Why you should never call yourself a White Nationalist


Some writers and commentators here at XYZ have begun to identify themselves as White Nationalist.

I have not.

I would rather leopard crawl over a hundred metres of broken glass with my fly open than do so.

I would rather climb a fifty meter rope ladder out of an Olympic swimming pool filled with margarine and populated with bad tempered wombats than describe myself as such.

I would almost rather go on a three hour date with Clementine Ford.

But why? I hear you ask out there in reader land.

After all, anyone who has read my output here at XYZ knows I have nothing against the concept of Nationalism, nor do I have anything against water being wet or the sky being blue. Nationalism is not a social construct; it is the base reality around which all other social constructs are created. The default unit of organisation for humanity is the extended family. When related extended families from a region come together they form a tribe or a clan, and when those tribes or clans come together they form a nation.

Nationalism is natural. Nationalism is real. Nationalism works. It’s not something that has to be taught.

And even more than that while it is certainly possible to form a Nation out of faith, language or similar culture the default remains common ancestry; in fact with a few notable exceptions nations without at least some common origin to bind them together don’t tend to last that long [see: all of history].

So since I see Nationalism in general and ethnic Nationalism in particular as not only moral but natural, and since if you’ve read my articles over the years you know I’ve certainly got nothing against white people, so why on earth would I be so set against White Nationalism?

It’s very simple really.

48 per cent of Australians back a partial ban on Muslim immigration. Only a quarter of Australians oppose it.

Fifty-four per cent of us want a cut to migration all together
-55 per cent agree Australia is “in danger of losing its culture and identity”.
-52 per cent said the country has changed so much that it sometimes felt foreign.
-More than two-thirds of Sydneysiders think Australia’s largest city is “full”
74% do not support changing the date of Australia Day.
-At the last Federal election, parties of the dissident right captured over a million voters.

There is a gigantic well of support out there for politics to the right of the Liberal/National parties. It’s freaking huge. It is without doubt the largest unserved constituency in Australia today.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people out there in our country looking for a voice they don’t currently have and even more who would be open to it if they heard it.

And by associating yourself with the term “White Nationalist” you associate yourself with the American baggage of people who use the same term and make yourself poisonous to your own potential supporter base.

Almost no-one out of that huge potential pool of recruits waiting out there in middle Australia wants to have the slightest thing to do with the likes of obese hypocrite Mike Enoch, professional troll Andrew Anglin, unstable psychotic Christopher Cantwell or terrible publicist Richard Spencer, and that’s if they even know who they are.

In the Australian context there is absolutely nothing at all to be gained from associating with such people in any way shape or form.​

I can hear the pathetic whining already: “But they’ll call us Nazis anyway! They call everyone a Nazi!” That’s both 100% true and entirely irrelevant. Yes the Left has called everyone from John Howard to George W Bush to Milo to Donald trump a Nazi, that’s no reason to actually be one.

If the left wants you to be a Nazi for their own ends so in response you act like a Nazi and yell “Aha! See I have fooled you!” that’s not weaponised irony, that’s f*cking stupidity.

For those who would dismiss these words out of hand let me tell you, I’m not speaking out of ignorance. I’ve watched over the course of almost two decades as foreign-inspired groups here in Australia have failed time and time again. As David Hilton has pointed out, Australia was founded as an ethno-nationalist state and continued as one until at least the late sixties. There is absolutely no need to slavishly follow the lead of anyone from overseas, be it Milo peddling “Cultural Libertarianism” or more marginal figures re-heating “Doctor” David Duke.

I’ve talked and met with nationalists and dissident rightest from all over the world and have come to the inescapable conclusion that no patriotic movement ever succeeds unless it is rooted heart and soul in its own people, its own circumstances, its own history and its own culture.

In Poland recently almost 100,000 patriots marched in celebration of their country.

United they drowned out the pathetic Communist traitors protesting against them and created a sea of light as an invincible community marching as one. Richard Spencer and his friends criticised them on their Alt-Right Politics podcast as “not real nationalists” because they were insufficiently hostile to NATO.

It’s worth pointing out that in contrast to the heroic Poles he critiques, Spencer can only organise a few dozen supporters to attend his college talks. He unquestionably does get a lot of ink spilled over him though so I’m sure that makes up for it [rolleyes].

I know whose lead I’d prefer to take.

Italian, French, Spanish and other European nationalists don’t refer to themselves as “White Nationalist”, only Americans and those from English speaking countries foolish enough to allow themselves to follow a pied piper down the rabbit hole of perpetual failure proudly wear that moniker.

Call yourself whatever you like, call yourself the “Association of Pink Donkey-tails” if you wish, you’ll have better success than if you have anything to do with the almost bottomless pit of failure that is “White Nationalism”.

If taking up a name potentially loses you supporters and gains you nothing in return, the political maths aren’t hard. The Australian right has a chance of something incredible here, something that has not happened in my entire adult life. The Australian right, the dissident right, the real right, has a chance of actually winning for once. The sea is ready for the revolutionary fish to swim in, yet some people seem intent on not only pissing in the water but trying to drain it entirely.

I’ll say it again, there’s actually a chance of us winning for once. There’s actually a chance of driving the Overton window back to the right and creating a breathing space in the culture that none of us have ever had before. But you can’t do that in a self-imposed cul-de-sac, and that’s where having anything to do with American crypto-Nazis takes you.

If disassociating from a movement and a philosophy so weak and incompetent that they can’t even scrape together a march of 600 people in a small Virginian town from a country of over 300 million without inviting former KKK organisers and current neo-Nazis is the price to pay for not alienating our own base, then it isn’t much of a price at all.

We don’t need them, we don’t need their podcasts or their memes, and we certainly don’t need their advice on organisation or tactics.

All we need is us.

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  • Lucas, your diatribe has more holes than a French whore.

    XYZ articles move inexorably toward the left……..

    • Ryan Fletcher

      I’m disappointed that our content is not up to par with the goys over at the Daily Stormer, Occidental observer, Red Ice, Radical Agenda and the Right Stuff by now.

      • Noachideous

        XYZ is an excellent format because it gets more moderate YT’s , and because it includes some more hard core redpillers who are often shown the door while moving the window more towards awareness of a YT hatin’ agenda, you can be sure that the moderates will clandestinely read some of it on the side, even if they don’t particularly likes it.
        For instance, the numbers and esoterics can be very redpilling for those who’d have not otherwise swallowed any particular pill, for that fact that all races have used Numbers as a means to interpret the mind of the Divine….. Not just retchworthy cHoZen….. . Can anyone imagine and believe, that they actually appear to think that amongst all the Galaxy, Worlds, Universes and Dimension that have ever existed….. they THEY represent the singular purpose….. of it all ??????
        Are you beginning to get it yet ? They extent of the delusional thought processes ? Are they collectively F….cking Nutz ?
        And it also possible to put this kind of stuff up to…. Did you know that the MotorBike 13×2 …. 26 ,,, and more specifically the DirtBike … 42 … is creation of the Divine ? Especially when guided by Country YT talent like this ‘ere in the vid.

    • Ryan Fletcher

      With regards to the JQ in particular, to quote Cantwell “If nobody can say it, nobody can stop it.”

  • entropy

    I agree that Nazis are stupid. I disagree that white nationalist means Nazi.

    • Addelad

      Aryan supremacy was intrinsic to Adolf’s beliefs and, as such, intrinsic to Nazism.

    • Using the labels of Nazi or White Nationalist is just an extension of the tired smear tactics used by the Left.

      Is XYZ drifting leftward ?

      • entropy

        Lucas doesn’t represent the views of XYZ. I suspect he’s just trying to be inclusive and avoid buzzwords that trigger the normies. I just don’t think that’s how you defeat the left. You make a concession and you’re met with further demands.

        If not ‘white nationalist’, what term describes an Australian or American who wants to preserve the cultural and racial history of their nation?

        • Jael

          “Doesn’t represent the views of the XYZ”? The XYZ is a free speech site, remember?
          Sure, I know it has values. Lucas is arguing that the best way to bring reality into line with those values is not to alienate normal people by being literally Richard Spencer. And I think he has a very fair point.

          • Ryan Fletcher

            Sorry (not sorry) but anyone who considers Richard Spencer “literally” to be a problem for what’s facing White people at the moment, is fucking delusional!

          • Jael

            Ah, but is Richard Spencer the solution?

          • Ryan Fletcher

            Put it this way neither Spencer, Enoch, Cantwell Anglin or McFeels is working against my interests. However I’d argue that these sorts of cucky Cernovich style ‘let’s dump on duh evil Alt Right nazis’ crap, is absolutely counter intentional to where reality is taking us at the moment.

          • Jael

            Fair enough. I disagree with Spencer, and I don’t know a whole lot about the others. But I agree with you to an extent, inasmuch as that I did not come to the XYZ to denounce neo-Nazis and their ilk. I came to write about cultural Marxism, Socialism, and the other bad ideas that are running rampant in our country.

          • Ryan Fletcher

            Well if you’re going to rail against (((cultural Marxism))) but can’t even mention the Jewish foundations to that particular problem, but will gladly dump on someone like Richard Spencer because you regard him as an unacceptable figure for whatever cucky bullshit reason (meanwhile swinging the Overton Window back towards the fucking Cultural Marxists and giving them license to wage initiatory violence against “duh evil Alt Right neo-Nazis n sheeit”) then you’re engaged in a level of mental gymnastics that are well and truly beyond me!

          • Jael

            That’s interesting. I’m not aware of the argument for the Jewish connection to cultural Marxism. Would you mind summing it up briefly for me, or pointing me towards relevant sources? I’m curious.

          • Ryan Fletcher
          • Jael


            Are there any books you’d recommend?

          • Ryan Fletcher


            The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements by Kevin MacDonald

            Separation and Its Discontents Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism by Kevin MacDonald

            A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism As a Group Evolutionary Strategy, With Diaspora Peoples by Kevin MacDonald

            Then go read some of the articles at….

          • Jael

            Cool. Thanks.

          • Ryan Fletcher

            Just realised Demography Is Destiny’s YouTube account has been shutdown by (((YouTube))), which is quite a shame as he had some brilliant HD quality educational videos on the subject.

          • Jael

            Youtube. They would. Are they on any other alternate video sites that you know of?

          • Ryan Fletcher

            The Alt Right is in the process of migrating to platforms like PewTube, Gab.ai and Minds.com with their content. Why? Because we can’t have the goyim listening to them, otherwise they’ll be convinced by their arguments (I think the Jew Mark Bray, who wrote the ANTIFA Handbook, wrote that).

          • Jael

            Yup, Youtube is becoming a thought bubble.

            Out of curiosity, do you describe yourself as Alt-Right? And if so, what’s the definition of the Alt-Right according to you?

          • Ryan Fletcher

            I’m definitely someone who would fall under the Alt-Right banner now. Ostensibly the Alt-Right is the latest manifestation of White Nationalism (or Pan-Aryan) politics. Basically put, its a coalition of people who support the establishment of White ethno-states which physically removes those who are counter intentional to the interests of White people (which given the increasing batshit crazy rhetoric of the J-Left you can understand why the prevailing powers are trying to shutdown our ability to network).

          • It’s mind boggling how many different types of YT accounts are being shut down. Orwellian.

          • So, down the rabbit hole, you will go…. there is no turning back… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e99c7c1a554e5f8288430c2953b03fc6c3189764882d65b09b15162307a9e036.jpg

          • Be careful about opening yourself up to that one Jael. You don’t get to spit that red pill back up…

          • Jael

            Thanks for the warning, we’ll see how it goes. Understanding a POV is not necessarily believing.

          • I resisted it for a full year. I’m an evangelical! But in the end I couldn’t deny the pattern. I have my own interpretation for it that still accords with what my Bible tells me, but I can’t deny what I see. The enemy always corrupts what is most precious to God. We know, however, that God always redeems His people in time. He did it for me 🙂

          • Too late to backpedal !

          • entropy

            Precisely why the editorial of one writer doesn’t represent the views of the site. You sound like you disagree but provide no argument to that effect.

            If non-whites are ‘alienated’ by the suggestion they should adhere to the values of the white nation to which they’ve knowingly emigrated, then they are the problem.

          • Jael.
            What is a “normal” person…..who are “normal” people ?
            Is that someone who agrees exclusively with “your” views ?

            Whose values are you talking about ?
            Who is being alienated ?
            Why is Richard Spencer not entitled to his views ?
            Why is it wrong for him to air those views ?

            I smell the odour of Leftism………..

          • Jael

            I’m not under any impression that “normal” people agree exclusively with my views … lol. Normal is determined by numbers, and I know darn well that my set of views are not status quo. People kindly undertook to point this out to me when I volunteered with the No campaign (which experience drove me to the XYZ.) So, no. When I say “normal”, I mean the people in the middle, not Roz Ward, but not XYZ readers either, but who, as Lucas points out with stats, are ready for a cultural uprising.

            The values I’m talking about are the values of the XYZ, available at the bottom of each page: “The XYZ caters to the needs of the population of Australia which believes in free speech, free markets, and unselfconsciously acknowledges our place in Western civilisation and culture”.

            As far as Richard Spencer not being entitled to his views, sure he is, but others are entitled to disagree. To tell you the truth, while I agree with nationalism, I am undecided on all its qualifiers. The area of Lucas’ article with which I most agree is that of marketing, I suppose you could call it. As Alinsky put it, “the true radical, when he realises that the length of his hair is a barrier to his end, cuts his hair.” So when Lucas says “Let’s have a popular uprising based on our people and our problems, without dragging people in from overseas and terms that are already loaded with baggage, that will needlessly turn people off,” I agree with him.

          • Thanks, it makes sense.

  • Addelad

    I think that this is an uncharacteristically confused posting. To me it conflates nationalism, white supremacy and Nazism in order to make a laboured argument to the effect that one does not have to be David Duke to be a true-blue Australian.
    It was always going to trigger the anti-Semites here – and so it did.

  • Panadechi Santiago
    • Ryan Fletcher

      Based article, and good reason why White westerners shouldn’t be punching Right…..Lucas

    • Similiar to the false vexatious accusations against the unfortunate QUT students recently, involving 18 C
      Those poor students were wrongfully dragged through the court system.

  • Steel Crown

    Hi Lucas, good article, thanks.

  • Jael

    Nice one, Lucas. I like your thinking.

  • Noachideous

    Anything other that the continuance of European racial nations dishonours the Dead.
    Is there anyone who would like to argue on the contrary ? …. particularly given the fact that (((place))) was required to be made undead in 1948 as “prophesied” by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, but proven elsewhere by secular means that the number 1948 represents a numerological confluence derived of at least, the numbers 42 58 and 34 66. … brought to you by Count Dracula and Sesame Street….. SB.

  • Mr Prickskin

    I take the point of this article to be that Australians have to take their own path, and that issues which are relevant in America may not be relevant here. And I agree with all of that.

    The worst thing that has happened in the US alt right is the amount of splitting and in-fighting often over labels and egos.

    Let’s try to avoid that.

  • Ryan Fletcher

    When you have the Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee tweeting posts in support of (((Mark Bray’s))) seminal work on eliminating Whiteness from the face of the earth, articles such as this are just repugnant cuck optics which make me reconsider my monthly patreon contributions to this site… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/035b99c494e174a63f1c9e8f2c7c984879f9d2524c57b02fe0fb16d6cd2414d2.jpg

  • Bruce the Younger

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Lucas! I found a lot of the alt right repulsive at first due to its nazi allusions and jokes as well as JQ discussion. Even if hitler did nothing wrong, it does not matter. To talk about such things makes our argument null and void in the public sphere.

    Our goal should be the organize into real life groups for political action with authentic Australian optics (but not bogan). The goal is to save Australia from gloablistist and Marxist subversion, not make pepe jokes all day long.