The one main reason you must stop voting for the Liberals

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher.

Malcolm Turnbull’s little coterie of leftist lickspittles have been starting to question their faltering messiah.

Even Nikki Savva, the toxic, snobbish, nepotistic dwarf who serves as Lord Malcolm’s court jester, is probably spending her nights in one of Canberra’s overpriced watering holes weeping softly into a glass of Chardonnay.

The leftist nincompoops who scribbled paeans of joy for Fairfax last September are now in full assault on their former icon. Even the rotund mandarins Malcolm Farr and Laurie Oakes are now making grave murmurings about this newest failed messiah.

But all these brilliant media minds, that without exception, kowtowed on their bellies for Rudd, Gillard and now King Malcolm, are agreed on one important point:

Tony Abbott can never return to the Prime Minister’s chair.

And it seems many in the Parliamentary Liberal Party agree.

“A member of Mr Abbott’s own conservative faction estimates he would command no more than 10 votes in the partyroom today, despite the public disappointment that has been the Turnbull ascendancy.. ‘You could put the Right flank in a telephone box virtually,’ said a conservative source.”

This, of course, needs to be taken with a grain of salt; the author, Hugh Aston, is one of the aforementioned brilliant minds who assured us that Lord Turnbull was the greatest thing since sunlight, so he definitely has a dog in the fight.

If Turnbull continues to wilt under the pressure of ruling with a one seat majority, a desperate party would elect anyone.  If the events of last September prove anything, it’s that the average Liberal Party MP is a servile, pathetic, cowardly selfish cur with the morality of a public toilet and the survival instinct of a concussed rat.

After all, even the ALP, despite their factional system and culture of blind obedience when faced with similar pressure, went begging to Kevin Rudd, a narcissistic sociopath.

But even if they did go back to Abbott in a fit of blind panic at the prospect of being removed from the trough, it wouldn’t matter.

One quote from his article is factual, true and disturbing:

“Of the 19 elected Liberals in NSW, just Craig Kelly would be expected to back Mr Abbott.”

The Federal Parliamentary Liberal party barely has any principled Conservatives left.

Michael Photios and other leftists inside the Liberal party apparatus in NSW have put leftists into safe seats for so long that actual conservatives are now notable for their rarity. The same has happened in other states, the Gramscian march through the institutions has now gone so far that it has gained a dominant position in what was once the largest centre right party in Australia.

Despite the fact that honest right-of-centre folk remain, they are in the minority.

Even some who claim to be of the Conservative faction such as Josh Frydenberg amazingly manage damascene conversions on issues like Gay Marriage when the slightest pressure is imposed. It becomes painfully clear that the amount of “Conservatives” inside the PLP with any Conservative principles at all could probably fit in a small minivan.

Unless you know for certain that your local representative is one of the lonely few Liberals worth voting for, there is no longer any reason to give your first preference to the light blue version of the ALP.

If you vote for the Liberals in the House or the Senate, at either the State or Federal level, you are not making anything better. Just as millions of older Australians continue to support corrupted and rotten organizations like the ABC, out of nostalgia for the days when they weren’t infested by leftists, Conservatives will continue to vote for the sad and decrepit remains of a party that was once the voice of right-thinking middle Australia.

But it’s time to move on: this fortress is breached, this levee burst, and this trench taken. If the Unions started funding them tomorrow they’d be indistinguishable from the ALP within a month.

All thinking Australians must now move their votes elsewhere.

And this must happen, despite the fact that even losing half of their voter support will not wake up those now in power within what was once the party of Menzies; leftists just don’t work that way.

Go to One Nation, go to Katter, go to the ALA, or go wherever you feel most at home.

Preference the Libs over the ALP and Greens unless you feel your local Liberal needs teaching a lesson. Encourage your friends, your family and your workmates to do the same.

But whatever you do, don’t continue to support with your time, money or first preference vote the zombie party that clings to a macabre simulacrum of its former life.

As with the Universities, as with the ABC, the Liberal Party that once served Australia and Australians is dead.

And while the leftists now pulling its strings continue to jerk the rotting corpse around, it will not rest in peace.