuously practised (up to and including within living memory). Subsistence living is wonderful when conditions are good. But when supplies are scarce, infants get left out in the wild to die.

    (2) punctuation – I am hoping that you actually meant “or a woman; or transgender or something even weirder”. Because if in fact you meant “or a woman, or transgender, or something even weirder”, Mrs Apostaticus will likely be serving up hot tongue and cold shoulder for dinner tonight :-))))))))

    (3) This article re socialist communities and myth making is an interesting tangent (transcript; I didn’t watch the video):

    • Didn’t mean (2), but now you mention it… I think I speak for all men Karen when I say, unashamedly, that women are quite weird. Not Mrs Apostaticus; she’s lovely. Hot tongue?

      Great link. Stefan Molyneux did a good take on the topic recently too. Marxist myth-making has been a very effective tool for them. It’s a cult, seriously.

      • Karen Dwyer

        “Complex” is the word you’re searching for :-)))))

        “Hot tongue and cold shoulder for dinner” is a quote from a pastor I knew years ago. It refers to hot tempered, angry words followed by silent treatment and quite possibly “your dinner is in the cat.” (I’m reasonably sure Mrs Pastor didn’t do this; her husband was rather a joker).

        No such dinners in the Dwyer household, happily.

    • Frank Greco

      I knew that commas save lives (“Let’s eat Grandma” v. “Let’s eat, Grandma”) but now appreciate that semicolons may as well.

      For the record, I read that as “(Aboriginal) woman or (Aboriginal) transgender or something (Aboriginal) even weirder.” I hope that Mrs. Apostaticus read it that way, too.

      • Karen Dwyer


        You’ve given me a punctuation example that my children will never forget. Thank you. 🙂

  • Gregoryno6

    Aha – Australia
    Day falls on a Thursday next year. And Fremantle Council have moved their celebrations to the 28 – a Saturday.
    Like I said, they’re hoping Perth will celebrate twice.

  • Liam Mortimer

    Oh come on give me a fuckin break. What the fuck could non-aboriginal australians possibly have to complain about? You got the country, you got the land and you’ve got centuries of experience with the material driven society that still exists today. you got it all so good this place has been coined one of the greatest countries to live. Are the black fellas bothering you that much? really? The majority are out in the communities FAR AWAY FROM YOU, pissing away royalties on overtaxed alcohol so rest assured your tax dollars are going straight back to the government. You think they enjoy the doll? enjoy hitting you up for $2 for the “bus” Enjoy getting into fights for no reason? Do you envy their way of life? If you hate them so much just leave em alone to drink themselves to death. And if they get in your face, take solace in knowing you can flog the shit out of him and he’ll get locked up.
    it breaks my fuckin heart how people can see these things and assume it’s just a chosen way of life. The worst is when non-aboriginal people attempt to understand when the reality is you shouldn’t even have a fuckin say in the matter. If whites had started here 40,000 years ago i promise you they’d be doing the exact same shit as the black fellas. The size, terrain and weather of this land makes it VERY unsuitable for starting a civilization unless of course a half built one rocks up on your shores.
    If we want to talk REALITIES I would go as far as to say whites, in the entire history of this planet have caused more pain and suffering than any other race. Yeah but we don’t talk about the atrocities western culture has produced because no one has a spare thousand years to discuss it. I honestly would have preferred india or china arriving on the shores before the british, at least given their long standing history and rich culture they would have had the level of spirituality to comprehend dreamtime. We’d all be kickin back munchin on Roo and Rice using chopsticks made from gumtree What goes through your head when you see a pissed up aboriginal stumbling down the street? “get a job ya slack cunt?” “ooohh look lazy boong hit him 10 points”
    By definition of western medicine he is an ALCOHOLIC and has a medical illness and NO ONE is helping him and it is LITERALLY because of the colour of his skin. “you can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves” tell that to the next crackhead you run into which by the way 99% of are FUCKING WHITE.
    Maybe we should start calling them crackerheads. So what is it really that pisses you off so much??? Is it because they refuse to cooperate with the government? this country NOTORIOUSLY hates its politicians and police and I promise you no one is giving them more headaches than black fellas so maybe a fucking high five is in order. Is it because they don’t share the same desire for material wealth? Is it because they refuse to play by the rules of this society?
    Of course they’re always pissed off, they are DOWN do you understand? They are human beings and as a race and culture they are down but certainly not out. Are you gonna keep kicking sand in their face or extend a fucking hand? And if you think extending a hand means paying land royalties and uttering the words “sorry” then I’m going to assume you’re a white Australian. When your friend is angry, sad or developing a substance problem do you give him money and say sorry? NO! You talk to him and make an effort to understand his problems and that is the first step to helping.
    But we don’t help people who aren’t our friends right?
    So Fremantle wants to change Australia Day and its name…. SO WHAT? Let them fucking have it. The way I see it, it doesn’t effect your family, your wealth, your health or your way of life, it just effects your precious memories.I hope the threat on your memories and dreams makes you angry, I hope it makes you fuckin furious because you’d at least be one step closer to understanding the rage they felt when their entire way of life was decimated.

    • Libby Taylor

      So you would prefer China. Tell that to Tibet. Every country on earth has been invaded. Every one. India that you are so keen on had the largest genocide the world has ever seen visited on it by the Moslem Mughal invaders. Ghengis Khan and his Mongols decimated the planet from China to Poland, the largest empire in human history. What about the Barbary slave trade? Estimates put the white slaves taken at 1,25 million taken from villages all around Europe. Whites were the first civilization to make slavery illegal. Slavery still exists in Africa and the middle east today. Heard of the Armenian genocide? Another 1.5 million Caucasian (white ) Christians dead at the hands of the Ottoman empire and you have the stupidity to state “whites, in the entire history of this planet have caused more pain and suffering than any other race.” I would like people like you to stick to your principles and refuse to use anything that has been invented by western culture that would stick it to the white races,

      • Liam Mortimer

        You didn’t mention aboriginals once in your post. Stay on point

      • Steve B

        The centuries of Moslem aggression before the crusades is another huge example of non white atrocities. But hey, the modern day narrative (I hate that word) fits more comfortably with us latter day snowflakes. How dare whites build such grand civilisations that all cultures seem to want a piece of. I’d be so much happier in a squalid pre medieval dung hole complaining that I want a better way of life…

    • Socialism has destroyed Aboriginal Australia, alongside the Cultural Marxist mindset that legitimates it. You are projecting some idea of 1950’s racism onto my argument. I’m not blaming Aborigines. I’m blaming leftists who use the suffering of Aborigines to line their own pockets and advance their own careers.

      If you think the current situation is working then you mustn’t care much for Aborigines. They deserve better.

      • Liam Mortimer

        If I thought the current situation was working I wouldn’t have said anything. I’m not sure what your intention was with this article and I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me but have you read the comments? Fuel to the fire I reckon. And on what SOLID grounds is aboriginal exceptionalism a myth? I agree it’s been touched up for tourism among other things but that’s part of getting some recognition on the world stage. Everything we know about native Americans, we know because American media has exposed them to the world. Are they exceptional? Or is that as much a myth as the parting of the red sea? Pun and fun intended 🙂

        • Keith

          Non Aboriginals (all, by your call) have ‘nothing to complain about’. Aboriginals, as a whole, have a reason to be the way they are (victims – your call, again)
          I’m smelling the racism of low expectations!
          The shared crossover element is the culture of poverty, in both communities!
          This is more about breaking the class barriers than race barriers. Again, the common element is generational poverty

    • Hyper Future Vision

      I don’t think it’s that people hate aborigines, it’s more that people are just fatigued hearing about their problems non stop and don’t want to expend any more energy being concerned about them.

      I think it’s becoming the same for all minority groups, they have just bitched and complained until it became easy and preferable to ignore them completely.

      There is only so much you can take until you realize it’s not worth the effort to appease certain minorities.

      There is so much to look forwards to with our society becoming ever more advanced and yet we are being forced to care about issues that have no relevance to further advancement.

      By that I mean Europeans (average westerners) should be looking forward to conquering space, learning to harness it’s resources and ensuring that we can survive mass extinction events but instead we are being guilt tripped for things no one cares about anymore and being forced to apologize for conquering a less advanced race of humans.

      • Liam Mortimer

        Bro…. Did you even watch Avatar?

    • Steve B

      This article is not blaming Aborigines for anything. It does criticise their lack of progress over a very large span of time which is not racist or malicious in intent. The target of this article is the white aboriginal industry which seeks to keep siphoning tax payer funds to feed its own grievance industry…

    • Muffybamburger

      Some very valid points. Just a question-what say you about the current situation in Kalgoorlie? Should the whites just get out and leave them to it? How about Walgett? Dubbo? Should areas like those just be vacated by whites? Genuine question.

    • Nina Ali

      Okay as an indigenous I thank you for being the only person to stand up against this but if I may I’d just like to add that not all of us beg for money & drink our lives away, as I work very very hard just like any other true Australian & so does the rest of my family. But thank you!

    • Caesar Vespasian

      LOL Liam, The christian White Race is superior to the Backward Barbaric Aboriginal Primitive Savages by a factor of over 4000 years, it’s a non-contest nigga, so just STFU #LOL

  • sadsak

    Since it has been estimated that the Aboriginal population of Australia was around 380000 -ln 1788 .
    We now have over 500000 identifing with them , we must be doing something right.

  • Hear hear!

  • rosross

    Great work. Keep it up.

  • rosross

    I am a ‘Buggerum’ woman who believes in the equality of all Australians, none of whom need to be welcomed to their own country.

  • LadyMoonlight

    I loved this article the first time I read it….loved it again. Tis the truth. As a high school teacher, the one unit I hate teaching Year 10, is Rights and Freedoms which is a compulsory unit for all Year 10 students. I have to teach the politically correct syllabus because if I taught the truth I would lose my job and at my age, I just cannot afford to do that.

    • Karen Dwyer

      That is one of the only laughs one is likely to get in a workplace of Marxist bullying: examples of unappreciated irony.

      “Rights and Freedoms” is mandatory education.

      Somewhat reminiscent of “Arbeit macht frei” is it not?

    • Nina Ali

      Oh so you’re one of those racist teachers who secretly hate the black kids in your classes & don’t want them to succeed, so you set them up for failure?

      • LadyMoonlight

        How on god’s green earth did you make the leap from me disliking a politically correct unit, to I am a racist who set kids up to fail? I really am curious. I don’t particularly like teaching the Polynesians either, does that mean I am setting up kids to fail? What if I didn’t like the Middle ages? Would that mean that, in your mind, I would be setting white kids up to fail? I want all students to do the best that they are capable of…I want them all to succeed, however, the attitude from some Koori kids that they can do what they like and get away with it because they only have to scream racism if they are taken to task over something they do, is somewhat annoying! I am pretty certain that you are not a teacher and have not a bloody clue about reality.

        • Jai_Normosone

          I wouldn’t worry about Nina… she probably doesn’t know enough about her culture to know why only one foot is stamped during celebrations or which tribe stamps both.

      • Caesar Vespasian

        LOL The “black kids” don’t even come to class because getting an education is against their “culture” #LOL

    • A deplorable NNYer

      Well by year 7 I was rebelling against the aborigine indoctrination. I started to refuse to do the assignments, they seemed such a waste of time!

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    “Aboriginal Exceptionalism” just like
    Islamic Exceptionalism
    produced nothing but WAR!

  • Joe Dutra

    Relocate to Alice Springs for a few years. Picnic on the Todd. Que up at the bottle shop on dole day. Enjoy the aroma of natives that have never bathed or laundered, but have land rights and a pocket full of cash. Enjoy.

  • Caesar Vespasian

    Yes, when soldiers are fighting the Islamic Plague, they do have to be focused on Muslims, not because it’s their “favourite topic”, but because it’s their duty to destroy the Religion of Terrorism and wipe that Evil from the face of the Earth. that’s just common sense, not that you Leftist Aboriginals would not know about that. Now since Internet, Electricity. computing devices are all White Colonialist Cultural inventions, turn all yours off and go blow your message stick you cultural appropriators.

  • Peter S

    Great article that shows the mealy mouthed bullshit for what it is.

  • Chris Slaterr

    I have a functionally retarded leftie friend who tried to lecture me about, “intergenerational trauma”, as a reason why aboriginal groups fail. Does anyone know anything about this, and why would it be exclusively applied to aboriginal groups alone? Wouldn’t that in itself prove the existence of race? What about the Japanese who rebuilt the post WW2 destruction of their country? Wouldn’t they have some type of “collective intergenerational trauma”, because of the war? What about the Germans who completely rebuilt their destroyed cities after the war, do they get a “intergenerational trauma”, get out of jail free card?

  • Yol Mak

    I’m pretty sure aboriginals did not know an age of consent and girls got taken by older men from the moment they got their 1st menstruation. All native tribes in the world still do today.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Except for Muslim males where even that does not apply. It has been proven to be acceptable that if that human has a vagina, then it is there for them to use.
      If, for some reason, they feel that it isn’t right for them to root a baby or child in the low-single digit age bracket, they will stick their old fella between the legs and rub themselves to a conclusion. It’s called “thighing” and it is very widespread.

  • clemilf

    I finally worked out that Cody was just having a little “Welcome to Cuntry” smoking ceremony on his brand new fiancee , a hot muslim chick. He might have panicked at the FGM and got lost with what hole and then applied the traditional remedy of homicide. The Human Headline claimed he burnt her genitals to try and hide his rape. Smokin or what? And the Age kept mis- spelling “Aspiring Raper”

  • Bumpstock

    The lowest collective IQ on the planet, even beneath sub-Saharan Africans. Says it all.

    • A deplorable NNYer

      As cousin Ted used to say, “they are hardly the best example of humanity! It would not really matter if they all just died out!”

      • Jai_Normosone

        I wouldn’t worry too much about it as they have the weakest DNA & bloodline of any African-descendent peoples in the world. One generation and a bit and it is almost invisible in people with the blood.
        I know it and am an example of it. I’m as white as one of the very few true African-Americans around… Charlize Theron.

      • rosross

        Another stupid, racist comment.

        • A deplorable NNYer

          It is a very true comment! No one would miss these people!

          • rosross

            What people? There is no Aboriginal people? In 1788 there were hundreds of different tribes descended from various migrations from India, Africa, Asia, Pacific, New Guinea without a common language.

            They were not united. In 2019 there are around 600,000 who register Aboriginal ancestry but most of those are from 1/8th to 1`/32nd Aboriginal with their majority ancestry being European, Asian, Anglo.

            Of these, many are descended from six generations of urban dwellers and have never been near a remote community.

            There might be a couple of thousand fully Aboriginal, descended from different tribes so while we have gone from a division of 4-600 in 1788 we now have tens of thousands of divisions in the Australians who call themselves Aboriginal.

            Most are a part of the general community living like everyone else. Many are highly successful professionals across the spectrum, like anyone else.

            So, when you say, ‘no-one would miss these people,’ to what do you refer?

          • A deplorable NNYer

            The coons, the coons of course! Go and visit Whitmore square where they sit around drinking Flaggons and 5 liter Coolabah boxes! We do not need these people. Cut their welfare payments off. They will either become productive or just die off!

          • rosross

            since they no more represent Australians with Aboriginal Ancestry than do alcoholics without Aboriginal ancestry, your comment is pure racism.

          • A deplorable NNYer

            And so what? There is difference between the races! Look what the abos had before white settlement? They invented a stick that comes back when you throw it!

          • rosross

            There are no races. Different cultures yes, races no.

            The level of development at which the many Aboriginal peoples lived in 1788 was not unique to Australia. There were other groups around the world at the same level. Why that is so is an interesting question but since all humans were once at the same level, you can hardly condemn any human for living in this way.

          • A deplorable NNYer

            So that explains all the differences in IQ’s ranging from 65, borderline retarded, in Western Africa, up to 115 for Ashkenazi Jews. So why don’t you take your PC clap trap and snore it where the sun don’t shine mate!

          • rosross

            The Ashkenazi Jewish IQ theory is an invention of racist Zionism. Ashkenazi are simply European Jews.

            And since IQ testing is geared to certain ways of thinking, i.e. mechanical/left brain, more common in Western cultures then of course Western Africa will fail the grade.

            IQ tests are the claptrap.

          • A deplorable NNYer

            So that explains why they are great predictors of success in life. It looks like you are the one full of clap trap!

          • Stiffbastard

            IQ tests are not claptrap. They are an accurate predictor of a lack of failure in life. The only people who cry claptrap are those who score poorly on IQ tests.

          • rosross

            IQ tests are geared to assess certain ways of thinking. They do not establish intelligence, just a certain way of thinking.

            I have never done one because they are claptrap.

          • Stiffbastard

            They assess the ability to think abstractly. Being able to think abstractly is what differentiates those who lived like animals, hunting and gathering, from those who were able to apply abstract thought and live alongside domesticated animals and crops.

            Unable to think abstractly and domesticate animals and crops == low IQ == aboriginal Australians.
            Look at reality pal, the average aboriginal Australian is dumb as dog shit. Have you met many full bloods? Some are average, but to many are damaged goods and their low IQ combined with leftist policy let’s them down. The only ones who make a noise are those who got white genetics. The ones with poor white genetics join the cultural Marxists while the ones with good genetics end up on sky news pointing out that lefty policies published by the cultural Marxists are racist and kill aboriginal people.

          • rosross

            They assess what we call left-brain function which underpins much of our modern world. However, it is the combination of left and right brain function which creates true intelligence.

            The greatest discoveries and advances have been made by people who could work with both forms of brain function. Indeed, many of them came from dreams or intutition.

            And no, that sort of thinking does not differentiate us from animals, it simply divides us from ourselves.

            The average Australian with Aboriginal ancestry is not dumb as shit. You cannot divide people into groups like that. Yes, culture impacts intelligence but not racial groupings or so-called genetics.

          • Stiffbastard

            Intelligence is different across and within different racial groups, or genetics. You can not tell me that 2+2=5.

            Divides us from ourselves? So there is a difference, thank you for admitting as much. This isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just the way it is.

            Sure, dreaming brain does lead to other thoughts. Low IQ = lack of ability to put dreams into reality. Abstraction without application is rather useless as it doesn’t put food in your belly… and since we’re animals, we need food in our belly.


          • rosross

            Culture not race.

          • Stiffbastard

            A culture of alcohol abuse and child rape will lower IQ. Clearly.

            Claiming that culture is the only factor and that genetic lineage does not come into play only suggests that we are identical clones of one another. This also suggests that dark skin people can have white babies, which we all know is possible, although highly unlikely.

            Claiming “culture not race” proves my point.

            Really, you should question your own intelligence if you believe that intelligence is not passed from parents to their offspring…

          • rosross

            I was not saying that. I was saying that races per se: are not more or less intelligent however, some cultures encourage original thoughts and others do not.

            Nature and nurture are always a part of any intelligence. Certain kinds of intelligence, can be identified as ancestrally inherited but others cannot.

            The point is, all groups have varying levels of intelligence but some cultures diminish intelligence in the society as a whole.

            As an example, having lived many years in India, a highly patriarchal culture where you have the dominant male in a family of say, 12, who has all the say. The eldest son might get some say but forget the women and forget the rest. In this family out of the 12, one or two get to make a contribution while in non-patriarchal societies, where most or all will have a say you have ten times the ‘thinking’power and much greater access to any intelligence.

            Take those Indians out of India and have them grow up and function in a different culture and you will find more intelligence. Logic.

          • Stiffbastard

            Now you’re attempting to define intelligence in an abstract way. You’re attempting to define it in a way that can’t be measured.

            IQ is the only way known to measure intelligence. If you know another way please point me in that direction.

            Unless you can show a way to measure these “different” intelligences, then your argument falls flat and the truth is that different genetic lineages have different intelligences. Intelligence is heriditary. Different races have different average intelligence. When cultural differences are accounted for; different races still have different average intelligence.

          • rosross

            Intelligence is not defined by IQ tests. Some variations on thinking which in this day and age we call intelligence can be defined in this way but not intelligence per se:

            I have met brilliant scientists and doctors, well, brilliant in their fields, who are not the least bit intelligent in any real way. Take Asperger’s, brilliance with IQ tests and emotionally dysfunctional.

            Intelligence is not hereditary. Different races do not have different intelligence even if you use the flawed IQ system. Indeed, there is less than 1% difference between all so-called races, about the same for humans and monkeys, so the race theory is dead in the water.

            Cultures impact how we think and currently used tests for IQ are culturally defined and designed.

          • Stiffbastard

            I was asking for verified evidence. I was not asking for anecdotal evidence.

            I’ve also met some brilliant doctors and scientists. I’ve met some brilliant fitters, electricians and tradies who had difficulty filling out basic forms, nonetheless they ran rings around the “high IQ” engineers they worked alongside. In no way does an IQ test determine an individuals talents or abilities. An IQ test does, however, give the most reliable indicator for ability. It’s not perfect but it works.

            IQ tests scores strongly correlate to genetic lineage. Claiming otherwise is not science and is unintelligent babble.

    • rosross

      What a ridiculous comment. There is less than 1% difference between all humans and the confected concepts of race. In other words, there is only one race, the human race.

      The many different peoples, races, cultures and groups who came to be called Aboriginal were and are as intelligent as anyone else. It is culture which holds people back. Indeed, nothing about Aboriginal cultures in 1788 you would not find in any other human culture at the same level of development.

      • Bumpstock

        That’s the thing. Whites arrived in grand ships navigating by the stars. Aborigines had developed nothing since the dawn of time. It says everything about collective IQ. You’re spouting Marxist constructs when you say there is no differences between races.

  • rosross

    Good piece although since Muslims in many areas and times retained and preserved knowledge and learning the comment regarding them bringing in the dark ages is trite.

    Also, too much of the leftist Marxist crap. It is as bad as Aboriginal exceptionalism.

    And grammar, last line:

    Aboriginal Australians back into the civilisation they deserve to be a part of.

    should be,

    Aboriginal Australians back into the civilisation, of which they deserve to be a part.