NT Govt’s newest CBD app to launch



Months on from the exciting announcement in this year’s budget; the NT Government’s interactive app ‘Where Can I take a Shit?’ went live this morning on the Esplanade. The app provides location data across the Darwin CBD detailing handy spots to take a shit in public, while minimising the chance of annoying local business owners or members of the general community.

Doorways, high volume footpath areas, and trees of importance (e.g., the big boab tree next to the Cavanagh St Post Office) are now off limits. Alternatively the tropical garden beds around Parliament House get the thumbs up, as does the hidden bits of canopy along the walkway up from Deckchair.

The Chief Minister’s own crack Territory Tech Team! drove the development of the app, and a clearly delighted Mr Gunner was on hand for the app’s first ever download. ‘Look, this is just fantastic!’ enthused Mr Gunner, while giddily running around locating poo emojis on his phone PokemonGo style. The small media contingent then joined Mr Gunner and his development team in an early breakfast of Paul’s Ice Coffee, and croissants.

Perhaps it was the weather (early Buildup with the usual dreadful humidity), maybe the croissants weren’t quite right but soon enough the app wasn’t just going live – it was in use. Fortunately a suitable ‘location’ was found quickly with the Chief Minister motioning those in attendance to follow him (into the long grass behind the climbing centre on Doctors Gully Road).

Bon chance Chief Minister, with this kind of ingenuity on display, we can hardly go wrong.

Note: Funding for Where Can I take a Shit? was made available under the Commonwealth’s City Plan initiative.

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