Never saw it coming: Turnbull gets played by ABC, again


img_2241It’s funny how, throughout 2008 and 2009, Malcolm Turnbull was beloved by their ABC, and the rest of leftie Australia appeared to believe all was well – a Labor government, and a LINO (Liberal In Name Only) as the only alternative.  Yet the Liberal Party’s conservative base (you know, the people who actually vote for the Liberal Party, occasionally) when faced with a Liberal leader who did little more than slightly disagree with Kevin07 while agreeing in principle, deserted the party.

Although the contest inside the party when Abbott chose to challenge was tight, the Liberal Party’s approval rating quickly rose with Abbott at the helm, and all it took was for Abbott to say “no” to Rudd, and the spell was broken, the emperor had no clothes, and the knives came out.  The electorate was savage on the Labor government in the 2010 election, with a Crooked Julia government hanging on by the skin of its teeth, if that.

Rinse and repeat in 2015-16.  The cuck side of the Liberal Party, ever wary of looking good in the eyes of those who would never dream of voting Liberal, and who placed far too much faith in the opinions emanating from their ABC (who incidentally never saw the knifing of Rudd coming) hoped that if they knifed Abbott, the lefties would like them again.  And it woud all be different this time around… you know, Malcolm Turnbull will actually be sustainably popular, as opposed to hopelessly ineffectual as he was in 2009.. and knifing a sitting Liberal PM is completely different from knifing a sitting Labor PM.  The people wouldn’t dream of punishing them at the ballot box..

Orson’s cartoon sums it up well.  This is all terribly predictable.  Abbott will be PM again.  I look forward to the first Abbott-Trump summit.

It’s your XYZ.

  • Trog

    If this guy’s the smartest bloke in the room, it’s actually a broom closet! Better still a coffin as it’s more suitable to where the Liberal Party is headed.

    The trouble is he’s still on life-support from his coterie of bedwetting, canvas-back lickspittles who are only loyal to the direction the wind blows.

    Peta Credlin commenting on an Abbott return said, “why would he want it.” I really think she has a point here as after the treacherous way he was treated, why would he be in ANY hurry to save their political skins, AGAIN!

    One of our finest PM’s ever and the proof of that is the continuing hatred for him from the ABC, and the reverential level of international standing he now enjoys.

    I had hoped Barnaby might have smacked the Libs into shape but the Safe Schools, RET, 18c, AGW, anti-coal, HRC, fiscal inertia, ABC inactivity etc has proved too hard overcome. And if there’s anyone left out there who still believes a single word Turdball says, I have the oiginal London Bridge to sell them, cheap.

    What a gyp!

    • Steve B

      How much for the bridge Trog???

  • BunyipBill

    To borrow and paraphrase a line from another famous politician; ”Turnbull couldn’t lead a conga-line of arseholes.” The treacherous piece of filth has only ever had one interest in mind -himself and his career. He didn’t care how he got be be PM or with which party just so long as he did.
    Stupidly the LNP picked him up and allowed him to rise beyond his level of capability, his (non)management of the Communications Portfolio and the instantaneous RC into ‘juvenile detention’ based on one very dubious abc (sic) report, are a cases in point.
    Unfortunately for the Australian people Lord Waffler of Wentworth has no idea what to do and obviously no idea how to do whatever it is to implement his lack of policy. His ministers have proven to be not much better and remember that we are talking very low standards indeed.
    Another couple of disastrous polls for the ‘Emperor with no clothes’ will have the bed-wetters running around like headless chooks.
    Australia needs Tony Abbott back where he rightfully belongs- in the PM’s Chair, but would any sane person want to take over such a dysfunctional rabble and ‘chooks on life support’ as the LNP is now? It would be like being handed a poisoned chalice.
    As for what I’d do well, I just booked a ten day cruise to the South Pacific for Me and My gal staying in a magnificent ”Owners Suite” on the Voyager of the Seas for March 2017, 119 days and counting.

    • Johann

      BB…can I come too, I don’t take up much room ?

  • Johann

    Malcolm just wants to be …loved.
    There is a lonely little boy inside that dimwit persona.

  • entropy

    Abbott might be PM again but is now the time to challenge?

    Rudd would be opposition leader now if he hadn’t blown his load too early. Had he waited for Gillard to crater against Abbott, the ALP would be begging him to come back. Just look at the alternative.

    The Libs already evacuated their moral high ground by replacing a sitting, first term PM. Doing it twice in one term would be farcical.

    Another great cartoon by Orson, BTW.