News Flash: Men don’t need to learn not to rape


Samuel Medici

I am a man living in Melbourne, and contrary to popular opinion, I don’t require lessons on how not to rape or murder. Another interesting fact that you won’t find readily available in our public discourse is that I too don’t want to be raped or murdered. As a result of my need to maintain self-dignity and a pulse, I keep myself in good shape with a good level of physical strength, and maintain my competency in kickboxing which I started doing when I was young. Not only does this greatly reduce my chances of lying cold in a chalk outline somewhere, but it gives me an inner strength that allows me to deal with issues with a good amount of endorphins that keeps me from overreacting or lashing out. I’m confident and possess no desire whatsoever to denigrate my fellow man. I’m respectful to everyone – particularly the elderly – I don’t use foul language in public, I allow fellow motorists access to my lane if required, I throw my rubbish in the nearest bin. I have absolutely nothing to prove because I’m confident in my abilities.

You may be wondering why I feel the need to make such a proclamation, and no doubt such an espousing of toxic masculinity will be likened to rape in some circles of academia, but in the light of recent statements in the media, I think it’s important to shed light on a few overlooked facts. Key among these is the fact that confident people who feel good about themselves feel no need to harm others in any manner whatsoever.

Following the rape and murder of aspiring Melbourne comedian Eurydice Dixon in Melbourne’s inner north, there was an appropriate and quite touching outpouring of grief from the community which was also echoed across the media. The reasons were quite obvious. She was a young lady walking alone at night in a part of the world where she should be free to feel safe, and frankly, not have a care in the world. Yet she was taken from this life in a starkly sickening manner by a cretin of immeasurable malice.

While much of the outrage in response to this heinous act was thoroughly justified, a couple of statements and sentiments have confused me slightly. Chief among these statements and sentiments is the notion that this is a man vs woman issue and that men in general need to do more to halt the reprehensible acts being carried out in our streets. I wouldn’t have too much of a problem with this if the implication was that I should form a band of merry men, arm ourselves with clubs and Warhammers and inflict blunt trauma on anyone we find committing mischief against the public order. Alas, that’s not the implication.

The implication is that we need to turn our attention inward, past all of the foul intentions of rape and murder that we all inherently possess and find our inner sweetlings. We need to disavow the belief system that we apparently possess that implores us to violate women, gut fellow humans and plunder. Supposedly, this is something we enthusiastically abide by and love to while away the hours with, or at least Lisa Wilkinson seems to think so.

A word of advice: Keeping women safe

As another young life is cut short, Lisa Wilkinson asks if it’s time for the advice around women’s safety to change.

Posted by The Project on Friday, 15 June 2018

One must concede however that men are the more violent sex of the species. There’s no getting around that. Everything from psychological profiles to raw statistics on crime, men in contact sports, incarceration rates or numbers of men that sign up for active service in the military will tell you this. It’s erroneous to suggest that we don’t possess an inherent bloodlust. What’s key in maintaining a harmonious society is the manner in which natural aggression is channelled and harnessed. This is what makes the difference between a Jujitsu black belt and a thug. A soldier and a murderer. A vandal and a builder. An artist and a rapist.

Policemen, Firemen and other men in the emergency services, along with soldiers and martial arts experts feel little to no need to bully, harass or harm others. Contrarily, they seek to put themselves in harm’s way and clash with forces of nature and ill intent if it maintains the well-being and safety of the non-belligerents in our society. It’s an easily observable trend that a man who has attained a black belt in a martial art is far less likely to bully than someone who has not. It’s also no secret that bullies have low self-esteem, and much of the male prison population comes from homes where there has been little in the way of strong male role models.

What this indicates is that we need to strengthen our boys, not weaken them. Milo Yiannopoulos famously decried that when any man proclaims that they are a feminist, you can start the countdown clock on the rape charge. Indeed, very few things are more dangerous than emasculated men seeking approval from weak peers or women. Seeking approval of peers may be natural but men without balls is not, and it is this type of combination that is creating the predators within our society.

The crucial factor in good behaviour starts with our boys being given every opportunity to be their aggressive little selves within boundaries, and not told that their behaviour is unnatural. Unruliness can be harnessed and honed into something positive and even incredibly beneficial. Let them read comic books, and from there they’ll be introduced to Machiavelli and Shakespeare. Let them run around the yard and get filthy, and from there they’ll play sport and become athletes. Give them a few blocks and toy cranes, and they’ll eventually build skyscrapers. Give them a few things to break, shoot and chase and maybe they’ll become Commandos or Police Commissioners.

There is no such thing as toxic masculinity, and the only toxins in any discussion of that ilk emanate from those who feel threatened by strength.

Failing these suggestions, we could at least show a bit of consistency when making grand, sweeping generalisations and attributing blame accordingly. For every billboard that insists men should respect women there should be a billboard saying that African migrants should respect the laws of the country they live in. Muslims should stop murdering the innocent in the name of their faith. Indigenous people should get jobs. Asians should learn to drive and so on. Our options really are to either denigrate each other equally or start making some positive changes that shape our future. What an abysmal shame it is that we struggle with such simple concepts.

Photo by Ryk Neethling

  • Ron Mortimer

    As for men being the more violent of the sexes…..can anyone imaging a world run by women? Total warfare all the time…..over the most trivial shit imaginable.
    I also find it amusing that these ‘proud, strong and independent’ feminists are completely silent on the current rape epidemic in Sweden and the rest of Europe and were instrumental in covering up the child grooming gangs in Britain. When will we see feminist marches against FGM and the burka? Never is my guess…

    • John Sheppard

      Check out Sweden… government is run primarily by women, and thus decisions are based on emotions rather than facts/logic.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Well said….
      Those marches will NEVER happen because it is well-known in the feminist community that taking on white fellas means a bit of pussy-whipping. Taking on a huge collective of retards that a) don’t give a shit what the women think, b) regard them as possessions, c) regard them as fresh meat for the taking because they are of a different ideology, d) have no problem beating and/or murdering said women when they’re done with them – means that it’s clearly not a fight worth undertaking because, no matter how much you move the goalposts/change the rules/apply your own double-standards, they simply cannot win.

    • Razorback


    • gwallan

      “I also find it amusing that these ‘proud, strong and independent’
      feminists are completely silent on the current rape epidemic in Sweden
      and the rest of Europe”

      They were not only completely silent whilst thousands and thousands of Aussie boys were raped in institutions they also took all the government money and excluded those boys from all services.

      • Ron Mortimer

        Ultimately it is not about fairness but a selfish fight for resources….
        I have long wondered why, if all rape is bad then why do anti rape campaigners ignore jail, and for that matter,all institutional rape…..too hard+wrong gender, I suppose.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Just say what we are all thinking, Lisa Wilkinson is a cnut.

    • Jai_Normosone

      DAMMIT! You beat me to it!
      Then again… I can expand on it by saying that she is a STUPID cnut with the evidence being that she married an even more stupid cnut (and remains married to him).
      I also feel the need to expand even further and relegate both her and her shit-for-brains husband to being “stupid ankles” on the basis that a cnut is useful and they are both lower than one.

    • Repeal fake marriage

      Lisa Wilkinson eats anus because she talks so much shit.

  • John Sheppard

    Great work Sam, enjoying your contributions to the XYZ lately. Keep up the good work! It is nice to see common sense news once in a while, as it is oddly hard to find these days.

  • John Davis

    This article “beats around the bush” so much that I have to wonder if some feminist editor butchered the original article.

    First – Men are not more violent than women. That is a medieval myth that is simply endlessly repeated in the incompetent mass media until everyone accepts it.

    Women commit as much (or more) violence as men – we simply are in denial about it and ritually fail to recognize women’s violence, or, react appropriately to it.

    Second – the concept of “toxic masculinity” is a fiction invented to serve as a political slogan to manipulate people who are foolish enough to believe that we only need to address violence men commit against women in order to solve the problems of violence in our culture.

    More than ever, we need to acquire awareness of women’s violence, and, start holding women as accountable for their violence as the media, in its hatred and fear of men, want to hold men accountable.

    • The female killers get a free pass as well, thanks to the ridiculous Canadian decision of The Queen v Lavallee.

    • Earl Conner

      Top graph is missing fetuses

  • 9x19parabellum

    There are a few solutions this problem:
    – the public should carry firearms
    – the law should be strictlt enforced. No paroles, gag orders, rehab, bullshit
    – drug/alcoholism/debt and mental health is the cause of violence against both sexes (not just women because men are bad)
    – end the ridiculous feminist female superiority complex (I am a bloke, and I don’t even feel safe Walking through a park at night alone. Let alone drunk and in scantily clad attire) women have this pathological need to defy all recommendations of common Sense just to prove they are “strong and independent”
    – if the state didn’t break up families through divorce, extort child support, outsource our livelihoods and actually gave a shit about men’s health you’d find more people would be tied to families and not need to seek out meat for a quick root in a park.
    – stop this endless gynocentric anti-male whinge campaign. The two sexes are meant to compliment each other. Men are men and women are women. There is no other way about this. Men are switching to MGTOW because females are too much of a liability these days.
    – get off your fucking high horse ladies, look after your men and love them, and you’ll find they will be more then willing to reciprocate and also offer you protection against street thugs

    • Jai_Normosone

      *gasp* Surely you cannot be meaning that the general populace be required to demonstrate self-discipline and good behaviour?
      This just will not do… what ever would the politicians have to make laws about if they cannot perceive themselves to be better and smarter than the people?

      • 9x19parabellum

        Exactly my point. We don’t need politicians or the state. Their moral high ground will come crashing down.

        • Jai_Normosone

          It can’t come crashing down soon enough – and it needs several large concrete blocks infused in the mix.

          • 9x19parabellum

            Melbourne already has them. Labor is willing to pay a few billion to replace them if we borrowed a few.

  • Jai_Normosone

    The last paragraph is a great complement to this article.

  • Bayrat65

    I totally agree with article. Well written with complete understanding of what it is to be male. Might I add our western society must and need more males in the education of our children. Not the feminine males, but the self confident males discussed.

  • Lovely chivalrous nonsense. I’m going to be blunter.

    The headlines should have read “Stupid cow meets reality.”

    The further we are from a society where men immediately think and CONSISTENTLY say that, the more dangerous our society is for women and children.

    The dead, stupid bitch should be shamed for her stupidity. It won’t hurt her, she’s dead already. She should be labelled exactly what she was – a protected idiot who died because of her own stupidity.

    Everyone taking the dead, stupid bitch’s “side” is arguing for more dead women. Lisa Whatserface is arguing for more dead women.

    • 9x19parabellum

      Well said mate. I don’t think anyone had the balls to put it that blunt. There is a good reason we evolved to avoid touching snakes. There is a reason cars have breaks. Walking in the park alone, at night is another of those things. Honestly if every leftie retard had this fate it would really do wonders for the future of humanity.

    • Repeal fake marriage

      This is a terrible thing to happen to anyone but from all accounts, this woman was of the SJW women’s activist persuasion? It seems that Satan took one of his own.

      • I don’t know her politics and anyway consider them irrelevant in this segment of Horrible Histories “Stupid Deaths”.

        Terrible is a woman being attacked in her home or abducted on the street in broad daylight.

        Stupid is what this is.

      • 9x19parabellum

        From the photo it’s fair to assume inner city SJW, feminist, greens voting millennial.

        If her folks weren’t also inclined to the left they could sue her arts degree professors for indoctrination into a cult which caused her to subvert all common sense.

        I’m betting the perp has a long history, lived off government handouts and was on parole at the time. Ironically a very left wing situation.

    • Jai_Normosone

      The thing that I wonder about this is: Was she in the park because she was innocently walking home – or did she meet the bloke somewhere and they decided to have a root in the middle of the park before it turned a little nasty (whether it be because a) she remembers that she’s not supposed to like males inside her, or b) he wanted to go the back door route and she didn’t want it, or c) she wanted the back door route and he thought it disgusting, or….
      There’s not enough info to say whether she invited the encounter or it was forced upon her, so there is that element of doubt.
      What IS much more noteworthy though is the number of BRAINLESS CNUTS who turned out in vigil for the death of this woman when they are utterly and completely silent on the grooming and mass rape of underage girls in every country (most notably, Rotherham) and who have NO say in what is being done to them. There is NO doubt in what is being done and how it is being done.
      Where are the candle-light vigils and the outcry for them from the feminists and their pretend-honour?