Nigel Farage gives EU apparatchik a history lesson


So it begins. The ruling body of Europe, which, let’s not be shy about it, are Facists/Commies in disguise, are rewriting the history of WW2, saying that it was the European Union who defeated the axis powers and communism.

From the Express:

NIGEL FARAGE ripped into the President of the European Parliament, the Italian Antonio Tajani, during a furious row in Strasbourg over Hitler and who defeated Hitler’s Nazis…

Following a row about Nazism, Mr Tajani branded the Nazis and Soviet communism “ghastly and devastating” political systems, before adding: “Thank God these two dictatorships are vanished thanks to the European Union.”

Let that sink in a bit… an organisation that is younger than the close of the Second World War claiming that it was the cause of the downfall of the Third Reich. Farage responded:

“To claim, Mr Tajani that the European Union brought about the downfall of Nazism and Soviet communism, is not only laughable, it is very ungracious and deeply insulting to the United States of America who made massive sacrifices so that Europe could be free twice in the 20th Century, and to a slightly lesser extent, the United Kingdom as 30,000 dead in Italy will attest.”

He added: “You know what, you can claim what you want for the European Union but please do not rewrite history.”

And this was said by none other than an Italian! Good job Nigel for standing up to such utter horse shit. The EU needs to go and it needs to go yesterday!

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    How about another car review Grumpy?

  • fimbulwinter
    • Jai_Normosone

      Too good to not steal.

  • Bucky Redux

    Lots of history was rewritten by the “victors” of the last 2 WW’s.

    • fimbulwinter

      The “Victors” also stole technology from the Germans. Take for example the MG42 which formed the basis of the modern M60 machine gun.

      • Bucky Redux

        The The StG 44, or Storm Rifle designs were stolen by the Soviets and given to Kalashnikov, who developed the AK 47, which became ubiquitous in future conflicts.
        Operation Paperclip, too.

        • fimbulwinter

          The design of the atomic bomb used on Hiroshima also came from kidnapped German scientists.

  • Jai_Normosone

    An Italian talking about the EU saving Europe from Hitler?
    Nigel Farage should have reminded him about Italians in politics during war-time: “They gesticulate wildly before changing sides.”
    He could then have gone on to remind him about the army surplus of rifles that were for sale after the war: “Job lot of 2,000 army rifles. Dropped once. Never fired.”
    My dad was told by people who were there that it was not uncommon to see an Aussie soldier with a great number of Italians behind them that had surrendered – and he would get one of them to carry his rifle if he got tired (but I think they might have been taking the piss 🙂 )

  • entropy

    The US made massive sacrifices? The US sat on the sidelines in WW2 making massive profits off both sides and only joined the war in Europe after Germany declared war on it. Its geopolitical position in the 20th Century is largely due to bases the UK traded in return for resources to stay afloat and technology the US claimed after joining in late for a share of the goodies.

    What about Australia? Is it part of the EU? Australia and NZ declared war on Nazi Germany more that two years before the US did. What about Canada? What about Nepal, South Africa, Bahrain and Oman? Are they in the EU? These are countries that joined a war against evil out of principle, not necessity.

    I get that you want a US passport, Nigel, but please don’t rewrite history.

  • (In his own schooldays, Winston remembered, in the late
    fifties, it was only the helicopter that the Party claimed to have
    invented; a dozen years later, when Julia was at school, it was already
    claiming the aeroplane; one generation more, and it would be claiming
    the steam engine.)

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