Nazis, Nazis everywhere!


What do you do when you’ve been calling anyone who disagreed with you a Nazi for 50 years and then one day some real ones show up?

Become a completely unhinged totalitarian lunatic, it seems. At least that’s what the neo-Marxist left are doing at the moment.

Nazis everywhere frightbats photo
Photo modified from social media, flickr and Wikimedia Commons.

The response of the alt-left establishment to the sudden rise of nationalism across the West has revealed their true motivations. If fighting fascism has been what really motivates the Antifa-supporting, postmodern left then leftists would now be making peace with moderate conservatives, civic nationalists and libertarians and focusing on fighting self-described Nazis.

They’re not doing that at all though. They’re doubling down and calling all of those groups Nazis, too. It’s Nazigeddon.

The reality is there are no true Nazis in Australia in 2017. No-one alive here today believes in Teutonic German racial supremacism. No-one today believes that Germany should conquer a lebensraum in Eastern Europe as a homeland for the Nordic race. No-one’s going to start gassing Jews any time soon, regardless of what the Israel lobby keeps shrieking.

There is a growing number of young whites who consider themselves National Socialists, however. In my experience, these guys are well-read, motivated white nationalists who believe that the problems of Weimar Germany parallel ours and that Hitler’s solutions should be applied here.

On the first point I don’t disagree with them. We suffer from many of the same problems as Weimar Germany, and our economy hasn’t even tanked yet. Should a depression be on the horizon for Australia, and I think it might, then the answers being put forward by self-proclaimed National Socialists will be even more appealing to a generation of young white men who have been told all their lives their identity makes them evil.

I disagree with the self-described National Socialists though that we should go down the same path Germany went between the wars. It’s not in our national character to do so. We have our own proud heritage and our own ethnic identity to draw on. We don’t need Teutonic totalitarianism on top of all our other problems.

It’s not so much the ‘national’ part that I have a problem with. It’s the ‘socialism’ part. When I debate self-described National Socialists on this point, they assert that National Socialism wasn’t ‘Marxist’ socialism. It was ‘Prussian’ socialism.

To me, this is a distinction without a difference. A turd by any other name still smells like shit, and it was Bismarck who first gave the world the hideous abomination of the welfare state. It’s been taxing you ever since.

Since ancient Rome and through the modern period it is clear that state-directed welfare always weakens families by dissolving the bonds of interdependency which hold them together, thus ultimately destroying the society. Welfare is cultural warfare.

The Progressives in the US and Fabian socialists in the UK and Australia were big fans of Bismarck’s proto-totalitarian, central state. Resurrecting that idea is the last bloody thing we need.

In my view, the hope for Australia lies in a restoration of white identity through ethnic nationalism and the dismantling of the Leviathan state which steals our lives and corrupts our children. All we need do is remember who we are and break the chains of state dependency.

By dismantling the dysgenic welfare state we will also break the power of the international banksters who rely upon government debt markets, income taxes and control of interest rates for their power. We can also do it without bringing in libertarian ‘free markets’ which also operate to dissolve communities. There’s a third way beyond the dialectic of liberalism and socialism. But that’s an article for another day.

In the meantime, the left are going completely insane. They thought they’d won history. Now their grasp on the levers of power is slipping by the day. This makes them even more dangerous.

The spirit of the Australian people is waking up after a long slumber, and the left are right to fear it.

What we’re seeing the resurgence of is ethno-nationalism, and that is nothing foreign or strange to this country. It was the default viewpoint of members of polite society until the postwar boom made us decadent and conceited. It’s also pretty much the default viewpoint of every non-white person on the planet today.

If black nationalism is OK and yellow nationalism is OK and brown nationalism is OK then why is white nationalism not OK?

It really makes you wonder.

In my view, the left have just gotten started. This Soros-funded cultural revolution is going to dominate Western societies in coming years. It will also lead to many conservatives and libertarians turning to white nationalism as a defence against the lunacy of the anti-white left.

You shouldn’t be scared of what’s ahead though. It’s time someone took down the cultural Marxists. The white nationalists who are starting to do so are, in practice, less racist and sexist than our great-grandfathers were. You know, the ones who fought the Nazis.

  • I was reading about these fine chaps yesterday.

    Unfortunately, I am too old to join them, as they have ageist membership policies. Outrageous. Maybe I should contact that HRC fellow, Tim Whatsinhisketchupsoup to lodge a discrimination complaint.

    • entropy

      I wonder which struggle it’s referring to.

      The struggle to ambulate? The struggle to take a breath between mouthfuls of jam donut? The struggle to make friends with someone who isn’t your mother? The struggle to find pants that fit two arses? The struggle to look in a mirror without wanting to kill yourself?

      • Probably a struggle to choose between the jelly or custard donut.

      • Karen Dwyer

        This is the left’s most popular illusion: “community”.

  • entropy

    White nationalism is mostly a threat to minorities getting free shit from white people.

    Chinese Australians don’t seem to have a problem with Chinese nationalism. Even if they have no vested interest in Chinese colonialism, the success of China strokes their ethnic bigotry. At the end of the day, most minorities identify more with their ethnicity than with their nationality. We see this all the time. They claim to suffer from racism and bigotry, but only seem to object to the racism and bigotry directed at their own identity group.

    But if whites start to identify by their ethnicity too, then the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. If Western European societies stop assuming the underperformance of those who’ve moved from underperforming countries is a function of racism and oppression, then the welfare trough is empty. No more sit-down money for having a different skin colour. No more preferential treatment for being a victim of your own, premeditated decision to leave a place where your ethnicity was in ascendance.

    In the interests of fostering a harmonious, multicultural society, Australia tried to eliminate racism. But, for some reason, legislating against human nature doesn’t work. For every ethnic bigot we managed to beat the racism out of, we just imported two more. Perhaps one of them would care to explain to us how long they thought they could get away with their campaign of racial entitlement before instigating this inevitable backlash?

    • Ask any Chinese here in Australia, even those born here, and they will tell you they are Chinese, not proudly Australian.
      We are being flooded with immigrants purely to keep the ponzi housing scheme propped up, as well as retail.
      Australia doesn’t produce anything now, we just flip housing and buy whitegoods from that whining stupid old fucker, Harvey Norman.
      Australia is on the ropes and is fast turning into a shithole.
      Bit of a shame, really.

      • entropy

        As I’ve said before, nationality is a zero sum game. Yet there’s still no shortage of globalist dummies who don’t see a problem with our politicians having dual citizenship.

        It’s time we stopped celebrating multiculturalism and started celebrating Australian culture. Anyone who has a problem with that can start swimming.

  • churchofentropy

    this is a new level of quality. this is exactly the growth from you that I wanted, a new optimum!

  • Ryan Fletcher

    National Socialism was ultimately stopped in the last century by a transnational cabal orchestrated between (((communists))) and (((capitalists))), which sent White men to go kill other White men, resulting in millions of dead White men and the establishment of (((Israel))).

    In saying that, I would support the rights of property owners to establish private covenant communities, from which homosexuals and political dissidents may be physically removed (as advanced by based economist and philosopher Hans-Hermann Hoppe)

    But in the spirit of the above article…