The Pied Pipers of Perfidy


As I have pondered this country’s excruciatingly high tax rates, broken and dysfunctional families, intrusive nanny state and widespread mentality of entitlement, I have sometimes asked myself: How did Australia become such a socialist tyranny run by bureaucratic Big Sister control freaks?

Australian settlers photo
Aussie settlers, 1872. Photo by State Library of Queensland, Australia

We most certainly didn’t start out that way. We were almost genetically selected against it. The convicts who were sent out here at first were, in the main, not thorough villains. They were mainly petty crooks and small-time knaves. Born in a different time or class, they would have been entrepreneurs. The free settlers who followed them were certainly not state-dependent degenerates. They chose to emigrate to the harshest climate on Earth in order to build a society that would provide their grandchildren with a better life than they had back in the teeming cities of Britain. Now that’s delayed gratification. The successive waves of immigrants since have had similar values, at least until very recent times. What then accounts for the progressive slide into socialism that we’ve seen now for the better part of a century?


Now matter how much more cogent our arguments, no matter how disastrous the consequences of socialism for our society and no matter how much Father Reality keeps beating it into us that socialism is cancer, the country keeps drifting inexorably leftward. This has happened in all areas of society – economically, culturally and politically. For many in the new right which is now emerging, conservatism appears to have been at best a retardant for the pace of the progressivist transformation of Australia, and at worst a rearguard action which has consolidated leftists’ earlier gains. The policies of conservative governments in 2016 are the socialists’ policies of 1986.

It is for this reason that right-thinking men and women are abandoning the establishment conservative parties in droves. Perhaps this is ultimately because there is very little left in the cupboard to conserve. The last century has been like watching the bathwater spin leftward down the drain after the plug is pulled; the best the conservatives have been able to accomplish is to sometimes put the plug back in. This has been true across the West, as the leviathan State has inserted its tentacles into every area of life. This has happened despite the natural instincts of most people in this country to stick with what works: the traditional family unit, economic liberty, local decision-making and a preference for facts over dogma.

Although SJWs squeal like piglets whenever Andrew Bolt says something real about race, gender or culture, or the fearless Rita Panahi points out the left’s hypocrisy regarding Islam’s treatment of women, they don’t really care. They’re just virtue-signalling in front of each other. When the conservative side of politics wins elections, it’s not sackcloth and ashes at Women’s Studies departments across the land. Their outrage is ritualised, like the actors at Japanese funerals. This is because they know the beta-female proto-feminists they’re incubating in their classes will go on to staff the bureaucracy, schools, corporate offices and hospitals of the nation.

Fireworks photo
It has been theorised that the demolition of the ABC would trigger mass celebrations Australia-wide.  Photo by EpicFireworks

Let us imagine for just a moment what would happen if a truly rightist government was elected and they announced the privatisation of all public schools, the conversion of all hospitals into not-for-profit autonomous units, the abolition of all taxes save perhaps a land tax, the retraction of all legislation passed in the last century and the demolition by explosives of the public broadcasters. Now that would make politics interesting again.

The reality is, the left doesn’t really care who the PM is because Marx rules the kindergartens. Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, the left lure away our children, especially the brightest and most passionate among them, using the socialist siren song of historical grievance, moral nihilism and the tyranny of equality that breeds envy, guilt, hatred and degeneracy. The classroom and the lecture hall are the throne room of the succubus of socialist self-righteousness which gives the ignorant and the immoral weapons to intimidate and parasite upon the productive and the virtuous.

By now the blood of some of you, my dear readers, will be boiling. You’ll be furiously scrolling down to comment in order to restore order and justice by lacerating me with such commonplaces as, ‘Not all teachers are like that’, ‘Teachers work hard, you know’, ‘Education is like FOX News – fair and balanced’ and ‘You’re a blankety blankety Murdoch media blankety blankety racist sexist blankety blankety blankface’. I know. What I also know from intimate personal experience, and what I am attacking here, is the ideological conformity and extremism of the teaching profession. This is not a conspiracy theory; it’s just reality. Like journalists at the ABC, teachers will tell you that they’re politically moderate. They expect you, like Little Red Riding Hood hearing the wolf, to nod your head sagely and agree. They are not. If a teacher manages to get accredited and is not a Cultural Marxist, the experience will radicalise them the other way. I am living proof of that. Outside of maths and perhaps the sciences, there are very few ideological moderates in education today.

If you believe, as most of us used to, that the best way for a boy to handle bullies is with his fists, you’re going to have trouble with the nanny statists teaching your child. If you believe, like Father Reality, that equality exists nowhere in nature and that excellence is a far more worthy ideal than egalitarianism, you might well have trouble. If you think that the Atlantic slave trade was not the worst thing that ever happened in the universe, that European imperialism brought light to a benighted globe and that lesbian slam poetry from the Caribbean is not of the same cultural value as Shakespeare’s sonnets, you’re absolutely going to have trouble. Tell your kids to stick to maths.

The usual overview of the leftist takeover of education begins with the bell-bottomed radicals of the ’60s becoming the tenured radicals of the ’80s and ’90s, and this is true. The student uprisings of the late ’60s were a critical turning point, when the current identity-based form of socialism began to predominate. In truth though, the socialist takeover of education in the West began much earlier and its roots go much deeper. In the US it was Progressives of the 19th century such as Horace Mann, Robert Owen and John Dewey, all ardent socialists, who brought in Prussian ideas of state-sponsored compulsory mass schooling to replace the independent schoolhouses which had grown up out of local communities prior. In Britain and Australia, the Fabian socialists were particularly influential in bringing about the introduction of mandatory childhood socialist indoctrination.

Antonio gramsci photo
Antonio Gramsci, cretin. Photo by Abode of Chaos

After World War II the system of indoctrination became much more formalised, universal and hegemonic. In Britain, Marxist intellectuals such as Dennis Dworkin rediscovered the work of Antonio Gramsci, who was a communist intellectual imprisoned by the fascist dictator of Italy, Benito Mussolini, in the 1920s. Remember, World War II and its prelude in Europe was a civil war between the two wings of leftism; and civil wars are always the nastiest. Gramsci coined the termed ‘fifth column’; he argued that the reason the communist revolution didn’t spread outside of Russia in 1917 was because of the Judaeo-Christian culture of the West. What Marxists had to do was gain control of the culture from the inside and subvert and demoralise it, so that then the West would succumb and join the delightful workers’ paradise being constructed in the East.

This idea had an enormous impact on the development of Cultural Marxism after World War II. Cultural Marxist ideas were already spreading throughout Western universities during the 1950s, and when the New Left emerged in the late ’60s and violently took over our university campuses, the Cultural Marxist takeover of education was complete. Those bearded radicals became the aforementioned professors of the following decades. The most radical departments in the universities, and the ones which socialists make the most effort to ensure ideological conformity in, are the education departments. In this way, the postwar Cultural Marxists conquered the future that we are living in today. They have been busy destroying the foundations of Western culture all the while.

Although I am here outlining how these civilisational traitors have operated to bring about the current madrassas of Marxist identity-politics which our children are forced to attend, I am not holding up any era of schooling as the gold standard we need to return to. I am not arguing a conservative position. There was no Golden Age of education; there has always been some element of indoctrination involved in education. What I am arguing is that, at the moment, the indoctrination that is occurring is being done covertly and is at odds with the values that mainstream Australians would expect to see being developed in their children. I am also arguing that the indoctrination has now reached such a point of extremism that there is very little left that could be called ‘education’ at all.

The primary difference between education and indoctrination is that the first starts with reality and the second starts with dogma. If we wish to salvage education in this country and halt the decline into morbid tyranny that the current indoctrination is driving, then we must restore inductive-deductive reasoning, an empirical ontology and the transmission of heritage in the classroom and lecture hall.

Alexander the great photo
Alexander the Great.  Had the right idea. Photo by Art of Nature – Life in Living Colour

Inductive-deductive reasoning is what enabled the scientific revolution during the Early Modern period. It is also what we discover in the works of Aristotle, the philosopher who tutored Alexander the Great. It is, I believe, one of the most valuable components of our Western intellectual heritage. Inductive-deductive reasoning means that our thinking begins and ends with reality, rather than the imposition of preconceived ideological notions. This method of thinking has the quest for truth at the heart of it, rather than a moral position about what beliefs and doctrines we want to inculcate in the young. There is a place for moral and spiritual instruction, but if we are teaching history or literature then we should be teaching history or literature. The current practice in Australian education is to mine whatever discipline is being studied for the evidence it can yield up to prove our ideological beliefs. This is teaching-as-confirmation-bias, and creates the SJW snowflake crusaders who post valiantly to Tumblr but need a safe space and trigger warnings to protect them from the word ‘slut’.

If we are to do this, we must again discover a respect for reality. We must begin again to value the truth and to be empirical in our thinking, no matter how politically incorrect the truth may reveal itself to be. An empirical basis for study like this quickly leads to insight about who we are as individuals and as a civilisation. The left will tell us that this leads to hate, but that is a lie. It leads to love of one’s people and respect for one’s traditions. It is impossible to respect the traditions of others if we do not know and love the traditions of our own people. Self-knowledge is the only path to true knowledge of others.

So what will our soon-to-be-elected rightist government do to fix these problems by destroying indoctrination and restoring education? Given that the overriding task of these right-thinking men and women will be to destroy Marxism in this country, the abolition of compulsory mass schooling would have to be one of their first actions (after the explosives). Public education, after all, was one of Marx’s Ten Planks in the Communist Manifesto to bring about the communist revolution in the West. People will still educate their children, and communities will once again set up locally-controlled schools. If the schoolhouses of the 19th century are anything to go by, standards will be higher than at public schools today.

This transition will also require elimination of teacher training and certification and the restoration of knowledge-based exams for aspiring teachers, similar to the bar exam for law. These would be overseen by the local communities who have a stake in the schools. If we give local communities oversight of education, we will also quickly find that schools will no longer pretend that all students are destined for university. Schooling will become much more responsive to the local economy, and this increased efficiency will probably mean children don’t need to be incarcerated for thirteen of the most valuable years of their lives.

Given how familiar and adjusted we are as a culture to the socialist model of mass public education, such a proposition as I am outlining will seem to many people outrageous. Let us remember though that mass public education was a 20th century phenomenon. The approach taken before this for centuries produced Shakespeare, Voltaire, Newton, Jefferson and Banjo Paterson. Where are our Michelangelos and Mozarts now?

Although my proposal would be publicly disowned by teachers as scandalously regressive, many would secretly agree that this would be a better system. Teachers today work incredibly hard, and most are on the edge of burnout. There is an enormous amount of invisible work being piled onto teachers in ever-increasing amounts each year. Many of them are bullied by their students on a daily basis, and all of them are groaning under the weight of a system which worships data and mandates equality of outcomes. They are tired of their profession being a political football and a media piñata. Returning sovereignty over education to local communities may well lead to many current teachers having to find other jobs, but the good ones would stay. In the long run, teachers’ lives would be vastly improved.

The increasing religious and ideological indoctrination around the world today is helping to create the zealotry and dogmatic insanity we see growing around us. It is also feeding the anti-scientific superstitions we see popping up on our social media feeds. We are losing our ability to debate and converse with people of different views as we lose the habit of reasoning and the humility of knowing we don’t know things. A return to sanity will involve a restoration of reality and respect for truth. Like the people of Hamelin, we trusted strangers to eradicate the rats of ignorance and poverty. Ignorance and poverty are still very much with us, and the strangers have taken away our children as well.

  • Steve B

    Mr Apostaticus, ever since I went to university later in life, I have dreamed of becoming the Apostle of Ideological Death, plunging my sword into the very heart of Post-modernist expression and freeing the masses from the shackles of ‘equality’ and phobic-isms.

    I regret to inform you that after reading this excellent piece, I am not that hero. You sir are the Righteous Crusader who will deal out death blows to the dragon of Post-modern expression.

    Could I apply to be your trusty side kick, armed with the powers of poetry? I will find some suitable undies to wear on the outside if that gives my application extra weight…

    • Ha! We’ve had similar ambitions mate.

      Undies on the outside? Maybe we could be the male version of FEMEN? Our enemies would flee in terror…

  • LadyMoonlight

    I am also a high school teacher (very conservative and most people have no idea how difficult it is to be surrounded by all those lefties!). I could go on a rant here, writing reams of material. Suffice to say that I agree with everything you wrote in this article.

    • There’s a few of us around Lady M. I’m pretty sure that having to swim in that soup of leftist relativism made me the curmudgeonly reactionary that I am. The worst ones were the fanatical careerists who used leftist ideology to destroy others as they climbed to the top. At least they usually left to get promotions elsewhere eventually. There are a lot of crazy deputies out there!

  • Louis Hissink

    I am reminded of Von Mises’ thoughts on education, that initially children should learn how to read, write and count. Period.This provides them with the basic tools to live in a society.

    Further education, apart from vocational training, any further university education should be done once their brains have physically matured, i.e.. as newly minted adults. Learning practical vocational skills as apprentices is the preferred way to educate those who need it while transitioning to adulthood.

    Unfortunately children born in totalitarian proselytising religions are never given the option, and as there are some 5 billion people as members of those religions, I’m not sure we can do much to change it, if at all. I include socialism as a religion by the way, because it too promises utopia for the faithful.

  • Jon Snow

    In 1854 there was a fracas in Ballarat if I recall, where common sense took a stand against unfair taxes…

  • Trog

    My God Steven what are you thinking @?$@@?!@.
    Undies with extra weight!!!
    I too like all males have pondered my “figure” with occasional dismay —- but I’ve never ever considered an “enhancement!

    Seriously, well said in response to another great article.

    I have a Phd school teacher as a sister and have suffered accordingly for a great many years.

    I just love the fact that this article reveals that there is still a remnant population of real schoolies left! I thought they had all gone the way of the thylacine. HOORAY for the kids lucky enough to have them.

    I briefly worked in child protection and spent 32 hours every week on useless data entry and 6 doing actual, productive, assistance and enforcement. Chained to a computer with the bureaucratic demigods ticking and flicking was not for me. Onya Moses.

    • Steve B

      Ha haha. Good on you Trog. Great alternative reading…

  • Gravedigger

    Best read I’ve had in a while, bit depressing unfortunately. My kids go to a school called kambrya in Victoria a more Marxist shit hole you will be hard pressed to find. Here the so called teachers preach climate change in English,humanities and science and if your not gay or transgender you soon will be if they have their way. The only remedy I can fathom is to nuke the fucking shithole on a student free day and start over.

  • BJ

    The siren song of something for nothing, no personal responsibility and always having someone else to blame others for our own failures; it is enough for most child adults.

  • Ian of Kiama

    What a great article!!!!
    As Trog says, Onya Moses!!!

  • Lucas Rosas

    Such a powerful piece.

    You’re correct on many fronts, but the one that must be emphasised is that elections matter very little.

    Unless there is root and branch educational reform we might as well be whistling dixie regardless of how many elections team blue wins.

    • Thanks Lucas, that means a lot. I find your articles always entertaining and thought-provoking. I saw you touched on the education factor excellently in your article this week: I’d already started putting this one together, but what you’d said already got to the heart of the issue.

      I think it was Andrew Breitbart who said that politics is downstream of culture. The left, in my view, won the culture wars of the 60s and have been dividing the spoils since. I’ll be polishing my musket for the next round that I feel coming. This time they’re the establishment, and I don’t think they’re very good on defense. Their nominee for President can’t even make it up the stairs.

  • Olaf Koenders

    ..demolition by explosives of the public broadcasters“.

    Heh.. You’ve been watching my dreams again.

    Where are our Michelangelos and Mozarts now?

    In art class utilising the teachings of Tonya Todman, sticking broken egg shells to their pieces of modern art that they desperately hope will one day engineer their fame in excess of an inner-city, high-rise studio loft.

    It’s precisely how the Left have operated in this country almost since Federation: Infiltrate, infect and indoctrinate. Anything that’s good and wholesome is replaced with ideology and dogma, sprinkled with a heaping of rote.

    In the late 70’s to mid 80’s, solving math problems using my own methods (and faster than the norm) only served to gain lower test scores, simply because it wasn’t as the curriculum (or current teachings) demanded.

    I spent much of my class time in the library when it afforded, because there was nothing left to be gained in the classroom with teachers that couldn’t spell or couldn’t place value on alternative and more effective means of solving equations. Most of my education was ultimately gleaned from the Encyclopedia Britannica.

    Book reports? Never even started any, considering the books chosen were always girly and pointless storytelling. Homework? I thought I was attending school for a reason other than fielding material to feck about with at home.

  • AlanH

    Moses, that was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best articles I’ve ever read on a subject that the mainstream (hoax) media dare not discuss.

    As evidence of the trends you’ve exposed so eruditely, consider the fact, for example, that I have some blinkered cousins that openly prance around and gloat, yes gloat, that they have university degrees in that most Marxist of subjects… ‘International Studies’. WTF ‘qualification’ is that supposed to be except tertiary indoctrination and the subsequent spreading of said doctrine of Comrade Karl? The self-proclaimed ‘World’s Most Dangerous Faggot’ and brilliantly outspoken, non-PC journalist, Milo Yiannopolous, strongly condemns such studies (starting at the 57:42 mark) in a recent address to the Young British Heritage Society:

    As you posit, and certainly in Australia, this propaganda war soon officially became the new ‘standard of education’ with the intellectual capture and indoctrination of the minds of kindergarten/primary-school-aged children of the Whitlam era, the contagion quickly spreading to our universities… and is now entrenched. F%@# you very much, Gough.

    Thankfully, like you, some of these children survived the onslaught and could actually read beyond the propaganda; some could think for themselves; some had a sense of smell for the stench in the system forced upon them. They not only survived, but thrived, woke others up and, like Peter Finch’s character, are increasingly yelling “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”.

    Thank you again for a brilliant read!

    • Thanks Alan! I appreciate it. Any subject area with ‘Studies’ at the end of it is going to be a bit on the nose in my experience.

      Your last point there I find really interesting. I think actually that these ideological movements create their own opposition, which eventually brings them down. I bet many of the people who read XYZ have themselves been victims of Cultural Marxism – blokes accused of sexual harassment, women who’ve been disappointed at the quality of many men these days, non-whites who actually like Western culture and want their kids to inherit it. I think our momentum is only going to grow, no matter how much the establishment tries to ignore us or shut us down. It’s happening with the mainstream media now in the US during the election – people are just turning off. There’s hope mate!

      • AlanH

        Hear, hear!

  • Steve B

    Where have all the comments gone???

    I’m blind, I can’t see my legs… No, wait, yes I can. It’s just the comments I can’t see… Hello Trog, Yuri and Jeebers. Are you out there???

    • AlanH

      Same here, Steve. I suspect server issues as I posted a comment here about an hour ago. Either that, or XYZ now requires a Disqus login before posting/viewing comments. Admin: any feedback?

  • Biggus Naughtius Maximus Dickus

    Spiffingly put and pretty much “nail on the head” in my humble opinion !

    The world is not, and NEVER has been “fair” ….. it does not reward you “just for turning up / being there” – ( unlike the indolent ideology which seems to pervade many ( most ) institutions these days ) – and the entitled deluded fools who perpetuate this mollycoddling PC wanker mentality are literally destroying western civilisations

    YES – “Life ISN’T fair” – deal with it and make an effort to do the best you possibly can …… unendingly expecting “free shit” is NOT the basis of ANY sort of reality / outcome that is going to benefit humanity as a whole

    Sure, there will always be those who have been dealt a bum hand from the word go – and a moral and decent society should recognise and assist those less fortunate where genuine hardship exists – but it doesn’t mean that it should be a free for all, with those who have their snouts in the trough solely because they desire to be lazy and / or, that it doesn’t bother ( more precisely, OCCUR to them ) that they are nothing more than slovenly puss filled boils on the arse of humanity
    ( or, as Dunning-Kruger point out : “some people are just too stupid – to ever realise that they ARE, in fact – STUPID” )

    Recognised and rewarded aspiration to be more intelligent, innovative, rational, creative and productive are what make our children prodigious, out societies great and our future secure and enviable …. NOT pandering to the self absorbed, entitled SJW set, the deluded PC fools and the like
    Rewarding mediocrity so as not to “offend” is just counterproductive ………………….. Not EVERYBODY gets to be “fabulous” – plain & simple fact

    “WHY do they titter tho thentuwian” is funny because it is a parody on reality – but the SJW’s and PC wankers would have us believe that IT is the reality / the norm – and the vast majority of society are fools for acquiescing and accepting this ridiculous and unsustainable perversion of reality

    • Steve B

      Hi Bigus Dickus, when I first saw ‘The Life of Brian’ back in 1979, I laughed myself silly, secure in the knowledge that it was just a funny movie and with absolutely no understanding that it was mocking what was already happening in Britain at the time…

    • I agree Biggus, or in classical Latin Penis Maximus Improbus Magnus. Welfare is cold charity. Socialism has also destroyed the family. Mutual obligations were what held society together. I’m suspicious of the whole equality thing myself. Nice to see a fellow classicist on XYZ!

  • Addelad

    Wonderful insight – of course I would say that since it reflects my own view of reality…but I like to think it is, more-or-less, objective in its basis and rational in its outcome. I have one major quibble; the underlying feeling in this article is one of conditional hope and optimism. In the short to medium term for the West, I cannot see any justification for being hopeful or optimistic. The Gramscian march has only just begun, its toxic fruits only now being noticed. Surely we must “bottom out” before our “J curve” might occur.

    • I can’t be all doom and gloom Addelad! Honestly I’m getting more and more optimistic as I see on sites like XYZ that we sane people are waking up and starting to organise. I’ve gone on the record before that I think we’re headed into a storm in the next few years in the West, if not globally. Perhaps the internet will provide the same function as the printing press during the Early Modern period, and liberty will burst forth again as a result. There I go again, I guess…

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