Obama disappointed: US Personnel involved in “racial profiling” incident


US President Barack Obama has expressed his disappointment and deep regret at an incident overnight involving US citizens, including a current member and an ex-member of the US military. It is alleged the personnel were on a train in Belgium, when the US personnel racially profiled a Moroccan national, who later became violent.

Apparently, the men were interviewed by waiting police in Arras, as it is believed that several people, including the Moroccan, were hurt in the ensuing scuffle.

imageA “spokesperson” for Obama stated, “this goes against everything we have been working towards for the last six years, to bring fundamental change to the US as a nation, and to our military. We have been working hard to remove this kind of initiative from the psyche of the American people – what this shows is that as a nation, we still have a long way to go.”

A “spokesperson” for the EU, commenting on reports that weapons, including an automatic rifle, were involved in the incident, said he was concerned that Europe was importing a “culture of gun violence” from the United States.

It’s your XYZ.

  • Susan Hayes

    Obama is really like our Labor Party leader here in Australia he is just another Muslim loving Jew hating conman who uses his position to spread his vile hatred to destroy our Democratic freedoms contained in both America and Australia’s Constitution.
    Obviously the French and others on the train do NOT agree with his comments here. They claimed these soldiers were hero’s who risked their lives to save others on the train,
    French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve praised the trio. “Without their sangfroid we could have been confronted with a terrible drama,” he said.

    • Bramley

      Onya Susan

  • David Pearce

    Someone needs to take obama out, for the good of the country…he is dragging it down with his muslim views..time for a revolt!

  • Devlin

    Now wait a minute here, from what I read of this incident was that the Moroccan was actually a muslim who had brought arms on the train and had plans to shoot up the train. If it hadn’t been for these courageous men people would had been murdered.