No End to the Gender Agenda

This is what we are fighting for.

Overnight I learned via that the Western Australian Law Reform Commission has produced a Discussion Paper that examines existing WA state legislation concerning the issue of gender reassignment. It boils down to the question of whether a baby’s sex should be recorded on his or her birth certificate, proposing instead that a baby’s sex classification be recorded elsewhere.

The move is explained by the Commission as being ostensibly in the interests of parents of children born genuinely ‘intersex’, reducing the pressure to assign a sex to their child before it is 60 days old as per current requirements regarding birth certificates. At the same time however the discussion paper poses the question of a third ‘non binary’ option, and also changes to legislation to essentially make it easier for children to ‘reassign their gender status’ without requiring their parents’ consent.

Why not simply apply a caveat to the existing requirement that would allow parents of children born with a medically-significant intersex condition identified during or prior to the birth the leeway to seek medical advice during this very difficult period in their lives, and avoid rushing to declare the child male or female, you might ask. Would that not make more sense than removing the recording of sex from a birth certificate altogether?

Research reveals that anything from 0.05% to 4% of births in Australia are intersexed, however I would bet all money that the higher end of that spectrum is ideologically challenged and framed by mental health issues (i.e. transsexualism), and that at most 1 in 2,000 births are genuinely medically intersexed. I would similarly be willing to bet that draconian treatment by medical authorities towards the parents or children born intersexed in any way is non-existent in our modern Western societies, yet somehow we again find ourselves facing legislation that purports to be harmless to the many while “benefitting” the few victims of the current paradigm.

Let’s call a spade a spade; this is about making it easier for people with gender dysphoria or identity disorder to identify as whatever the hell gender they choose to, without having to go through all the complications of having to prove any sort of medical or scientific reality for their choice, or to what extent they seek to physically transition if at all. Because feelings. If a birth certificate contains no sex information, who can argue with a person’s “identity” when they’re 12 years old??

The Terms of Reference of the study are wide-ranging indeed, but it’s the background to this – the research and activism by groups such as the Australian Human Rights Commission via the WA Gender Project – that masks the truly insidious nature of all of this. While it’s been cleaned up and sanitised through reasonable-sounding bodies like the Law Commission which otherwise performs reasonable review of legislation requiring modernisation, it exposes yet again the maltruistic tendencies of our intellectual-yet-idiot class to propose wide-ranging legislative, social and cultural solutions to cases requiring nothing more than individual attention, all under the guise of the “very best intentions” for all.

We will have to wait and see what the ultimate findings are of the commission after submissions close in October, but I urge any reader who is interested in this topic, who understands the debilitating impact that the continued assault on traditional male-female norms, traditional family structures and what they’ve defined as “hetero-normative” relationships is having and will continue to have on the strength and health of Western society as a whole, to read not just the Discussion Paper, but also this Position Paper put forward by the AHRC back in 2007.

The latter is a wonderful example of how gender ideology and pseudo-scientific academia has been allowed to conflate the issue of sex and gender, normalising and indeed promoting the idea that transitioning gender is a healthy alternative. It also serves as a useful instruction for how decades of subverting gender as being nothing more than a social construct, that what it means to be male or female is nothing more than a cultural bias, has crept into the public’s consciousness of how sex is itself malleable and subject to personal choice.

If you live in Western Australia, and if you are interested in this at all, send a submission to prior to the closing date of 19 October 2018, and let them know your feelings on the subject.

If ever you were lacking in motivation to do so, read no further than 2.1 of the Discussion Paper, as per the sections quoted below:

“The Commission’s adopted terminology is informed by the Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender… ”

“The Commission is cognisant of the fact that there is an important distinction between sex and gender …”

“Gender is a social concept that describes the way in which a person identifies or expresses their masculine or feminine traits and the way they are recognised within a community.”

These are the people making the rules by which we will soon be living.

  • Ralphy

    How ever have we managed without this crud for the past likely 10,000 years? Moreover what is this costing we meaningless plebs? Give it to the farmers and let them build more dams, make them pay it back in the good years, but give it to them first!

    • chucky

      The left literally make this shit up to keep themselves in paid employment!

    • James

      You’re making too much sense Ralphy. That’s very unprogressive.

  • Jai_Normosone

    Great article. Unfortunately, it just highlights the utter horse-shit that is being addressed in government offices using taxpayer monies while issues that genuinely need addressing are being ignored.

  • Who said gender and sex are different? Oh that’s right, far-Left thugs looking to exert their insecurity on others and gain power over us.

    This is idiotic, I’m with Hilton, we need a reboot.

    Flush the far-Left elite back down the stinking toilet they came from.

    • thegentlemantroll

      I think we have to work hard to pick apart the whole LGTBQ conspiracy to wider society. No more looking the other way. There’s gonna be a lot of people in 30 years claiming state-enabled child abuse and there’ll be a lot of retired public servants and academics washing their hands of this saying they didn’t know. We need to take down names to identify hose most responsible.

  • chucky

    There are only two genders: male and female. These are directly aligned to a person’s sex at birth. Everything else falls under the categories or mutation and/or mental illness.

    • thegentlemantroll

      Further to that, there are only two genders and there is only one biologically correct way to have sex: penis into vagina. Everything outside that is a corruption of natural biology and carries health risks.
      The gay lifestyle is not just a biological fallacy though, it’s a whole behavioural package invented to flip the finger (or stick it up the ass if you will) at Mr Straight-White-Male (note how culture doesn’t seem to depict a lot of Arab gays).

      • Jai_Normosone

        There is an extraordinary amount of buggery in Arab countries – it’s the result of bastardising the nether regions of women so that they feel nothing or just pain and these morons want someone (or something) that makes noises of pleasure when it’s all going on.
        Like: “baaaaa-aaaaa-aaa”

  • thegentlemantroll

    A timely article from zerohedge

    Primary and secondary syphilis diagnoses increased 76 percent (from 17,375 to 30,644 cases). Gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) made up almost 70 percent of primary and secondary syphilis cases where the gender of the sex partner is known in 2017.

  • Maryanne

    What beautiful white children they are.

    Why does the world want to get rid of us whites by brainwashing white people via the MSM that miscegenation is cool and funky? The brainwashing is relentless.

    All ads “celebrate diversity”. Most movies “celebrate diversity”.

    Heck, after those Thai children and their coach were rescued from that cave some people were saying they couldn’t wait for the movie. These cynics were sure that blacks and women would have starring parts as rescuers – even though they were mainly white men.

  • Maryanne

    Dear hard-working XYZ writers, somehow you’ve got to get your readers to spread the message. It’s pathetic to read comments from a dozen people on all your great articles.

    • Sam Vimes

      Thanks for the great feedback Maryanne. It seems that the wider community is buried very deep in propaganda and self-loathing unfortunately. All I can do at this point is ask that we all spread this information as much as possible on our social media platforms, and speak about it without fear of reprisal. Privately I find almost no one that has the mental fortitude to break through the mental barrier that’s required to understand the agenda behind this.

      • Jai_Normosone

        No-one? Well, maybe a dozen… 🙂

  • There was a point in the past where our ancestors would have rioted over this nonsense. It should have happened in the 60s or 70s. I’m not old enough to know why it didn’t and can only guess.

    Not to be a snivelling Xer, but it should also be happening now. Our collective cowardice will be our undoing.

    If someone told me last year that there was a proper mob gathering that was going to walk around Brisbane removing all those SBS anti-white posters, I would have gone for a walk with them.

    That should be the start. Removing the government funded graffiti that targets every one of us.

    But we don’t do mobs, do we? Not like the Abos or Muzzies who get their comrades freed from the same sniveling cops that love to lecture obedient whites who dare to contemplate self defence.

    If we don’t learn to be hooligans, we will probably die out within a century.

  • Ron Mortimer

    This shit should be trolled mercilessly, the whole lot of it. I like to tell friends, particularly of the leftish persuasion, that I am a black lesbian today. Tomorrow I may be back to my old shitlord self or maybe not.