Not only is Jordan Peterson not an alpha male, he’s a member of the left intelligentsia


On the latest episode of The Greasy Pole podcast I discussed with The Great One the claim that Jordan Peterson is an alpha male as claimed in this article – Jordan Peterson is the alpha male that America needs.

“Part political commentator, part psychologist, all alpha male — Peterson recently called the author of a New York Books piece on him a “sanctimonious prick” for mislabeling him a “fascist” — he is a veritable trifecta of intellect, political thought, and commentary on the Right.”

This is the only part of the piece, (written by a woman), that even remotely attempts to back up the claim of his supposed alphaness. As I said to The Great One, Peterson is at best a situational alpha. Stand him up in front of a captivated crowd of Millennial university students or point him at some dim-witted prog harpy on a TV show catering for people with an IQ in double digits and he will appear to be the great alpha that he is claimed to be. But an actual alpha male?

Not on your life. He fails with the most important core alpha trait – women. He married a woman that he first met when he was 7 years old and whom he “instantly fell in love with” and whom he then pussy worshipped until she finally married him.

He also consistently gives women a free pass. The burden of responsibility according to Peterson must always fall on men. He constantly tells men to “man up” and to take responsibility and become “good men”. Run a search with his name and those key words and a veritable avalanche of links, videos and interviews will pop up. But replace men with women and do a similar search and all you will find are the same links. Peterson is just about the perfect example of putting the pussy on the pedestal.

A great deal of what Peterson says about men is true, but that does not automatically mean that he himself embodies those traits. Peterson is a clinical psychologist and a professor at a university. His job is to observe and analyze and in that regard he is at the top of his profession, (which itself is rather low hanging fruit). But for some reason people, particularly women, assume that his accurate analysis means that in this one instance he himself must be that which he talks about.

It is interesting that Peterson himself does not attempt to disabuse people of this false notion.

I have been an advocate of Peterson for a while and he speaks a great deal of truth. But on reflection I am beginning to reappraise my position on him. Did the alt right embrace him so readily because we thought we had finally found someone who taught in progressive universities who wasn’t a foaming at the mouth liberal? Peterson is most certainly not foaming at the mouth; but is it true that he is not a liberal? The assumption has been that but perhaps he is merely a liberal whom we find palatable.

Peterson seems to be the real deal because we desperately want him to be the real deal.

Another thing that I have noticed in his discussions and speeches, and particularly in the Q&A sessions, is that he constantly skirts around the subject of biological reality. Once again the assumption on our part has been that he doesn’t want to go there because it would make his position untenable within the prog system in which he works. But that is a comfortable and convenient assumption on our part. Perhaps the truth is that he doesn’t go there because he himself is a believer of the magic dirt theory of race.

Most damning of all is that Peterson does not depend on the university system for financial security anymore. He makes a great deal of money from his Youtube videos and his book was a number 1 best seller. Technically he is antifragile in this regard, and yet he still clings to his university position as a convenient get out of jail free card when the topics of discussion veer towards the more unpalatable.

Peterson has set himself up as a force of moral integrity for Millennial men starved of any role models by a society that has become dominated by the left and turned into a matriarchy. He seems to be a breath of fresh air but in essence his message for young men is to become the exact same good and obedient men that the matriarchy demands. The message is the same, only the messenger seems different.

Recently Peterson wrote a piece titled On the so-called Jewish question. There was a good deal of push-back in the comments, but the real push-back he encountered was from Vox Day – The myth of Jordan Peterson’s integrity.

“I do not know Jordan Peterson, but his incorrect and deceitful arguments and his unfair, unjustified attacks on his critics show him to be an inept and integrity-challenged coward who lacks commitment to the truth. The combination of his sudden success with his observable intellectual ineptitude suggests that he has been elevated by the mainstream media in order to provide a harmless, toothless, and non-Christian alternative to the failed conservative movement of William F. Buckley and the failed neoconservative movement of Bill Kristol and Ben Shapiro.”

As of this time Peterson has not responded to Day’s demolition of his article. A live debate between the two will most probably not eventuate as Day would be too great a risk and the topics at hand are as we know are verboten for Peterson.

Ultimately I believe that Peterson is an elaborate and very clever deception to prevent young men from inadvertently straying off the progressive reservation by using sophisticated messaging via a platform that seems on the surface to be a genuine alternative to the prog reality. The real proof is in the fact that Peterson himself continues to be successful in the extremely insular and political progressive bastion of university education. Not only that but his fiefdom is clinical psychology, itself one of the most perverted fields in a perverted kingdom. You cannot remain in that environment and consider yourself to be apart from it, let alone pure and untainted.

This article was originally published at, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

  • Ron Mortimer

    Whether what you say is completely true or not, it is better for us that he exists, not least because he causes progtards to froth at the mouth. He is like many others that have red pilled millions even if they are not the 100% real deal themselves.

  • Have to disagree, he came down directly on the side of James Damore when it comes to biology. He basically said Damore was right and cited scientific facts about gender.

    He’s also super critical of feminism and points out the mistakes women make in taking up a career over a family.

    So while he’s rhetoric might not be as strong or direct as some would prefer he’s certainly not wrong and doesn’t give women a free pass by any means.

    You mention he’s within the progressive university system and thriving but don’t forget he has tenure that means he can say what he wants.

    He’s in the perfect position to criticise his fellow university professors and do so effectively.

    Finally you keep saying he’s a “liberal” as though he hasn’t said so himself, he frequently calls himself a Liberal but in the classical sense rather than the “progressive” sense.

    I like that he’s taking back the word from the Left, it doesn’t belong to them!

  • So he’s riding the kiketrain all the way to moneyville? Tell us something else we couldn’t suspect from his ease of travel throughout the far flung Empire of Israel.

    And marrying his childhood sweetheart is a negative? Oh dear.

  • Peter Harris

    This has come to be a great shock to the Alt-wrong haters and misanthropes.

    • Ron Mortimer

      Everybody hates something, so get over it. But if we are talking of haters, the left are the champions by far.

  • Grant Summers

    Interesting take, but I’ve been following Peterson for years and he’s not saying anything new for the sake of popularity. I believe he is genuine and consistent, and he understands his field exceptionally well.
    If there’s any failure associated with Peterson, it’s a failure in the alt-right’s expectations of him. He never said he going cure cancer, or prove definitively that multiculturalism is a catastrophe in the making. He only ever attempts to help people better understand the human condition and the underlying reasons for our lifelong struggles.
    Take it or leave it.

  • Dave Black

    Adam – You have let your caveman out of his box again. I lost interest about a third of the way through the article when I realised it was more of the “same same Adam Piggott”
    You have some really valid arguments to contribute and they are much appreciated, but too much Neanderthal hyperbole demeans the force of your assertions

  • Ted Pawlicki

    Adam Piggott, you are so full of shit that your eyeballs are turning brown. Peterson may not fit into one of your little boxes, but revolutions come through new ideas, which you clearly don’t get.

  • btme

    In a world full of stupid takes, this one stands out for it’s unique idiocy.

  • Jan Langley-Sabo


  • Deanna Dubbin

    ‘The assumption has been that but perhaps he is merely a liberal whom we find palatable.’ Soooo, what if he is a Liberal that we find palatable? I’d say that makes him even more rare and a force to be reckoned with. He’s a man with real ideas that help people. You appear to have some issues with that, which leads me to wonder about whether or not you are projecting some of your own insecurities onto him. Make a difference in people’s lives, then report back on how that went and how many fans you have writing to tell you, you saved them. You’re digging down pretty deep to find fault when you might want to clean up you’re own back yard first. Ohh . . . did you make your bed?

    • Abu Nudnik

      Peterson won’t be HIS MOUTHPIECE. That’s the whole of his objection.

  • Bob

    Weird, the young and hottest, traditional-minded woman I know who demands a dominant man finds him incredibly attractive.

    • welshcontrarian

      That is why Adam called him a ‘situational Alpha at best.’ Women will find him attractive because he is an intellectual celebrity. This doesn’t mean that men should follow his example if they don’t have the same situational advantages he does.

      If the average guy obsesses over a woman like Peterson obsesses over his wife, he will get a restraining order.

      • Bob

        No, she finds him attractive because he’s an intelligent, confident, sexy beast with a smooth mouth. Nothing to do with his celebrity.

  • Pete Skeet

    Nice subjective vendetta.

    You’ll remain the fringe part of politics the reasonable people on the right point and laugh at.


  • Marek Oleszkiewicz

    Personally, I distrust any man who is too attached to the labels like “alpha male”, “alt-right” or any other for that matter.
    The author of the article is apparently very disappointed that Peterson does not want to join the alt-right circle jerk, so he tries to write a hit-piece and just like in the case of the left, his critique is without any real substance. Grasping at straws and arguments pulled from behind. Peterson is not alpha enough, because he doesn’t smoke cigars and ride a motorbike like you do? Or because he is with one woman that he loves and doesn’t sleep around?
    I have the impression that this so called “alpha” ideal is somewhat stereotypical, so I could also take this road and claim that the Adam “super alpha male” Piggott is some dumb muscle guy, who tries to be smart, but fails miserably, which is evident from the kindergarten level of the above article.

    • Abu Nudnik

      He wants Peterson to be his dummy, his personal mouthpiece.

  • Peterson is trying to be the Goldilocks of Liberal race realism.

    “This porridge is too racist! This porridge is too scientifically untenable!! THIS porridge is Just Right.”

    Problem is, the truth is not some happy middle that just-so-happens to be imperceptibly to the Right of currently acceptable political discourse.

  • Máire Daly

    You knock a guy because he loves his wife?

  • Abu Nudnik

    Maybe he “clings to” his university position because he earned it and because he was threatened by its loss by ideological bullies on the left. Now he has to defend himself from ideological bullies on the right. What is it with you people who cry foul every time you can’t get your whole arm up a man’s patootie to move his lips like your very own dummy?

  • Wait, so…

    Peterson is a progressive, beta cuck… Parading as a right leaning educator who routinely refers to the left as “toxic, neo marxist, social constructionist types” because…

    – He married a chick he knew since he was a kid
    – He’s a clinical psychologist who doesn’t make grandiose claims outside of his own field of expertise (a literal argument from silence just FYI)
    – He’s a tenured psychologist who wrote a brilliant book about psychology and lextures about psychology, who decided to continue being a clinical psychologist after his bookwas a hit…

    Why the hell did Google think I would be interested in this tripe??

  • Craig

    Classical liberalism of the enlightenment lead to progressive liberalism of today. The current Classical liberalism is just the progressive cause with a little front dressing of conservative traditionalism, go back 50 odd years ago it was classical liberalism with a front dressing of Nationalism. In the USA a homosexual who had a fetish for younger men by the name of William F. Buckley, purged the Nationalists from the conservative movement altogether, that same ideology spread like a cultural eating cancer through out the western world. Look at the fruits that man’s ideology bought forth today…

    Classical Liberals or conservatives if you will do not conserve, they yell “Stop”, then 10 years latter makes excuses why losing on a traditional issue, such as “gay marriage” saying it all with a bible in hand, is OK. That’s one of many reasons why we call you cucks and cuckservatives.

    I just watched a youtube clip of Peterson doing exactly that, from a statistical secular point of view, his only objection to the current “Gay Marriage” in Australia, is that it’s of the cultural Marxists stripe, if it was legislated under the premise of classical liberalism it would be a good for the nation, apparently. Peterson will convert zero cultural Marxists, he’s preaching to the “Classical Liberal” crowd. His tactics to oppose the cultural marxists in the schools may slow it some what, I doubt it will stop it, being the other half of the population will oppose the changes.

    What you are witnessing is a centrist classical liberal attempting to take back the middle, which will fail, in the politically bifurcating western world of today.

    Peterson is wrong, it’s not that individualism will kill western civilization, it’s the fact individualism has already killed western civilization. Most people just don’t realize it yet.

    Lots of love a Heathen Christian…Heil Thor.

    ^^^See what I mean.

    I think Adam triggered and trolled the classical liberals, who want the whole right side of politics to go back to the safe space of colour blindness pretty good. 🙂

  • DeadBones

    Wait…so hes not an Alpha male because he loves a woman? Haha thats the most ridiculous thing, oh wait the rest of this “article” is just as ridiculous. There’s no indication of any proof, about well anything that was said here. Its all conjecture.

  • Abu Nudnik

    Most damning of all… what are you? a communist? what business is it what someone else does for money? He earned his job as a professor.

  • Abu Nudnik

    First the left got upset ’cause they couldn’t get their arms up his patootie to move his lips, now you.

  • George Apostolou

    So, Peterson is an unusual and somewhat odd personality, who is running super hot these days. I fear he is heading towards crash or burn-out. Can’t say that I am all-in on his thinking, but find him refreshing, provocative, and always worth the effort to understand. We’ll have to see how he deals with fame, influence and wealth. Fingers crossed.

  • David Rairigh

    Well, clearly he should buy a class session with you to tell him what he’s doing wrong.

  • Scott Vance

    Influences others, men and women-check
    Highly intelligent – check
    Financially successful in multiple domains-check
    Demands the room-check
    Attractive- so my female friends say-check
    Not alpha male?

  • wjamyers

    I read the first few sentences, noticed it was drivel, skipped to the comments and found all is well-in-hand here. Ciao!

  • Fede Vieira Nobre

    nobody should take this seriously, clearly writted by internet troll or some kid with iphone

  • The “oppressed” vs the “oppressor” narrative is being questioned and being understood by people all over the world. Without that narrative the leftist progressives have NOTHING to offer. Individualism and self-reliance gave rise to Western civilization, victim mentality and government worship almost destroyed it but NO MORE. Listen to Candace Owens.

  • Matthew McCann

    this adam piggott’s writing is awful. clearly written from the ego without any interest in the greater good. almost child-like behavior.

  • W. Hunter

    I’m enjoying all the short shrieking comments from the shilling sheep that have dropped in from Petersons Twitter fanclub.

    Mensa, you aint.

  • zenopod

    We are at war with communism and you are taking cheap pot shots at one of our side’s top men!

  • Patrick Buckley

    I’m jealous of Peterson, he found someone he wanted to be with. He went after what he wanted, and he took it. Not only that but he was entirely capable of putting his foot down when it came to her taking his last name. How is that not Alpha as all heck?

    Seems to me like the writer of this article is a total Psudo.

  • instant mash

    jp is the man. no equal doing his schtick. awesome!

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  • Minging

    “Most damning of all is that Peterson does not depend on the university system for financial security anymore. He makes a great deal of money from his Youtube videos and his book was a number 1 best seller. Technically he is antifragile in this regard, and yet he still clings to his university position as a convenient get out of jail free card when the topics of discussion veer towards the more unpalatable.”

    Quite the contrary… it is the fact he does not rely on the university system that he still maintains his unwavering views in spite of the now relentless attacks from every angle of the left media and academia.

  • reversechapter

    “But replace men with women and do a similar search and all you will find are the same links.”

    He does a good job of explaining why equality of outcome is a terrible idea, too, just as he does a good job of reiterating very fundamental Western concepts derived from the European Enlightenment and the American Revolution. But we’re suffering a wave of modern liberals educated by a failed public education system over the past couple of generations – collectivist authoritarians intent on revisiting the same problems we’ve already solved at least once.

    Peterson is a classical liberal. He’s extremely cautious about the language he uses, and I admit it becomes annoying at times. But there’s a reason he’s popular. People like you are the reason, just like Trump’s rise is a result of modern liberals who promote old ideas exposed as false over the past 2/3 centuries.

    Today’s leftists naturally attack Jordan using bizarre logic. Peterson and Sam Harris have had some great debates, and they disagree amicably about what is fundamental. But the people currently trashing today’s best liberal philosophers (Harris/Peterson/Dawkins/Weinstein…etc.) are not providing good, hard-to-very explanations to support their criticism (see David Deutsch…”The Beginning of Infinity”).

    Keep plugging Stalin and Mao. I don’t get it.