Ode to Daisy Cousens


A conservative cutie called Daisy

Drives all the femtards crazy!

‘Cause her old school cool

Makes strong men to drool

She make their minds a bit hazy.

But you ugly, vile old Cleminists,

Are totally joyless feminists.

It’s been quite a while since you had any style,

You malevolent, vindictive Leninists.

Hey communist fem in a dress,

No man would ever confess,

That it’s you they desire

‘Cause they’d rather set fire

To their crutch than give you caress!

Our Daisy is as Aphrodite

A gorgeous goddess who is mighty.

While Clementine sucks

And wants men to be cucks

While living their lives in a nighty.

  • Jamie Blank


  • clemilf

    I have seen her under perform on the Bolt report, and her skinlooks like she has regular alcoholic debauches… the wall takes no prisoners (and narcissism only fades).

    • Bumpstock

      Now fuck off back to Slackbastard, troll.

      • Jamie Blank

        I agree with @clemilf.

        She’s only in the same league as Ann Coulter when it comes to childlessness. Even when compared to the great Peta Credlin, our dear Daisy hasn’t peaked so high.

        Approaching 35 is approaching the wall.


        A pasty skin drunkard who hates feminism might be cute, but she’s not child rearing material. Want a good woman under 25? Go to a local church. I wish I could say a Catholic Church, although, it’s the irrational evangelical hand clapping protestants win in this area, even the Anglicans have been cucked. You won’t find better odds of finding a good woman anywhere other than in a church. Same deal for women, it’s where the good men go on the weekend.

        When Milo said “feminism is cancer”, he wasn’t being a mean, funny and nasty troll; he was speaking pragmatically. Feminism encourages women NOT to have babies. Feminism is hosted and tolerated by our society while at the same time it is killing our society by reducing our population. Feminism discourages couples from having babies. What’s worse, is that feminism encourages the breakdown of the family unit via single mother nonsense. Feminism is cancer.

        While being anti feminist; I’m certainly not advocating a return to Vex Loconia. I’d actively push against such unfair laws, like many in the Christian world before me have done. The ideals behind feminism are a lie. We need a way to reject these lies without looking like women beating Neanderthals. Love and compassion are likely keys to winning this war, although, rapid removal of certain figures from key positions would be beneficial. I see a wedge formation with the popular “toxic masculinity” meme.

        • Bucky Redux

          We each apparently carry about 4% of Neanderthal genetics.
          Sometimes you just have to let yourself go full Neanderthal…….even if you are a failed gay librarian.

          • Jamie Blank

            It’s the failed gay librarian that comprises my 4%

            As you may say, this explains much.

  • clemilf

    The wall is undefeated, tickets to the donkey show are available

    • Repeal fake marriage

      Could you explain what the wall is please?

      • Jamie Blank

        To old to have children.
        With age she looses sex appeal.

      • Bucky Redux

        It’s something you hit after a carton of stubbies….

    • Bucky Redux

      Undefeated….. unless you regularly imbibe baby sacrifice blood and Adrenochrome….

  • clemilf

    XX individuals can be likened to fruit: unripe (0-16); ripe (17-28); over-ripe (29-34); rotten(>35)

  • Bucky Redux
  • Vlad_the_Impaler✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ


  • Gary Slenders

    Listen up fan boys and haters of Daisy. According to Wigglepedia:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTPgD7dx_38&list=PLarjlsBUGt0U1Ih8uEzoxyo8OlyfT_Uj3 at 9.30 minutes in the video the young lass in the centre is none other than one Ms D. Cousens.

    As far as I am concerned, that is real talent!