Why I am not an ethno-nationalist


Editor: Matty’s Modern Life has produced this article in video format available at BitChute, for those of you who want to understand his argument without having to take your eyes off the cricket.

Since I published my first article on XYZ way back in October 2016, I’ve grown to love the site. Its core mission of fighting the Left is a noble and moral one. XYZ has a variety of views on a range of topics and today I am going to address one area where many XYZ readers disagree; ethno-nationalism.

I am not an ethno-nationalist, I don’t believe a nation needs to be dominated by a single ethnic background in order to remain a strong and prosperous nation. That’s not to say I don’t sympathise with the arguments of ethno-nationalists. I understand their arguments and they are strong ones.

After all, if Japan, Israel, China, Korea and other nations are allowed to have a state based on ethnic origins, why not Australia? It’s a fair question without an easy answer. While I’m not opposed to Australia becoming an Anglo-ethnic state I’m also a pragmatist. The horse has bolted and it ain’t ever coming back.

Nor is that to say that the demographic decline of Whites in Australia should be welcomed. Whites tend to have relatively high IQ’s and, aside from notable exceptions that we will discuss in this column, tend to value true individualist liberalism. The more White people in a society the safer, richer and healthier that society tends to be; this is a fact. To a lesser extent the same is true for East Asians, especially those who come from Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Australia is a nation with citizens from all corners of the globe whether we like it or not, but this isn’t the number one reason I am not an ethno-nationalist. The biggest reason can be summarised in two words: White women.

I want to share a New Year’s Eve story just to provide some context. As many of you know I’m an Uber driver. It’s been a great stop-gap job while considering my next career move. You meet a variety of people but this is a story worth telling.

Two relatively attractive White women needed a lift to a party in the city, and the trip started pleasantly. They were friendly and in good spirits, laughing at my jokes and having a good time. That is, until I told them I wasn’t on Facebook. They asked why and I told them the honest answer; it’s a toxic website that is openly hostile to free speech.

This seemed to shock them a little bit and they made the usual response you expect from your classic social justice zombies; “But what about hate speech? People shouldn’t be allowed to say things that are really offensive and hateful.”

The conversation went about as you would expect from there on, although to their credit they didn’t get abusive, just shrill. Also to their credit they didn’t pretend to support free speech with the now clichéd self-parody “I believe in free speech but not hate speech.” They made the usual irrational statements based on sheer appeals to emotion; “But minorities could be really offended and that hurts them a lot,” “You shouldn’t be allowed to offend people because feelings,” etc…

I calmly made arguments based on facts, evidence and reason, citing the fact that when people lack free speech to change society, violence tends to occur.

I held back the urge to explain to them how deeply offensive their views are to me in every way possible. Being against the right to express any opinion goes against everything I believe on a philosophical, a religious, an intellectual and emotional level. By their own logic they shouldn’t be allowed to express that view in my presence as it is truly offensive to me.

At any rate, I dropped them off thanked them for the business and moved on to my next passenger. They made poor arguments but the debate seemed pleasant enough. That is, until I got an email from Uber informing me that someone had complained about my behaviour because I’d made them “uncomfortable.”

Uber didn’t mention any specific passengers but it couldn’t have been anyone other than these two White girls, as every other passenger had been nothing but pleasant and relaxed that night.

Uber is my living and by making this complaint these two women have threatened my livelihood. Uber won’t take any further action but it does go on my record as a driver and they stated in their email:

“Further feedback that suggests inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour may prompt us to review your access to the Uber app.”

Keep in mind, all I did was express the view that freedom of speech is an absolute human right. This offended these women so much they took the time to write a complaint to Uber that could affect my income in the future.

Obvious childishness aside, my point is simple: White women are the biggest enemy to a free society. Yes, this is a generalisation and there are plenty of great White women out there, the majority most likely, but let’s look at the facts.

White women are the loudest and worst feminists, have the most disgusting public policies, and run the most dangerous and violent political parties in the country. When White women get into power they distort the truth and flat out lie in order to push their political agendas. It’s no coincidence that Hillary Clinton is a White woman.

White women are at the forefront of the assault on Western civilisation. They are actively doing all they can to tear down the system that gave them a voice in the first place.

I want to make it clear, being a White woman doesn’t automatically make you Satan. As a White man I have plenty of White Females in my family that I love and cherish who absolutely hate the direction our nation is going.

My point is that if someone is harping on about “muh patriarchy” and “muh oppression”, they are probably a White chick, a dude cucked by a White chick, or non-white educated by a White chick.

If someone uses the dumb, self-contradicting line “I support freedom of speech but not the right to speak hate”, it’s almost certainly a White chick saying it, a dude cucked by a White chick, or a non-white educated by a White chick.

Go and watch Social Justice Warrior fail videos and notice how many of them are White chicks or dudes cucked by White chicks.

Do I hate White women in general? No, of course not. In fact I love many of them dearly, even some that have these Leftist beliefs. For many it’s not their fault, they’ve simply been brainwashed by older White feminists after being forced to use the public school system.

Being a brainwashed zombie is curable. Basing your entire life and career on an unhealthy obsession with man-hatred while lying through your teeth to gain wealth and power in the name of “female empowerment” is evil, and needs to stop immediately.

Meanwhile, Asians continue to give life to Christianity in Australia and since returning to church I can’t help but notice how many of those attending are young Asian women.

Christianity is key to retaking the West from the hands of the state-worshiping Marxists. That means accepting the truth, it’s too late to be an ethno-nationalist in Australia. Our only pragmatic choice is Christian civic-nationalism.

It’s a nationalism based on core Western values of free speech, capitalism, the rule of law under a constitution, and individual liberties. A nationalism that acknowledges the fact that our British heritage is our most important heritage, not just because they are our ancestors but because they developed the most moral and advanced civilisation in history. They did it by spreading Western Liberalism around the world. It’s not our “Whiteness” that makes us rich, it’s our cultural heritage.

When Marxists talk about destroying “White culture” what they really mean is they hate Western values and true liberalism. Rather than call it “White culture” I call it Western Liberalism, or classical liberalism. It’s an idea that comes directly from Jesus that exploded with the invention of the printing press and rise of Protestantism. The idea of the divinity of the individual under God.

What divides us isn’t race, it’s culture. I don’t want Somalian teenagers running amok in my home town any more than I want scungy White women telling their cuck boy orbiters that blowing kisses is a “Nazi salute”.

Yes, we are more likely to share cultural values with people who share our ethnicity. But as mentioned we are also more likely to be diametrically opposed to them.

The problem isn’t even that we allow certain cultures in. The problem is we let them in, then pay for them to not integrate. The Somalians running around bashing people and trashing community centres are almost certainly being funded by the State.

People are coming to Australia from all parts of the third world, only for the state to hand them Australian taxpayer money. This is the real crime; it’s not the letting in of foreigners that’s the problem, it’s the letting in of foreigners who are unable to integrate due to their intelligence, upbringing and culture, then handing them stolen money so they never have to change or improve.

In fact, those same Leftist White women, along with their cucked male and diversity hire entourage, see cutting off the welfare of foreigners or threatening them with deportation as “racist”.

Welfare and a state bloated to the size of an unholy behemoth is the root of all our nations current problems. Welfare has brought about the largest debt bubble and most bloated governments in history.

The first welfare in Australia came in the form of the old-aged pension back in 1908. It is no coincidence that women won the vote roughly ten years earlier. The same pattern is repeated in the US where women’s suffrage passed federally in 1920 and ten years later social security become policy through the New Deal.

The UK’s history is a little more complicated – they first start handing out stolen taxpayer money in 1908 but it was only small. Once women won the vote in 1918, welfare spending started to skyrocket.

I’d imagine most developed welfare states have a similar pattern. You let women vote without conditions, you get increased spending on welfare. Not that giving women the vote was the wrong thing to do, just that it should have come with caveats such as “if you take money from the State you lose the right to vote.”

On the surface the problems we see in our society are caused by multiculturalism and a lack of an ethnic identity but this is not the truth. The problems we face in our society are ultimately the fault of welfare and a bloated and corrupt State.

So no, I’m not a white ethno-nationalist and I don’t think I could ever be one even if I tried. What matters isn’t race, what matters is culture (this includes religion, language, ideas, art, etc…) and right now our culture is dominated by State-worshiping Marxist White women who complain at every offence taken. The true enemy are overly sensitive, pandered, whiney and privileged White female snowflakes.

Want to talk about a truly privileged group, let’s talk about one. Let’s talk about the only group that thinks it’s OK to attack a man’s income because they don’t like their opinions. Let’s talk about the only group who make it a point to highlight their offense and use it to gain personal advancement and power.

Think about your interactions in the past, think about the times you’ve been told off for being not PC enough. How often does it come from either a White woman or some soyboy they’ve cucked?

Say it all with me; fuck the Communist Left and fuck the crinkly White women who lead it. Fuck the pussy whipped little soyboys who run around crunched over, desperate to avert their eyes so as not to offend their goddess. This is despite the fact that no woman wants to sleep with a soyboy.

Fuck the women in power who refuse to tell the truth for fear of causing “offence”, instead preferring to sell out the future of our children and grandchildren.

Non-Whites aren’t our enemy, Female Leftists are.

Feminism is cancer.

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  • Alpha Beta

    Regarding the uber rating, feel free to try and explain the benefit to society of free speech, but before the end of the journey drop something some pro-Islam. “Isn’t Wally Aleed interesting?” “Lisa Wilkinson would look good in a burqa” “The post-Christmas sales in Iran are getting a little heated”

  • Micaiah

    Nice work, but I just have one really big problem with what you have said:

    I was going to write this exact article, but now, if I do, it will just look like plagiarism 🙁

  • caeos

    Aka the end of European Civilization. You live in a bubble. Demographics determine the history of nations. You could set immigration to zero tomorrow and it would not be sufficient for most of the West.

    Canada by their gov’s own stats will be less than 20% European by the end of the Century. Australia runs a higher immigration rate than Canada currently. Twice the rate of the US growth via immigration.

    This is called being recolonised but none of you have the balls to admit it and speak the truth.

    • Hear Hear !

    • Craig

      Yes, cowards.

    • Craig

      Who delete comments. This is turning into a non free speech zone.

      • I didn’t see the comment. What did it say ?

    • Caitlin1488⚡️⚡️

      It’s white genocide.

  • Matty, I could scope ahead in your article,when you mentioned Uber and attempting to red pill a couple of dumb bimbo passengers. I thought, for sure, they will give Matty a negative review.

    You hurt their precious snowflake feelings, encroached on their safe space and they reported you: Why are you surprised ?
    You are guilty of wrongspeak, as far as jackbooted fascist Uber is concerned.
    What sort of Australia do we live in today, where you have to think very carefully about what you say ?

    These deadbeat women passengers are the exact type of female to champion the unvetted importation of gross numbers of refugees. ( feelings & emotion rule )
    Those riffraff low IQ refugees will, in turn, adopt a gibsmedat parasitic mentality, and in some cases, rape and murder the very type of woman who championed their entry to our nation.
    How ironic, but unsurprising.

    Look how well the importation of African refugees into Melbourne is going.

    With very very few exceptions, all Western females ( not just leftist ones) are the main problem. Cut and dried.
    The “ feelings” and “emotions” female brigade and their soyboy cucks will be the ruination of this country, and every white western nation.

    Give me a pure white ethno state any day, not some mongrel mulatto mishmash of 100 different ethnic groups,with no common identity or heritage.

    Multiculturalism means less white people. End of story.

    • belt fed 7.62mm

      Well said.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      Or we could just take only those who want to be Australian, rather than mooch of us.

      Must speak fluent English, must not take welfare, citizenship takes 20 years minimum.

      Commit a violent crime and you’re out.

      Asian women are hot dude, as are South American chicks and other foreign women.

      Mixed kids are stronger too.

      It’s too late to unmix this bowl, hah.

      • Craig

        Oh you’re from the Skeptic community, now I understand why you can’t handle free speech.

        Yeah you should see who runs Brazil, Mexico and Argentina… yep all white people ruling over hordes of low IQ brown and black plebs living in shantie towns. Is that what you really want for Australia?

        We agree on one thing, those South American models are really hot, they leave the Asian women in the dust on the beauty scale. Except they always seem to come from places in South America derived of Germans, Italians and French. who wuda thunk it.

        It’s never too late to tip the bowl out, Charlemagne did. The British did when we colonised Australia. The last group of people to tip the bowl out was? Come on you know who.

        Plus we don’t have to tip the bowl out, just separate the coco pops from the rice bubbles.

        • Lol, I believe in freedom of speech to the point of religion (seriously) so that’s funny you think otherwise.

          As you note Brazil and similar nations are dealing with low-IQ’s.

          Low IQ is an issue and we certainly shouldn’t be letting anyone in who isn’t at least above average intelligence.

          My solution is to end welfare rather than judge based on race.

          • Craig

            Hmm someone deleted my post, so who is the moderator, or is it automatic?

            Only high trust homogeneous societies can function without a sit down welfare system. Australia use to be like that many decades ago when it was 99.9% white, as in white Australia policy. So we had Church and community as an organic welfare.

            In a polyglot multicultural Babylonia, such as modern Australia we have identity politics, from give me that welfare to affirmative action for immigrant businessmen, to white aboriginals. To think prole whites won’t start to advocate for a slice of that pie is foolish.

            IMO the genie is out of the bottle and you won’t put it back in. Conservative neocon politics is as popular as a rock nowadays, the Howard days will never return.

            Decline of the US polyglot empire is baked into the cake. Form the destruction of Empires ethnostates emerge.

          • David Hiscox

            Thank you for alerting us to the deletion, Craig. Disqus have been doing some funny things recently.

          • Craig

            Thanks mate. Weird it was there someone liked it then it was gone. Anyway have a good one.

      • Moishe-the-Beagle

        You give your wank-calloused hand away by bringing in the “hotness” of Asian women, etc. Stop watching the porn and you will think a lot more clearly, I promise.

        That “hybrid vigour” thing is such a load of shit, but even if it were true in some respects (you don’t say which–stronger? Like, in muscles…?), we could take the analogy of a race horse crossed with a donkey. Are you making the argument that a mule is somehow better than a racehorse?

        You have yet to make any argument to support your theory that it is “too late” to ethnically cleanse Australia. Common sense says we can just reverse the process: they came, they can leave. Problem?

        Basically, the root problem with your individualist, materialist, sex-and-economic- productivity-based arguments, is that you are a deracinated, unfulfilled person with low horizons. If you want to be that way, fine, keep driving your uber as you save up to go on another Thai sex tour. But don’t expect to win converts when there is an alternative in the marketplace of ideas that offers identity, belonging and idealism.

  • Adam Piggott

    Matty, Matty, Matty – you have far to go in your own red-pilling.

  • SamSammy

    Though your observations about modern white women are sadly true, in my experience these pale-skinned politically-correct princesses of promiscuity are always, ALWAYS enabled by neo-Marxist white and Jewish men in positions of power. Women can only get away with the behaviour that men allow them to get away with. This is a universal truth of human relations that applies just as much to 7th century Arabia and pre-1788 Australia as it does to the rotting edifice that is Western society today. The real problem is not white women, though it might very much seem that way. The real problem is the men who enable them, because at the end of the day it is those men who are using weaponised white women to oppress and destroy white man and the Civilization he has built.

  • Craig

    Dude come on, the gold and now debt laden fiat petro/dollar economically driven empire of American civic nationalism based on JeudoChristianity(Christian Zionism) in the west is dying right now. It’s going to split apart. What will happen after that? Economically, not pleasant things that is for sure. This Empire has only lasted 72 years so far, I give it till year 85 and it starts to finally tip over and fall into the abyss.

    So the Christianity you seek doesn’t even exist in the West at the moment. The JeudoChristianity is blind sighted by its adherence to one thing and one thing only, and it’s over confidence will be it’s down fall. It’s also why Trump will be a one term president. I didn’t want Trump to win for the MAGA, I wanted him to win for the huge REDPILL the Chabad Jews were going to forced down the worlds throat. That’s right Hillary would of been better for Israel and the Diaspora. Jeb Bush was right, “Trump is the chaos president.” the nebbish beta with the dwarf wife was right.

    I simplify, Trump the ignorant enables Jewish Nationalist Extremism. Ethnic Nationalism for me, but not for thee goy.

    Our old age pensioners are now paid with debt money, who also grew up in WHITE AUSTRALIA, who paid for there old age pension by working hard. Had Rudd not spent it all. If wall street, plus perto dollar fiat system was run responsibly we would not need mass immigration to support our aging demographic. Instead our elite plan for an Oceanic Union, which ex PM Rudd said out bloody loud for Christ sake. So our current set of politicians and incoming shit libs of white and Chinese decent are planning a majority MUSLIM oceanic Union. So can you see the future our traitors plan for us yet? All 500 Million of them, Muslim… LOL Feel like a sucker yet.

    You should Listen to Adam Piggot mate he is older and wiser then you. He’s right about Europe. I could flee back to Scotland if I like. I will only do that if the Oceanic Union comes into fruition, that’s when living standards and the community will turn real brown.

    Dugins 4th political theory has a far better chance as it’s based on bio-nationalism and realism, that is far more complex then muh civic Christianity cause muh Zionism… and my East Asian waifu, cause VoxDay who feints alt-right the closet Zionist said. In fact you’d be better off moving to Eastern Europe or Russia as the Orthodox church is going to be Christianities Savior, not the protestant or Catholic West. Our old churches are doomed to die, from without and now from within. You know what Russia and China’s political oligarchics are getting ready for what is coming, for there peoples and themselves. Not wasting money on fricking climate change. What are our cosmopolitan so called western globalist oligarchic elite doing? The total opposite, buying bug out farms in south island NZ and building bunkers, in country for themselves, such loyalty eh.

    Seriously you need to read more and become far more worldly rather then hold onto biases, and ideologies that can have you easily manipulated in to self destruction.

    Oh yeah in future leave the shitlib woman alone, unless your friends or lover to them and have the chance to red pill them over years, cause that’s what it takes. Not a one off stranger conversation. Protect yourself from strangers.

  • Craig

    Are you going to give me a reason why you deleted my comment?

    Free speech for me but not for thee. Hypocrite. lol.

    You could of argued, you could of refuted, except you deleted. Sad.

    • Alpha Beta

      A comment that contained the words Guthrie, juvenile and AFP lasted about a minute. Made me wonder whether this site is …?

      • Craig

        LOL, JudeoChritianity Chritian Zionism, dugins 4th political theory and much more. OH plus Trump and the Chabad cabal… lol


    • I can hear crickets chirping………….

  • Paul Thompson

    A sad commentary that exposes an ugly truth. Thanks for sharing, Matty. I think your idea “no vote, if receiving welfare” has great merit.

  • Caitlin1488⚡️⚡️

    Is XYZ deleting comments now ?

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Good video. A few comments:
    1. What I always say: The enablers of criminals are worse than the criminals themselves. Muslims and Africans are bad and we don’t want them here but they are only here because the leftie welfare system encourages them. Just as Chinese know they can come and buy all the land. If a foreign government guaranteed me a job, access to property with several tax exemptions and a free citizenship I would move in an instant.
    2. Ethno-Nationalism comes in because those who come in under point 1, are and always will be guests. If I moved permanently overseas I would be expected to absorb their culture, learn their language and obey their laws. In Australia, wogs, Italians, Greeks, Czechs, Serbs, Poles and some Asians brought with them this idea. I guarantee more of them bought Holden Commodores and put the Australian flag on their churches than all trendy inner city urbanites of English heritage. These groups came with Christianity and the Western values that built this nation. The current batch of Africans and Middle easterners do no have this, they bring Islam and Ideologies contrary to ours. Australia is an English speaking country and must assert its White/Christian/European national identity.

    3. White women have been completely corrupted by feminism, more of them have university education, more of them spend time on social media and more of them enjoy the current braindead trashy MTV/pop culture scene then men. More women drink than men. I went to a shopping centre yesterday and noticed all patrons at the cinema were white women (with the exception of a few men on dates). They all vote left, do arts degrees and demand big handouts. I suggest you add a surcharge for female passengers in your uber work and if they’re drunk double the surcharge.

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  • Moishe-the-Beagle

    You were stupid to try to red pill those women. Or any woman except one you are married to or intending to be.

    The wages of your naivety leave you feeling butt hurt and wanting to throw your own race under the bus as a form of acting out.

    Emotional immaturity in a couple of dumb bitches is expected. You as a man deserve to be judged more harshly.

    • I had my views on ethnic nationalism well before these two women, whom I wasn’t “trying to red-pill.”

      They asked a question, I answered honestly and they got upset with my answer.

      Hardly butthurt at all, simply highlighting the facts of the encounter and the poor attitudes and behaviour of these two women.

      It’s comments like yours that put people off ethnonationalism.

      • Moishe-the-Beagle

        “They asked a question, I answered honestly and they got upset with my answer.”

        Yes, and you were stupid to do that. We’ve all been there, don’t worry!

        “…simply highlighting the facts of the encounter and the poor attitudes and behaviour of these two women.”

        And the point of doing that would be…?

        “It’s comments like yours that put people off ethnonationalism.”

        Emotionally driven women, maybe.

  • John Sheppard

    An obvious exception I can think of to the females in politics would be Margret Thatcher. Unfortunately I can think of far more bad female politicians than good ones. Maybe Pauline Hanson the only other good female politician I can think of, despite her being a poor communicator.

    After my history with white women, I now have a Vietnamese partner and I don’t think I could go back to be honest! Although, as you say, there are plenty of good white women out there, the problem is all of the good ones are taken (for a damn good reason), and the rest are ones to stay far away from. I was asked if I would marry again, and can’t get past a comment I saw once saying “instead of getting married again, just find a women that hates you and buy her a house”. I think they were onto something ….

  • Moishe-the-Beagle

    “While I’m not opposed to Australia becoming an Anglo-ethnic state I’m also a pragmatist. The horse has bolted and it ain’t ever coming back.”

    “Nor is that to say that the demographic decline of Whites in Australia should be welcomed.”

    Wow, sounds like a winning formula right there. Don’t actually issue a fundamental challenge to your enemy, just, you know, have a bit of a grumble about what they’re doing and the speed with which they’re doing it. Maybe you can convince them to use a smaller dildo, at least for a while?

    I’m sure Tim Soup isn;t laying the groundwork for shuting you down, any more than your boss would dream of sacking you for grumbling about muh free speech. Just as long as you don’t call for a white Australia, no one can call you racist. If they do, you can just tell them that all you care about it IQ. Pretty sure that’ll clear up any misunderstanding between you and antifa. And if they smash your face in, at least you will have been scientifically correct AND non-racist. Win!

    And of course there is NO WAY AT ALL that people who came here on a plane from countries where they had millennially deep roots, can just as easily leave on one. I mean, for that to work we would have to, like, pass a law making it illegal for them to own real-estate or claim social security after a deadline, say, five years in the future. Can you imagine the logistics???