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The Great Whore

Billionaires are dropping like flies in Saudi Arabia right now. Over the weekend, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrested or executed 11 princes in...

Does Guardian writer Jason Wilson know anyone who’s not an Anarchist?

Frequent readers of XYZ would know about the rather funny antics of Guardian Opinion writer Jason Wilson. As we’ve pointed out in previous articles...

Elderly balding Guardian writer yells at Milo Yiannopoulos

Guardian opinion writer Jeff Sparrow wrote a piece the other day urging leftists to band together and fight the awful extremism of Milo Yiannopoulos. If...

Quote of the Day: Definition of Marxism in the Current Year

The following definition of Marxism, as it exists today, comes courtesy of Rod Lampard: "Rich people manipulating not-so-rich people, into eliminating other rich people that...

The Far Left Terrorists Hiding in Plain Sight

For a very brief period this month I was a contributor to the Spectator Australia. Then suddenly I wasn’t. It turns out the Stasi...