Poll: Should children be allowed at Mardi Gras?

Grid Girls. “At odds with modern day societal norms.” Photo by Craig & Spencer

Beautiful female professional models have recently been denied the right to hold umbrellas for brave, rich Formula One superstars, and of the opportunity to further their modelling careers via global TV exposure. The denial of this right is a transparent but futile attempt by ugly feminists to breach the chasm in availability to high SMV males and financial security which exists between them and their better looking counterparts.

But it is the argument used to justify this blunt wielding of power against the interests of another group which is of note with regard to the weekend’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney – something along the lines of “it is sexist for women to flaunt their sexuality in order to secure financial advantage, because patriarchy.” Or to be more specific:

“While the practice of employing grid girls has been a staple of Formula 1 grands prix for decades, we feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms.”

(Clearly the foreign architects of the Sexual Revolution only meant women to flaunt their sexuality in order to promote communism. I predict this prohibition of Grid Girls will simply drive the industry underground, with beautiful women in bikinis offering to hold umbrellas for handsome men in the crowd.)

Yet at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, televised on the publicly funded SBS, men and women openly flaunt their sexuality for the single purpose of flaunting their sexuality.

Grid pigs. In line with “modern day societal norms”. Photo by andy_tyler

To stay with the Grid Girls analogy a little longer, would you feel comfortable having children in the front row at a wet t-shirt competition? If not, then why is it ok to place children front and centre at the Mardi Gras? If we are concerned about the harmful effects of the exposure of children to online porn, the sexualisation of children and the shortening of childhood, how on earth is it ok to place children in such a hyper-sexualised environment as the Sydney Mardi Gras?

Here are segments of the march which specifically involved children:

14. Rainbow Families – ‘Generations of Sparkle’

“Our parents and kids represent both history, the hope and future of next generations…. a generation that will truly sparkle!”

Rainbow Families is a network of support to children and families within the NSW LGBTIQ community. Lesbian mums, gay dads, trans parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and all types of rainbow families come together through our social events, playgroups, parent education sessions and other activities to learn, meet other LGBTIQ families, make new friends and build resilient families.

Using bikes, with sound systems pumping kid friendly upbeat music, and banners, our mums, dads and kids will walk, scooter, skip, push and high five their way down the parade route.

15. Gay Dads – ‘Love makes a Family – The Future Sparkles’

This group is for gay men local to NSW Australia, who are already fathers or those seeking to become fathers. It includes surrogacy, co-parenting, children from prior relationships, fostering and adoption.

“Wearing costumes, marching behind pushbikes, banners and upbeat music, we want to be as visible as possible to help gay men see that they too can be fathers.”

16. Rainbow Families – Playgroup – ‘Together we Sparkle’

Rainbow Families runs and supports a number of playgroups for preschool aged children. Playgroups are a safe space where parents and children can meet weekly and form friendships with other LGBTIQ families.

“Using a bike, sound system and bubble machine, we will be dressed in matching t shirts and outfits and be making a scene with sparkly accessories. This will be a float of mostly parents with children younger than 5, so expect lots of sparkly prams in this one!”


“Modern day societal norms.” Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

Importantly, Mardi Gras doesn’t have to be a public orgy. Black Pigeon Speaks points out that gay pride parades in Japan are quite demure:

If that was what the Mardi Gras was like here, this rhetoric about “families” would be slightly, just slightly, less Orwellian. As it stands, this is a double-whammy: hiding behind children to push emotional blackmail, while placing those children in a decidedly ‘adult’ environment.

This has gone beyond simply trying to secure a future for our children, to actually attempting to protect the fewer and fewer we produce from utter degeneracy. We have in Victoria an education curriculum designed by people who have openly defended pedophilia, and children are now being placed in the hyper-sexualised environment of a Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Welcome to “modern day societal norms”.

And the new stolen generation.

Hence our XYZ Viewer Poll:

Should children be allowed at Mardi Gras?

  • No (90%, 4,430 Votes)
  • Yes (10%, 482 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,912

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  • Addelad

    One can only hope that Sydney, the Sodom of the South Seas, contains this vulgarity within its tainted borders so that the rest of us can get along with our lives. Alas, since our latter-day Sodom also controls the national narrative, that shall not be the case.

  • Brendan Cleary

    Australians failed to listen to those who supported normal society. They either change their minds or watch while the Muslims (or Chinese, depending on who takes over first) change it for them.

    • W. Hunter

      I’m placing my bets on China taking over the place, then sorting out the Muzzie problem.
      Just as well I am learning Mandarin from the nice girls at my Health Spa.

      • Brendan Cleary

        You’re on the money. Learning Mandarin is very sensible, especially while you keep up your fitness!

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    No, no, no and no! And hang anyone that thinks it’s a good idea to take kids to watch faggots sodomizing on the streets.

  • EkwinsuOcha

    Forget the Grid Girls – if I as a straight male paraded through the middle of the city in the same sort of gear as participants in “our” annual deviant parade, I’d be on the sex offenders register in no time!

  • Thomas

    You could not be more correct. To think society is banning the tradition of lovely young ladies who, although they may be a little demeaning by some ladies standards, are doing no harm and are not posing in front of a place where children are being encouraged by our prime minister to view the raw, vulgar, ugly, dehumanizing sexualised form that is shown here. Black leather suggesting lewd minds on ugly bodies that show these people have no respect for their physical health as well.
    I went to a couple of these many years ago as I worked just down the road at Vinnies hospital. When I was there it was so pitifully shallow with no atmosphere whatsoever. Just prancing cheap queens attempting to delight themselves.
    The nurses I worked and lived with were gay. They told me about the party at the Hordern Pavilion at the end of this so called parade. It is a sex free for all. Do what you want to whoever you want and everyone is high as a kite. The AIDS ward at Vinnies had ONLY gay patients as they were the only ones promiscuous to have sex with anything they could put their hands on.

  • John Garnham

    Who are the misguided 7 who voted yes in this poll?

  • Brian Hill

    It is distasteful. But as a libertarian it would be hypocritical to ban children from attendance. I also firmly support grid girls at F1.

    • Larry Larkin

      What part of “consenting adults” don’t you understand?

    • W. Hunter

      I’d like to firmly support a grid girl too…….my chances are nil, though.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    To this point in time, 323 pedophiles say yes. Maybe it’s time to sharpen our baseball bats?

  • Warren Gibson

    No,its an “Adult event”!?

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Grid girl #3 floats my boat!

  • God damn them all. No mercy should be shown to them.